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Peggy Noonan, WSJ RINO columnist, jumps the #NeverTrump shark

Written By | May 3, 2019
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Trump as the Destructor. Image by the author, based on screen capture of YouTube video trailer for the original “Ghostbusters.” (© 1984, Columbia Pictures. Fair use of image for satirical purposes.)

WASHINGTON. With increasing frequency, the weekly opinion columns by Wall Street Journal (WSJ) writer Peggy Noonan remind me of the nursery rhyme about the little girl with the little curl on her forehead. “When she is good, she is very, very good. But when she is bad, she is horrid.” Case in point: her recent effort, entitled “How Trump Lost Half of Washington.” This supposedly thoughtful piece is actually an irrational RINO screed, an epic fail that jumps the #NeverTrump shark. Big time.

Noonan, a nominally Republican wordsmith, is and has been a fine writer for many years. (For the most part.) Frequently, her usually thoughtful prose verges on poetry.

But, dwelling for years among Manhattan’s invariably wealthy but generally faux-Marxist Upper East Side glitterati, she is oftentimes influenced by what passes for the prevailing wisdom in that community. In other words, Peggy Noonan became a RINO. Her columns walk a fine line between her allegedly Republican leanings and the dogged, top-down perversion of Communism her wealthy, Democrat neighbors have adopted as their established religion in recent decades.

Thus, Noonan is subject to New York City Syndrome. Anyone failing to conform to official left-liberal NYC dogma gets promptly cut off the official A-list. The miscreant’s punishment: an indefinite to permanent ban on invitations to Manhattan’s very best parties for the rich and famous – and politically well-connected. That’s poison to any writer on the political beat in that town. Worse, it means not “being seen.”

The evolution of a RINO

Noonan’s career ramped up considerably during the Reagan and Bush I administrations. But during the Bush II administration, after initially favoring W, she began to turn on him, inevitably conforming to the left-wing Democrat and media assault waged during his second term. This all-out trashing of Bush II, plus the eruption of the Great Recession, and the media’s Messiah-like media worship of Barack Hussein Obama guaranteed an electoral backlash, helping to elect the worst president that America has yet seen.

After at least trying to balance the prevailing negative media opinion surrounding President Donald Trump – the nation’s first illegally elected president according to the MSM cognoscenti – Noonan gradually ramped up the negatives in her columns.

Peggy Noonan jumps the shark

But in last weekend’s column, Peggy Noonan finally jumped the shark. She dumped the whole, stinking chamber pot of official Washington corruption on the head of Donald John Trump. She ignored those who actually attempted the failed coup to remove him from office. In so doing, she elevated the utterly corrupt, Ivy League-educated, globalist, socialist, anti-US combine of sneering Washington elitists to the status of Olympian gods. Her RINO capitulation to leftist groupthink was absolutely breathtaking.

Here’s how it starts.

“I keep thinking about the dynamics the past few years between the president and what used to be called official Washington. That relationship is ugly and broken, but it could have been otherwise.”

Comment: The Democrat Party – along with its media apparatchiks – regards any Republican presidencies as illegitimate. Reflexively, they treat such administrations accordingly, by slow-rolling Republican presidents’ nominations and agendas. At the same time, when in control of Congress, they endlessly “investigate” everything these “illegitimate” Republican administrations attempt to accomplish. This is the primary reason behind the complete breakdown of government in Washington. That and the reflixive RINO wimpiness of the GOP. Which is precisely what got Donald Trump elected in 2016.

Draining the Swamp. A bad thing?

 “Trump supporters have long held, and deeply believe, that none of the people in what they call the swamp were ever anything but unalterably opposed to him and meant, from day one, to remove him by whatever means possible.

Comment: The Trump supporters were – and are – 100% correct.

“This was true of about half of official Washington. They were predominately Democrats, though there were Republicans too, and certainly the media were against him, overwhelmingly.”

Comment: So if that was the case, Peggy, how did Trump win an electoral majority? Is this your kinder, gentler way of acknowledging that nearly 100% of official Washington consists of tenured in, faux-socialist jerks. The city’s reigning Uniparty largely consists of left-wing Democrats supplemented by RINO Republicans who love their legislative positions far more than their constituents. RINOs typically go along with the Democrats to get along. They’re not willing to lose their upcoming elections. They fear the Democrats’ ability to sic their loyal MSM allies on any non-comforming RINO.

“But the other half of official Washington, though to varying degrees disapproving of Trump, often for reasons that were almost aesthetic, was willing to be surprised. They were open to persuasion. They didn’t say this but they thought it. They’d give him time and watch events closely.”

Comment: Sorry, Peggy, no they weren’t “open to persuasion.”  That’s your dreamscape of unreality. From the day he won his astounding electoral victory in 2016, Trump has been on the hit list of roughly 90-95% of official Washington.

The alleged virtues of Washington’s liberal cognoscenti

Noonan next waxes poetic, deifying precisely that cadre of Washington old farts responsible for weakening this country almost beyond redemption. She praises the corrupt old codgers who’ve remained in and influenced this town well past their sell-by dates.

“I’m thinking of the old ambassadors, mostly men in their 60s, 70s and 80s. They’re woven into the town, solid citizens, friends of journalists, occasionally sources, and they know things. They’re mostly retired, and at lunch at clubs in town often begin sentences with “And so I told Zbig . . .” There’s a bit of lost glory with them, but they care about America, are personally invested in it, love it with an old-school love, and respect systems, knowing that creativity—in art, science and diplomacy—can only be born within a certain immediate order.”

More on “Zbig” and Company

Borrowing Don Surber’s Comment: “Woven into the town.” No wonder our republic no longer functions as the Founding Fathers intended. The always on-target Don Surber offers the following comment on this excerpt, citing “Zbig” as his primary example.

“Zbig is Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, who advised LBJ and was Carter’s national security adviser. On his watch, we doubled down on Vietnam (LBJ) and lost Iran and the Panama Canal under Carter.

“But he made the cocktail circuit.”

My comment: Surber hits the target. As previously noted, the political preening is all about the cocktail circuit. It’s all about remaining inside the in-crowd. BTW, “Zbig’s” daughter, of course, is Mika Brzezinski, the drearily predictable lefty co-host of MSLDS’s pathetic “Morning Joe.”

RINO myopia

But back to Noonan’s magnum RINO opus.

“Donald Trump was not their [the Washington gods’] type. But early on they were willing to give him a chance.”

Comment: First sentence is correct. Trump had to earn his wealth, not steal it from the American taxpayer. So of course, he was “not their type.” But no. They were never, ever willing to give him a chance. For old-boy Washington, Trump was the equivalent of political Kryptonite. Even getting a little bit close to him risked sapping the political establishment’s superpowers. Peggy Noonan demonstrates incredible naiveté here. Or worse: She’s convinced herself that this is true.

“When he came in he was a shock to the system, almost literally. He didn’t act like a liberal or a Democrat, or a conservative or a Republican.”

Comment: Ya think? Trump was a much-needed shock to the system. And he didn’t “act like a liberal or a Democrat, or a conservative or a Republican.” Because, truth be told, he wasn’t. Or isn’t. Yet he could be the beginning of a new Republican Party. One that actually represents real Americans. But the RINO-encrusted GOP refuses to embrace him and his ability to win. Because the GOP cannot envision itself as a winning party. But time’s up. The GOP has probably less than a year to wise up. If not, the Democrats will take out Trump and Congressional Republicans alike, pursuing their goal to fundamentally transform America into a 1-party globalist dictatorship subject to the will of the United Nations.

After taking a lengthy paragraph to trash Trump, including a repeat performance of what Trump did not say about the horribly-reported demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, Noonan makes her most spectacular blunder.

Frying the grid

“Pretty quickly and to the entire edifice of Washington, it became clear Donald Trump was not a Jacksonian shock to the system, which is what his supporters think he was. He was a daily system overload, a one-man frying of the grid.”

Comment: This is a monumental, epic fail illustrating precisely why Peggy Noonan has lost her political marbles. Here, she stares the reality of Election 2016 square in the face. And does not see it.

Washington chooses the form of its Destructor

Recall, if you will, the ominous words of the evil Zuul in the original Ghostbusters film. After Dan Ayckroyd innocently experiences a passing vision of marshmallowy Mr. Stay Puft, Zuul thunders, “You have chosen the form of your Destructor.” And, voilà! A giant, nasty-looking Mr. Stay Puft suddenly appears in the distance, ready to destroy all of Manhattan like some pudgy Godzilla. Likewise, Washington, D.C.’s Destructor is Donald Trump. And Washington’s clueless, brain-dead elites are the ones whose fever dreams made Trump materialize.

Fulfilling promise after promise to the voters, Donald the Destructor has rejected the gods of The Swamp. I.e., the old farts Noonan irrationally admires. Dejected, she makes the an amazingly obvious observation about Trump.

“He destabilized the entire town.”

Comment: Yeah. He did. Who knew? But that is precisely what his constituency elected him to do. Unlike the GOP RINO contingent, they want him to destroy the entire, rotten, self-serving, America-betraying Washington, D.C. establishment cadre of leeches, barnacles, rent-seekers and assorted hangers-on. The Ivy League Idiocracy sneered at the disgusting Deplorables sandwiched between America’s enlightened, condescending, transcendentally stupid coastal zones. But now, their duly elected hero is actually doing their will. Imagine that?

Peggy, you and your Upper East Side RINO and lefty pals alone chose the form of your Destructor. The Deplorables simply helped you out by making Trump happen. Now, you are stunned to see that this amateur buffoon actually intended to fulfill his campaign promises to those who elected him. These include stemming the wage-killing tide of illegal immigrants avidly desired by the Democrat-Chamber-of-Commerce-Big Business-Silicon-Valley plot. A plot to lower per-employee costs by flooding the American labor market with entirely too much labor supply. It’s what you and your friends want. Because, unlike the Deplorables, your wealth is insulated from this outcome.

Time for leftists, flabby elites and RINOs to get out of the way

It’s time for the GOP, the #NeverTrumpers, the lamestream media, and all the other “popular kids” who’ve run this country into the ground to wake up to current political reality or get out of the way. They won’t do this, of course, which courts very real disaster and possible violent revolt against the system in the years to come.

A guest valedictory

Let’s invite Don Surber to provide our validictory.

“President Donald John Trump does not curry DC’s favor. He does not need them. He is a garish playboy billionaire who saved Manhattan only to be resented by Manhattan’s elitists who look down on his Outer Borough ways.

“[Trump] is saving the country and the people who will in the long term benefit most  — the elitists — are spitting angry…”

“… The Old Washington failed. It gutted the Fly Over nation by replacing Americanism with globalism. This pleased all those sophisticated ambassadors at those trendy parties (and got deals in Ukraine for Biden’s idiot son) but the Midwest and South were flattened.

“The in crowd shut down American factories.

“President Trump brought those factories back, much as his Grand Hyatt Hotel brought a renaissance in construction in Manhattan…

“We are not going back. No amount of personal attacks on the president will change that.”

– Headline image: Trump as the Destructor. Image by the author, based on screen capture of
YouTube video trailer for the original “Ghostbusters.”
(© 1984, Columbia Pictures. Fair use of image for satirical purposes.)


Terry Ponick

Terry Ponick

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