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Patriots: Stay home this week, and stay cool. Avoid the left’s false flag traps

Written By | Jan 17, 2021
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National Guard Troops camped out inside the US Capitol Building. Screen grab of live Fox News video, 01/18/2021.

WASHINGTON – The more I look at the events that unfolded on January 6, 2021, the more I believe that what unfolded on that disaster of a day was yet another one of the Deep State / hard left false flag traps that have driven the people of this country — and particularly our true American patriots — to the brink of madness.

I have to give America’s Marxist Party a lot of credit. First, they blatantly stole Election 2020 from President Donald J. Trump. Next, with the help of their well-paid  and seditious media friends, they suppressed the substantial amount of information corroborating that theft. Then they began deplatforming, canceling and destroying any and all still patriotic companies, web sites and up-and-coming social networking sites they could find. Why? To stifle half of Americans’ free speech rights. And finally, a small band of the hard left’s well-trained and well-paid Antifa provocateurs goaded a small band of Trump supporters into one of their patented false flag traps.

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Simple. Easy. False flag traps are the best

An unknown number of Antifa provocateurs, who had infiltrated the January 6 MAGA activities, entered the US Capitol building in Washington, D.C. with a small subset of MAGA supporters, variously estimated at between 250 and 500 individuals. Once in, however, the provocateurs provoked at least some of the MAGA hotheads in this group into raising a ruckus inside the Capitol building. Having gained easy entry to the building via the Capitol police, the agitators actively inspired the mayhem that resulted in modest damage, injuries, and, tragically, at least two or three deaths as best we can ascertain. Confirmed details remain spotty and unreliable as I write this, as they usually do when the left or the media is trying to hide incriminating facts.

The ultimate outcome of this debacle was as predictable as it was deliberately damaging to the great majority of  President Trump’s disappointed but civilized supporters. They were charged by the media with staging a RIOT. That inaccurate and unfair term was clearly agreed upon in advance by whomever is involved in today’s version of the notorious “Journolist.”

That Donald Trump, he’s such a RIOT

Thus, we’ve been force-fed videos and news stories proclaiming RIOT almost nonstop all week. Even in the once-right-wing editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal, which has been going full RINO since November 4 and even earlier. Evidently, both official Washington and its media lackeys have forgotten about other “peaceful” invasions of the US Capitol, most recently the outrageous stunting and intimidation of GOP senators over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the US Supreme Court. But were these disruptive outrages RIOTS? Even though they resulted in hundreds of arrests? Of course not.

RIOT. That’s what the media appends to every mention of the January 6 protest in the US capitol. As opposed to those “peaceful” and “mostly peaceful protests” that have destroyed countless lives and damaged or destroyed billions of dollars’ worth of businesses in major US cities like Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis and Kenosha. And, of course, the RIOT was actively promoted by President Trump. Evidence, of course, remains entirely lacking. But that doesn’t bother the MSM hacks who continue to promote this fake news story. RIOT is their story and they’re sticking to it. And using that phony term as often as possible, a classic Soviet-style propaganda tactic.

Obvious question: Why was the Capitol building incursion called a RIOT? It consisted of only a small subset of January 6’s mostly peaceful MAGA supporters, infiltrated by a few provocateurs – including a CNN reporter who made snide remarks over the death of one unfortunate Trump supporter. This action scarcely compares with the magnitude of the violence and destructive chaos that rained down on Washington, D.C. during the newly-elected President Trump’s Inauguration Day celebration by legions of violent and crazed feminists and leftists. That was a “mostly peaceful protest.”

Destructive “Mostly peaceful protests” in Portland, Seattle, were absolutely not RIOTS

Daily, Antifa and BLM thugs continue their drive to bring this once-great city to its knees with death, mayhem and destruction. But the city’s mayor continues to wring his hand and ask the “mostly peaceful protestors” to consider giving it a rest. Given that the city’s S***s paid prosecutor won’t prosecute these thugs and provocateurs, doing business in Portland is fast-becoming a lost cause.

Meanwhile, why all the MAGA arrests in the nation’s capital? Particularly when someone (who) apparently ordered the Capitol cops to stand down and let them in.

Mobs of openly left wing thugs all seem to have a get out of jail free card. They rarely if ever are prosecuted. Is that the way Washington and other jurisdictions plan to deal with MAGA’s mostly peaceful protesters? I’ll bet it’s not.

The reason why is clear. The hard left, Deep State game plan permits hard left provocateurs to goad other demonstrators to indulge in violence. In turn, the forewarned and compliant media plus America’s Marxist Party will then blame any violence entirely on President Trump’s “violent right-wing extremists.” The provocateurs, in the meantime, will slip out the back door. And if caught, they’ll be released without prosecution. That’s nearly always the treatment left-wing demonstrators get from the DC Injustice System. And it appears to be what happened at the US Capitol on January 6.

The left continues to script misleading false flag stunts and photo ops to smear patriots

The past is prologue. And that’s what inspires me to opine on the allegedly substantial number of planned pro-Trump demonstrations allegedly scheduled for all 50 state capitals and Washington, D.C. These demonstrations are allegedly to commence during Inauguration Week which starts today, Sunday, January 17. The alleged goal? To cause violence and mayhem great enough to require National Guard and Federal Troops to put these demonstrations down. Hopefully with casualties. The left’s and the media’s apparent twin near-term goals could be a declaration of Martial Law by our new Virtual President (or his Obama-vetted “advisors”), plus the complete suppression of the civil rights and freedoms of approximately 50% of this nation’s population. Specifically those patriots who remain convinced that the Democrat left rigged Election 2020. But “without evidence.”

The ultimate aim of the radical left: The imposition of a one-party Marxist state to replace – forever – our roughly 250-year old democratic republic.

But near term, America’s real patriots, Donald Trump’s loyal voters, are the real target of an unending series of left-wing false flag traps.

False flag traps and collective gaslighting of American patriots who dare to resist the “inevitable”

Here’s an idea, MAGA supporters. Let’s all surprise this Deep State-inspired collective of communist gaslighters. Let’s just stay home during Fake Inauguration Week. And let’s permit those fake MAGA supporters to get caught in their own net, even though they’ll be instantly released without charges. That will be the “tell.”

The downside: Any violence and destruction these paid thugs cause will still be attributed to genuine and mostly peaceful  MAGA supporters, not the left-wing provocateurs. That’s the country we live in today. So let’s turn the tables and thwart these false flag traps. Let’s just stay home. Preferably with family and friends. Understand that as Trump supporters, many  may need an alibi for their whereabouts this week when the FBI comes knocking.

The Uniparty is pretty much okay with the false flag traps and provocations we’re about to witness. So let’s not give these fake senators and fake representatives an excuse to transform America’s ruinous COVID-19 lockdowns by rolling them into a new, universal political lockdown forced by martial law. Such an edict could help those anti-American traitors establish the one-party state that’s always been their goal.

Patriots lost the First Quarter. Let’s figure out how to rebound and turn this game around

Let’s take a sober look at what’s already happened to this country. The Patriots have already lost the First Quarter of this crucial championship game. Big time. That’s due in part the highly sophisticated, seditious game plan of the left, plus a series of very bad calls by a squad of likely corrupt refs. To stay in this game long enough to win it, it’s time for us to back off for a while, head for the locker room, cool down and come up with a better game plan. One that results in justice for our great President Donald J. Trump. We’ve been gaslighted, tricked and outplayed thus far. But we have three quarters remaining in this contest to regain our democratic republic. If we can keep it.

Some sage advice from Don Surber, the Oracle of West Virginia

A few days ago, West Virginia’s top patriot, Don Surber, wrote a short, fitting tribute to our President in a January 13, 2021 blog entry. But he ended it with a warning we all should heed.

“[Trump] made us laugh. He made us proud, he kept his word. He made America great again. In a week, the Trump Era will end as the constitutional republic devolves into a fascist state, replete with the very corruption and authoritarianism that his enemies falsely accused him of.”

Sadly, Don’s conclusion is likely spot-on. Just as sadly, if it holds true, it is absolutely the wrong turn for our once-great country to take. But before answer America’s fascists in Marxist clothing, we first need to take a break from the action and refocus.

Toward a new MAGA Game Plan

For now, let’s not allow the media, the Democrats, and their Hate Squads to add another fake chapter that builds on their fake portrayal of January 6. To reiterate: Let’s all stay off the streets this week. We don’t need to become cannon fodder for the left’s ongoing, Gramsci-inspired, fantasy rewrite of America’s stirring and inspirational history. We don’t need to sacrifice ourselves, now at least, to provide optics that the media will twist to support the Marxists’ grotesque re-writing of our proud national story

The Deep State’s New Narrative continues to build on the false tissue of metastasizing lies and slander that have been under construction since the late 1960s Vietnam protests. Their left’s military wing of brownshirts is ready to “don” (and dishonor) their ill-gotten MAGA hats and colorful American Flag shirts this week. Then they’ll wave Trump posters as if they truly believed in freedom and liberty for all Americans. Just like they did on January 6. It will be fun for them to replicate the tragedy they ignited in the nation’s Capitol building. Particularly if large numbers of real MAGA supporters take the bait. Let’s not give them that opportunity to smear us all again.

If we choose to evade their false flag traps, we’ll get to watch the pre-positioned network cameras start rolling as the false flaggers commence to rain down destruction and mayhem and perhaps a few deaths in one or more designated American cities. The embedded “press” will eagerly jump on this fake story and draw upon the footage to construct an entirely new species of political fabrication. But who will the authorities try to arrest?

This week, patriots should take a “bye”

Few if any of us should become part of it this action.

We needn’t become the victims of yet another fake “RIOT.”

A fake RIOT that somehow justifies even greater repression from the Deep State seditionists than the COVID overreaction.

Years ago, the successful deplatforming of Alex Jones became a blueprint for future political repression. It served as a model for the mass deplatforming of conservative and libertarian sites and accounts. Conservative and libertarian customers recently disappeared down the memory hole by the tens of thousands and more. Twitter and Facebook flushed their accounts without notice.

The false flag traps sprung against Trump supporters on January 6 likewise served as a dry run. This served as battlefield prep for a far larger, nationwide provocation. A provocation meant to demonize any American patriot even slightly to the right of Pol Pot.

We need a new plan. We may need a new party. Let’s get to work. And let’s stay off the streets this week. Because, COVID-19, right?

– Headline image: National Guard Troops camped out inside the US Capitol Building.
Screen grab of live Fox News video, 01/18/2021.


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