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OP-Ed: Anne Lutz Fernandez seeks to indoctrinate your children

Written By | Jun 25, 2021
Anne Lutz Fernandez, Education, Marx, Communism

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LOS ANGELES: In an infantile screed more worthy of a junior high school blogger than an adult educator of higher learning, Anne Lutz Fernandez whines about accusations of indoctrination in education.

Whether out of blind ignorance or deliberate malice, Fernandez stomps her feet in protest at the obvious. She denies that America’s educators are overwhelmingly liberal. Lutz denies that educators indoctrinate their students to leftist Marxist ideas. (Karl Marx: The one dead, white, racist male still popular with progressives)

Letz insists that the notion of the leftist revolutionary teacher is a conservative bogeyman.  She insists that efforts to restrict such leftist indoctrination will chill free speech while simultaneously denying that the leftist indoctrination exists.

Her own words show her to have less self-awareness than the future Marxists she pretends not to indoctrinate.

“Now a rash of legislation in mostly red states seeks to restrict instruction and curriculum around ‘divisive concepts’ through laws largely meant to curtail teaching about systemic racism.”

Systemic racism is divisive.

It is a factually false and socially destructive narrative that must be completely rejected. Any teacher who advances this narrative or the fictional 1619 Project is guilty of indoctrination and spreading false history.

“I’m a terrible indoctrinator. People who presume I wield my liberal politics in the classroom like a medieval weapon might be surprised by how barely they could detect its influence there.”

She confesses to ranting on Twitter, oblivious to the fact that students who read her Twitter feed would be intimidated from speaking up in class. Her rantings include taking disputed events and declaring them facts simply because she says so.

“…the very fact of a violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol is disputed and deemed political.”

First-time, non-violent and unarmed protesters committed the low-level misdemeanor of trespassing.

The only person who was killed was an unarmed female Trump supporter named Ashli Babbitt.  (Ashli Babbitt: A Martyr for the Conservative’s cause ) The Biden administration continues to cover up the name of the police officer who shot her to death. Four other people at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 died of natural causes including one drug overdose.

To refer to the events of January 6 as a “violent invasion” is political indoctrination. It is also a lie.

Like most leftists, Fernandez insists that her motives are as pure as the driven snow and that her critics are motivated by right-wing partisanship.

While pretending to be against leftist Marxist indoctrination, she even laments that the indoctrination does not go far enough while simultaneously denying such indoctrination exists.

“…while 70 percent of secondary science teachers agree climate change is human-made, only 30 percent highlight this scientific consensus to students.”

The number of teachers advancing the man-made climate change theory should be zero.

Climate change is the heart of the leftist indoctrination movement. Climate change remains a silly little hobby for bored rich white liberals. It consistently ranks at the bottom of priorities for all but the angry hard left. There is zero legitimate reasons that this hotly disputed and repeatedly discredited greeniac movement should be taught to children.

Turning vulnerable children into screaming crying basket cases like Greta Thunberg is not education. It is indoctrination and child abuse.

“Fox News headlines suggest schoolchildren are busy learning how to concoct rhetorical Molotov cocktails from a cadre of Marxists…”

During the violent George Floyd Covid super-spreader riots that were anything but peaceful, young people were tossing actual Molotov Cocktails.

Many of these young people were inspired by their professors. Bill Ayers is only one example of a 1960s leftist revolutionary who planted bombs and then became a tenured professor. (Bill Ayers: Bringing Down America, Destroying Education)

To establish her mythical non-activist, non-revolutionary, non-ideological credentials, Fernandez cites an NPR study. NPR is a leftist parasite living off of taxpayer dollars. NPR is as neutral toward Republicans as Al Jazeera is toward Jews.

Rather than deny the existence of leftist activism in schools, Fernandez should just admit the painfully obvious.

Public schools have failed. They promote failure. They are failures. Of the Top 20 World Best Education Systems for 2021, the US does not even rank.  Slovenia ranks.  America does not. They seek to advance leftism, and leftism is a failure. The job of a teacher is to teach young people how to read, write, and do arithmetic. It is not to pontificate about climate nonsense, the January 6th non-insurrection, or the mythically peaceful George Floyd riots.

It is not to teach children that Heather can be any one of 157 genders or that little Johnny is a racist colonizer with white privilege.

Ms. Fernandez is the poster child for why severe anti-activism laws need to be passed. Barring that, a better approach would be to shut down public schools altogether and force these leftist revolutionaries masquerading as educators to get real jobs far away from America’s children.


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Brooklyn-born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist, and comedian. But he lives for football. Particularly the Raiders.

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Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”