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Mysterious Kick Jump man identified while Rittenhouse trial continues to affect America

Written By | Nov 22, 2021
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Kyle Rittenhouse being attacked, kicked in the face, during the riot.

Kenosha County, WI –In yet one more incredible act of judicial misconduct, on November 11, the day the defense closed its case, Thomas Binger, the Kenosha County Assistant District Attorney, provided the defense with the name of Kick Jump Man.  Freeland is the unknown man who kicked Kyle Rittenhouse in the head as he lie on the ground.

Binger had filed charges of attempted murder of this man whom he called a hero but said he was not identified. This; however, was another lie by the prosecutor.

Binger had charged Rittenhouse with a felony count of recklessly endangering the safety of the mysterious and unidentified “Jump Kick Man” who gave the teen a flying kick to the head while he was already on the ground. Prosecutors claimed throughout Rittenhouse’s trial not to know the identity of the man they called “Jump Kick Man,” and referred to him and others who attacked Rittenhouse as “heroes” for trying to stop an “active shooter.”  With their long rap sheets, it is hard to call any of Rittenhouse’s attackers heroes.

Nonetheless, the charge carried a possible sentence of up 12.5 years in prison, plus the possibility of an additional five years because of Rittenhouse’s “use of a dangerous weapon.” If convicted, Rittenhouse could have been sentenced to as much as 17.5 years in prison on that charge alone,

A jury found 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty of all of the charges against him

Including a felony count of recklessly endangering the safety of the mysterious and then still-unidentified “Jump Kick Man” who gave the teen a flying kick to the head.

But during the entirety of the trial, Rittenhouse was facing a count of recklessly endangering the safety, and use of a dangerous weapon, for firing shots in the direction of the unidentified coward.

Videos of the riot showed that as Rittenhouse ran from the mob after he shot Joseph Rosenbaum while trying to turn himself in to police only yards away, Anthony Huber hit him in the head with a skateboard and knocked him to the ground. That was when you can see the unidentified man run up to Rittenhouse and strike him with a flying kick to the head.

When on the stand, Rittenhouse testified that he feared for his life as “Jump Kick Man” came at him:

“As he’s running at me and jumping, as his boot is making contact with my face, I fired two shots at him,” the 18-year-old told the jury. “I thought if I were to be knocked out, he would’ve stomped my face in if I didn’t fire.”

Videos showed that almost immediately after “Jump Kick Man” kicked Rittenhouse in the head, Huber hit the teen on the head with his skateboard a second time. That’s when Rittenhouse fired one round and killed Huber. Jump Kick Man ran off like the sniveling coward that he is.

That was when Gaige Grosskreutz pointed his pistol at Rittenhouse’s head.

Remember, this all happened to the young man as he already lay on the ground, in a matter of seconds, while these three convicted criminals tried to knock Rittenhouse unconscious and steal his rifle. Could any reasonable person not think their life was in peril? A jury of twelve thought he had reasonable grounds to fear for his life.

And yes, all three were hardened convicted criminals, including Jump Kick Man. Enter Maurice “Reese” James Freeland, AKA Jump Kick Man. But why would the prosecution want to keep his name a secret? He was out on a bond on the night that he kicked Rittenhouse in the head, and he wanted Binger to drop charges against him to testify (lie) at the trial.

It was unclear exactly when prosecutors learned who “Jump Kick Man” was.

However, sources at Wisconsin Right Now said that in exchange for his testimony, Freeland wanted immunity for pending charges for operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) with a passenger under age 16, disorderly conduct with a domestic abuse modifier, and THC (marijuana) possession.

Freeland’s estranged wife, Melody Freeland, told Wisconsin Right Now that the couple’s young son was the child involved in the OWI. However, the prosecution did not grant Freeland his immunity request and he was never called to testify at the trial.

Of course, if he had, his pending charges would have been an issue, which is why Binger did not inform the defense of his identity, as is required by law in discovery.

Melody Freeland told Wisconsin Right Now that she exchanged messages with her soon-to-be-ex-husband the night he kicked Rittenhouse in the head and said he had complained about the armed white men providing security to some businesses in Kenosha. She said that shortly before he went to the riot and kicked Rittenhouse, Freeland posted a message to Facebook that read “@Team Reese, let’s kill that white boy” accompanied by emojis of a gun and coffin.

“He’s (Freeland) not the victim here,” Melody Freeland told Wisconsin Right Now. “Reese is an instigator.”

She said that her husband later deleted the Facebook messages and Facebook said they no longer had them. But, of course, nothing ever goes away on the internet. So Binger did not want this man anywhere near the trial, so he simply didn’t tell anyone about his identity.

But several other friends and family members confirmed Melody Freeland’s story to Wisconsin Right Now

Saying that Freeland had bragged about being the person who kicked Rittenhouse in the head.

The Daily Mail reported that Freeland was out on a bond on Aug. 25, 2020, when he went to the Kenosha riot, attacking Rittenhouse. Charges pending against Freeland include:  Battery, domestic abuse, criminal damage to property, and disorderly conduct domestic abuse. All in connection with a March 23, 2020 incident between Freeland and his girlfriend, Monalisa McDuffie.

McDuffie told police Freeland attacked her after she took away his car keys because he was too intoxicated to drive, the Daily Mail reported. The charging document said Freeland allegedly “threw her to the ground and kicked her in her lower right ribcage… then began punching the television.”

But that was just one of several open cases against Freeland when he attacked Rittenhouse, the Daily Mail reported.

His criminal record included acts of criminal violence, destruction of property, possession of controlled substances, traffic offenses, family court violations, and escape from custody.

Jail records show Freeland was incarcerated in May of this year on charges of battery, disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana, and several traffic violations including driving a vehicle while on a suspended license, the Daily Mail reported.

Records showed he was released on Oct. 24.

Legal experts had opined that if the jury had found Rittenhouse guilty, Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Bruce Schroeder could have used the late identification of “Jump Kick Man” as yet one more reason to declare a mistrial.

The evil empire strikes back.

Denver attorney Milo Schwab, who represents two of the individuals who were shot by Rittenhouse, plans to file a civil action. Schwab’s clients are the family of Joseph Rosenbaum, the convicted child molester who died. Also, a client is Gaige Grosskreutz who was wounded by Rittenhouse during the shooting. Reportedly, Schwab has already filed a lawsuit against Kenosha authorities and its police department.

Meanwhile, the father of Huber has filed a federal civil lawsuit, but not against Rittenhouse. It names the city and county of Kenosha, the sheriff, the acting and former police chiefs, and unnamed officers and deputies. The lawsuit allegedly accused them of racial animus in allowing dozens of armed whites to remain among protesters, leading to conditions that resulted in Huber’s death.

Four other protesters have sued the city and county of Kenosha. Those suits allege the curfews were selectively enforced against protesters, while officers ignored, or even encouraged, armed men like Rittenhouse to remain.

All of these lawsuits are not merely an attempt at money, rather trying to overturn the impact of the not guilty of all charges in the Rittenhouse trial.

Socialist Democrats do not simply cave in, rather they fight back tooth and nail. A lesson that conservatives must remember, and copy. That is why it is so important for Rittenhouse to begin a series of lawsuits against the mainstream media, all the way up to sleepy Joe Biden, for the lies told about him.

That needs to be done, fighting fire with fire. However, the fires are still burning brightly across the nation as Antifa and BLM are rioting, burning, and looting across the country in response to Rittenhouse’s acquittal. Riots in Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City erupted with rioters chanting “Kill Kyle” and “Burn it down.”

The attack against freedom continues as House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerry Nadler (D-NY,) called for the federal government to intervene in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse on Friday after a jury found Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts stemming from him shooting three men during a riot last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

In case some are not aware, there is a divide in this nation that will not be soon healed.

The Socialist Democrats will not stop until they are forced to do so. And that stopping of their attacks on our freedom has already begun, with the recent election results. Especially those in New Jersey and Virginia.

That must be the template going forward. Until the government is once again under the control of those who love America, we will suffer more attacks. The aftermath of the Rittenhouse trial is exactly what to expect to continue. At least until the socialist Democrats are beaten back into their caves, where they belong.

And the ballot box is where that happens.


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Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.