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Mask mandates are all about gaining power by instilling fear in Americans

Written By | Aug 17, 2021
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An Al Goodwyn Cartoon – the side effects of COVID mismanagement

WASHINGTON: Mask mandates are about the Democrat’s easily controlling people. The best way to do that, they found, is through instilling fear and doubt into the minds of the masses. And that is exactly what is being done to Americans today.

There is no scientific nor rational reason to have people who have had COVID, or have been vaccinated, to mandate that they wear masks, especially outdoors. Only those who remain unvaccinated should be wearing a mask and/or taking appropriate quarantine measures. And that is not really proven to be necessary.

However, that is the science. Yet we see people outdoors still masking up, especially in Democrat cities.

And we see more Democrats imposing more mask mandates across the country.

They do so in concert with their propaganda arm, the MSM.

As a result of this installation of fear, we see a motorcyclist cruising down a major street, by himself, wearing a mask. What was this biker afraid of? No live virus was going to sneak into his nose driving 65 MPH.

The Center for Disease Control and planned Covid Internment Camps

In other cases we see people alone in their cars, windows closed and air conditioning cranked up high, wearing a face mask. The height of stupidity is seeing people masked up on a windy beach, strolling alone or with family.

What possible airborne virus could attack them?

Millions of mask wearers are scared to death of an invisible virus lurking about, ready to attack their bodies.

And why is there this mass fear, unsupported by science or common sense? Because the media, and talking heads, all the way up the line to Joe Biden, have beaten the drum so loudly that this is an Armageddon-like plague.

And lots of otherwise normal working people have swallowed the kool-aid of impending doom.

This irrational fear especially attacks Democrats, liberals, and 20 somethings, who are truly scared.

This fear was all but set aside, and people were revealing in their newfound independence earlier this summer, but Democrats could not allow any independence to exist. So they ramped up the fear factor once again.

It wasn’t about protecting Americans, rather projecting their power over them.

In their zeal to control the minds and bodies of the masses, they enlisted the likes of otherwise reputable professional sources, who then produced one-sided opinions, only to have to retract them later. Authoritative sources have made statements that have been flatly contradictory. (Dr. Fauci comes to mind.)

Fauci once co-authored a paper stating that most deaths in the 1917-1918 Spanish flu pandemic were due to bacterial pneumonia, not the virus.

The venerable doctor has since changed his position on the risks of bacterial infection from wearing masks. (Full-time mask-wearing brings its own set of problems)

Fauci’s flip-flops on masks, even the Chinese flu itself are alone enough to demonstrate to reasonable people that the experts are not so expert after all. Yet some Americans continue to accept the fear and doubt peddled like snake oil.

Deadly Covid variants: Delta, Alpha, Gamma. How many should we fear?

Along this roller-coaster ride of fear, Hydroxychloroquine comes to mind.

A simple fix to the Chinese flu, cheap and effective, Hydroxychloroquine does work. Nonetheless, the left went ballistic when President Trump simply mentioned that it was showing promise. Democrats could not allow the fear factor to be lessened, nor could anyone be allowed to believe that without big government that they could survive on their own.

Even the prestigious British medical publication, Lancet, had to retract a peer-reviewed article stating that the malaria medication increased the risk of death when using Hydroxychloroquine.

Their retraction stated:

“They were unable to complete an independent audit of the data underpinning their analysis. As a result, they have concluded that they ‘can no longer vouch for the veracity of the primary data sources. We deeply apologize to you, the editors, and the journal readership for any embarrassment or inconvenience that this may have caused,” the authors of the article wrote.

They admitted, in obfuscated terms, that they had lied. Obviously, it was for political reasons, just as the American press was on a rant hiding all of the good the medicine was doing saving lives. This obviously caused the death of thousands of affected patients when some states, like Michigan, actually went so far as to outlaw its use by doctors.

The science is clear on wearing masks to prevent the spread of the China Flu and its variants.

Basic microbiology informs us that disease pathogens exhibit consistent properties and characteristics that permit being usefully categorized. Through this science, we can identify the Chinese flu as a coronavirus.

Viruses are among the smallest pathogens, which is why wearing masks is questionable as to their helpfulness in preventing any spread. The majority of masks worn by citizens to comply with mask mandates are woven too large to prevent the small virus pathogens from passing through.

In fact, one would almost need to wear a special mask, like those worn by scientists at the CDC, to be effective.

Before 2020, we could rely on medical authorities to provide straight information on what to expect

We expected and received the truth about a coronavirus, its infectious trajectory, symptoms, likely treatments, and efficacy. The Chinese flu changed that.  The virus did not change. The change was due to politics. We were told that this specific Corona is novel, like no other coronavirus before was.

That nothing normal could be assumed about it. That; however, was purposely misleading information, meant to confuse and frighten Americans.

Statements of this type have been made to impose unprecedented, and probably illegal, government edicts that caused millions of lives, and fortunes, to be thrown into a deepening spiral of depression and confusion.

Simply look at the huge increase of suicides and lawlessness associated with the mandatory lockdowns as a result of such hyperbole.

With the fear factor coming in a second wave due to variants of the China flu, we are expected to swallow ever more of this power abuse without questioning it. And those variants are endless. As the panic over the Delta variant is ramping up, we learn of a new strain coming in from Africa.

So as people become less fearful of Delta, the New African strain lies in reserve. All simply to exert power and control over the masses.

This hyperbole is not only misleading but politically motivated misinformation.

Those abusing their power will not easily give it up. Perpetuating an ongoing “crisis” enables Democrats to continue with their power-grab. Power to Democrats is as addictive to them as is heroin is to a drug addict.

The China Flu was first used to instill fear into the masses in order to steal the election of 2020. However,  once that ploy played itself out, those who stole power could not let that power go.

And so now they continue to instill fear and doubt into Americans simply to maintain that power. If we let them, this China Flu power grab will last another twenty years.

As Nancy Reagan said about drugs, “Just Say No.”

And Democrat’s drug of choice right now is power, gained through fear and doubt. Just Say No to doubt and fear and normalcy will return. Do not give up your freedom of choice to the power mongers who would steal it simply because they can.



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Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.