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Maligning Conservatives: Why do people think they’re greedy and dumb?

Written By | Mar 27, 2021
maligning conservatives, greedy, dumb

A postcard with the public domain “me worry?” face that later inspired Mad magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman. Not dated; circa 1910s. Image via Wikipedia entry on Alfred E. Neumann.

WASHINGTON –Question: What causes people to associate conservatives with greed and lack of education? Short Answer: Endless propaganda, primarily. In other words, you’re asking why “people” are routinely maligning conservatives as greedy and dumb? Who are those “people” anyway?

Periodically, I provide what I think are reasoned answers to online queries posed on another site. At times, the questions are honest. At other times, they’re set up to prompt an answer that buttresses the confirmation bias of the questioner. I’ve been seeing a lot of the latter variety of questions lately, most of which seem inspired by the chaos leading up to and including Election 2020 in the US.

Last month, I received the question that opened this article. Regarding it as a somewhat interesting political question despite its implied bias, I provided the short answer you’ve just read. What follows here is a revised version of my more detailed answer.

The long answer as to why “people” are constantly maligning conservatives as greedy and dumb

Your question implies at least an awareness of the media’s relentless and slanderous reduction of all conservatives into a teeming mass of nasty, selfish and cretinous sub-humans who all think and act like we all know they are. You might even agree with them.

But one might argue that your question itself supports this kind of emotional jump to a conclusion that’s far from proven. It gives at least some credence to what a logician might call a fallacy of “hasty generalization.” That’s something I hinted at in my shorter answer.

Also problematic: that word “people.” “People” could mean two persons. Or it could mean hundreds or thousands of people. Or it could mean those people the major cable networks decide to interview to support their own confirmation bias, as opposed to formidable opponents who might disagree – opponents that are routinely denied air time on those cable networks. So how many people are we talking about?

Problematically, like any mass generalization applied to human beings, your question effectively asks the victims of a specific mass generalization to defend themselves. But against what? Against an unjustified and unproven mass smear propagated for decades by a clear and consistent mass media bias against the victims.

So what kind of “people” are the east and west coast media and entertainment elites?

Over the past 30 or 40 years, the wealthy, elite, faux-Marxist coastals who own the media, and newer internet search and social communication sites, have gained unprecedented wealth and political power. They and their fellow travelers now run nearly 100% of America’s universities and faculties. They own and operate what’s left of today’s news organizations and channels as well as most mass entertainment and sports media sites. And they seem to have collectively developed a hubristic superiority complex over everyone that’s not them. Or that fails to bend a knee to them and to their clearly superior intelligence. Since conservatives routinely fail to pay obeisance to these wealthy and influential leftists, the latter have made a fetish out of maligning conservatives routinely. And without evidence.

Stating this plainly is not an equal and opposite hasty generalization by a conservative writer. A random walk each evening through the vast, left wing wasteland of network and cable “news” shows will confirm my observation pretty much every night of the week. Ditto the contents of pretty much every surviving big city newspaper across the country. They’re all in on the joke. All conservatives – every one of them – are babbling idiots. Without exception. It’s lazy journalism. It spares elite media types from ever having to have a conversation with all those right-wing morons. Simply maligning conservatives — without evidence — is also more fun.

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Enter America’s dystopian, Orwellian future

Making matters worse, these media script-readers and their owners have more than enough money to enforce their crudely biased point of view. That point of view includes their unwavering support for ever-changing but fashionable flavors of socialism. But, if implemented in the US, the socialist “republic” they seem to long for would not touch their bankrolls. Or the bankrolls of a growing cadre of corporate CEOs who also pledge allegiance to a “fundamentally transformed” United States.

For this reason, they’ve become impervious to criticism. As a result, they stereotype anyone who disagrees with them as a bunch of dumb, uneducated hicks and evolutionary failures. They seem to believe that their uneducated opponents should be eliminated by deplatforming them, canceling them, and eventually barring them from banking accounts and from the ability to earn any income. They want to condemn them and their families to ruin. And extinction. Good riddance. Let their fates be an example to any other rebels.

Maligning conservatives is just the opening act, picking up in 2021 where Barack Obama left off in January 2017.

Adult teenagers now rule the Bizarro World that the West has become

In truth, self-appointed media and political elites are the (fake) adult equivalent of the dumb but nasty “popular kids” many of us endured in high school. You know, the ones who personally decided which kids they’d tolerate and which ones they’d torment to the point of making their victims suicidal. Now they’ve grown up, and they have learned to do the same thing nationwide on a more massive scale and for unimaginably high salaries and perks. But they tend to be just as petty and dumb as those popular kids in high school.

But, like those popular kids in high school, their favored, time-honored tactics remain the same. They first target and then relentlessly demean, denounce, belittle, stereotype and slander people they’ve decided they don’t like. And the people they don’t like are people who are not them. Or those they’ve condescended to anoint as their favored acolytes.

Today, the people these adult teenagers denounce — in this case, conservatives, libertarians, and GOP supporters in general — are not who they say they are. Most conservatives don’t “lack” education at all. And, when it comes to greed, are no less desirous of improving their lot in life than the left-wing “popular kids.” The latter, by the way, are currently among the greediest. And they often lack education themselves. (I.e., most Hollywood types and sports figures.)

The “superior” leftist elite also includes people like the higher ups who own and operate popular search engines and social networking sites, not to mention the storied CEO of the greatest Internet retail sales company in history.

America’s Marxist left is in the midst of a Festival of Projection. Maligning conservatives offloads their own behavior onto their opponents

We witness daily the left’s constant insistence on maligning conservatives for the evildoing routinely practiced by the left wing elites themselves. Psychologists define such behavior as  “projection.” Wealthy academic, media and entertainment leftists and the political party they generally endorse – the Democrat Party – love to accuse their opponents of doing what those wealthy faux-leftists are actually doing themselves. Ironically, it’s these hypocritical people that are the greediest of all. And they often are those who lack education or what passes for education these days.

We live in an age where actual news and information long ago was replaced by a massive, highly-skilled network of smarmy propagandists. They promote whatever false narratives support the wealth and positions of wealthy, greedy, left-wing, and intellectually deficient elites. They despise everyone that’s not them or those who aren’t on their “approved list” of lackeys. And they want you to despise them, too. That’s why maligning conservatives is second nature to them. For that reason, they are most likely the “people” the original question implies. They’ve unilaterally declared their credibility. Without evidence. But they’ve never earned the credibility they assert by reporting events and covering individuals honestly and with integrity. They deliver one side of the story. They are, in fact, too lazy to deliver the rest of the story.

It’s this class of “people” that endeavor daily to define all the people you’re supposed to despise as “greedy” and “stupid” “conservatives.” Paradoxically, however, the real un- or under-educated greedy people are the self-appointed elites themselves.

Why believe “people” who proclaim alleged facts “without evidence”?

Like those high school “popular kids” who were actually bullies, elite individuals and organizations claim superiority while never having earned it. A better question might be, “Why would anyone ever believe anything these “people” say?

So save yourself the trouble. Refuse to believe their propaganda. They really have no idea about who they’re really attacking because they know few if any of their enemies personally and in all their human complexity. Worse, they’re also not interested in knowing. Conceding even a single point to a conservative or a libertarian could get them banned from the very best parties. For life.

Life is complex. It’s rarely as simple as people claim it is

The human animal is a complex being. Making a generalization about a vast subset of Americans that number at least 50% of America’s population, if not more, simply can’t be supported by observing that “people” believe that every single conservative in that 50+% is greedy AND dumb. A few conservatives may actually match that description. But how many? And how do “people” know this? And once again, who are those “people,” and how many of them are there. There’s really no support for the premise implied by the question.

Ignore the lies. And ignore unsubstantiated assertions by the left. Talk to some conservatives, if you can find any who’ll self-identify as such in this genuinely dangerous moment in the history of our onetime democratic republic. Discover the other side on your own. You might soon be surprised how many of them are reasonable and how many of them actually possess one or more college degrees. And in the process, you might discover that Covid-19 is by no means the worst pandemic that the citizens of our fast-fading republic face. It’s those clueless, greedy,  elite “people” who tell you daily exactly what to think. Without evidence.

But they’ve never bothered to earn your trust. And they never will.

– Headline image: postcard with the public domain “me worry?” face that later inspired Mad magazine‘s Alfred E. Neuman. Not dated; circa 1910s. Image via Wikipedia entry on Alfred E. Neumann.


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