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Ma’khia Bryant: Should police just let black teens kill each other?

Written By | Apr 22, 2021
Bryant, Ohio, Knife Fight

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LOS ANGELES — Should police just let black teenagers kill each other? This horrendous question used to be unthinkable. This question was drenched in racism. This question reduced black people to animals and was advocated only by racists. To be clear, back then real racism was more than just a trivial word thrown around at anyone who disagrees with the popular opinion of the moment. Outside of the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists groups, nobody in their right and decent mind would even entertain much less advocate such an evil thought process. But now we have the Ma’khia Bryant case.

Roll out the red carpet. Welcome to the upside-down world of Black Lives Matter rioters. Their solution to violent black deaths is to encourage more violent black deaths. In their warped world, saving black lives is now racist. This kind of BLM lunacy was on full display when a white police officer in Columbus, Ohio responded to a 911 call this week. Officer Nicholas Reardon arrived on the scene to find 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant armed with a knife.

She had already tried to stab one girl and was lunging at another girl with that knife.

Seconds away from stabbing the second girl, Officer Reardon shot and killed Bryant.

But there’s an alleged problem here. Officer Reardon happens to be white, and Bryant happened to be black. Those who are not racial arsonists readily see Reardon as a hero. Anyone who truly believes that all black lives matter is grateful that Reardon saved two young black female teenagers from becoming just two more black homicide victims.

Reardon only saw people in serious danger of dying. He employed deadly force to save other lives, an absolutely justifiable action. The racial arsonists saw a white police officer killing a black teenager. No ambiguity there.

Within minutes, the BLM rage machine turned Ma’Khia Bryant into the love child of Rosa Parks and Medgar Evers. Somehow a white police officer saving two black female teenagers from being murdered by another black female teenager was proof of systemic racism.

Virture-signaling intellectual ants ranging from LeBron James to Bree Newsome offered words of aggressive non-wisdom.

James even tweeted remarks about Reardon that many interpreted as a death threat against a police officer.

BLM and the white liberals who coddle them made the ludicrous claim that knife fights among blacks were normal. They actually pushed the idea that police should have minded their own business and let the knife fight play out.

This kind of ill-informed and virtually murderous ranting is insane.

Trying to stab people with a knife is not normal. Even some Democrats would privately concede this.

Either black people are human beings who deserve to have their lives protected, or they are animals who deserve to be left to kill each other. There is no middle ground.

Clearly, black people are not animals. Their lives have value. If Ma’Khia Bryant had been a white man trying to stab two black female teenagers, Americans of all stripes would readily accept that death by an intervening cop. In fact, in today’s bizarre world, had Bryant even self-identified as a white male, she would have likely been judged fair game for removal by deadly force.

Clearly, Bryant was the aggressor in this confrontation, not the victim.

Events that happened before the police showed up are immaterial to this fact. Unfortunately, Bryant made a fatally bad and completely avoidable decision. In return, Officer Reardon made a painful, unavoidable, and completely proper decision. A trained ex-military marksman, he used lethal force until the threat was neutralized.

Bryant’s age, race, and upbringing are irrelevant to Reardon’s action.

One voice of reason in this latest ongoing drama was Donavon Brinson, a black neighbor of Bryant. Brinson told the Columbus Dispatch that the officer had no other choice because “it all happened so fast.”

While BLM and their enablers are inflaming tensions and getting innocent blacks killed, Reardon, through his intervention, clearly saved two black lives. Reardon could have stood there and let black teens kill each other. He could have treated them like animals. Instead, he immediately concluded that all lives — including all black lives — matter.

Award Officer Reardon a medal of valor. He saved two black lives.


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Eric Golub

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