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Katie Hill was forced out by Nancy Pelosi, not President Trump

Written By | Oct 29, 2019
Katie Hill

Soon to be former US Representative Katie Hill (Socialist-CA) under fire for her alleged sexcapades. Screen grab via YouTube from ABC video coverage.

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles Congresswoman Katie Hill abruptly resigned on Sunday due to mounting scandals. Photographs of her in the Daily Mail and elsewher, casually smoking a bong naked and sporting a Nazi iron cross tattoo on her thigh became more than even her fellow liberals could bare. While the photos may have been illegally leaked, leaks are part of Washington. Just ask President Trump, given that he frequently has his private conversations leaked.

There is no word on whether the Washington Post will lament the effective firing of someone they might describe as a Human Sexuality and Pharmaceutical Products Scholar.

Katie Hill is not a victim. So let us replace the predictable cascade of off-the-shelf liberal emotion with a few cold, hard facts.

Nancy Pelosi, not sexism, threw Katie Hill under the bus

Liberals are complaining that Katie resigned for behavior that was less severe than what male colleagues get away with. But the problem is, the same liberals screaming about gender bias are the ones who forced her out of office. Had Pelosi had Hill’s back, Hill would still be in office. Pelosi threw her under the bus because she was a political liability whose notoriety endangered Pelosi’s masterpiece: The fake Trump impeachment stunt. Hill’s troubles distract from impeachment. Democrats are desperate to remove President Trump. So Hill became collateral damage.

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Hill’s ouster has nothing to do with LGBTQ persecution

Liberals are complaining that Hill was targeted for being bisexual, claiming, while shaking with outrage, that this is a war on LGBTQ people. Nonsense. Americans know the difference between lifestyle and conduct. When Barney Frank was caught in a financial scandal involving his gay lover, he claimed it was a sexual issue rather than a financial one. When Kevin Spacey was caught molesting teens, he played the gay card. The gay community angrily rejected his gambit. They knew that it played on the worst stereotypes of gays. Plenty of gay people live normal lives. They go to work and conduct themselves in public like any other straight American would. Hill engaged in corrupt acts, and corruption has nothing to do with sexuality. Most gay people can get through a work day without getting naked and smoking a bong on the job.

Liberals forced Katie Hill out, not President Trump or the GOP

AGAIN, it was liberals who forced Katie Hill out. Liberals who, even in extremis, have no shame and don’t even know what that word means. (Unless it’s applied to the behavior of a Republican.) Do you know how much of an embarrassment you have to be as a liberal to be so embarrassing that even other liberals cannot tolerate you? Worse, do you realize how low your own standards have to be to get to the point where even liberals can’t excuse that conduct?

Anthony Weiner, Al Franken and Katie Hill were all forced out as well by liberals and leftists who shared their ideology but were concerned about losing political power. They were concerned about their own political careers, not the fate of Weiner, Franken or Katie Hill.

Katie Hill’s ouster had nothing to do with President Trump or one single Republican member of Congress. In fact, President Trump did bother to mention Katie Hill even once. It was Pelosi who got rid of Hill, not Trump. So if this is about gender or sexuality, then it is the liberals who are anti-women and anti-gay.

But you won’t read that in the Washington Post.

— Headline image: Soon-to-be-former US Representative Katie Hill (Socialist-CA) under fire for her alleged sexcapades with one or more House staffers. Screen grab via YouTube from ABC video coverage.


Eric Golub

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