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Kamala Harris attacks Vice President Mike Pence’s marital fidelity. Epic fail

Written By | Mar 18, 2019
Kamala Harris

Cartoon by Ben Garrison, ©

DELRAY BEACH, Florida. While most Americans were enjoying St. Patrick’s Day revelries, Democrat presidential candidates busied themselves playing identity politics while making gaffe after gaffe. “Beto” O’Rourke and Joe Biden got the weekend attack pack underway. But, as is often the case, Kamala Harris took the lead in sliming the opposition.

Beto and Biden fumble, while Kamala Harris aims low

Echoing the awesome intelligence of AOC, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke was hysterically bleating that everyone would be dead in 12 years from climate change. Perhaps he is a fan of 1980s hair metal band Warrant. Their since-departed lead singer Jani Lane wrote an apocalyptic song entitled “April 2031.”

Elsewhere, gaffe-prone former Vice President Joe Biden accidentally revealed he was running for president while simultaneously trying to pretend that he remains undecided. Perhaps he was for it before he was against it. Meanwhile, most of the rest of the Democrat pack offered harmless nonsense.

But leave it to shameless California Democrat Senator Kamala Harris to hit a new low. Her latest shameless attack on Vice President Mike Pence was harmful, ignorant, and yes, bigoted.

Kamala Harris, far from being a paragon of virtue herself, actually attacked Vice President Mike Pence for his marital fidelity. For Democrats like Harris, apparently, the world has turned upside down to the point where being loyal and faithful to one’s spouse is somehow considered a negative. Harris will insist that her criticism was legitimate. But try to find a demagogue who admits to demagoguery.

Kamala Harris vs. Mike Pence demonstrates her customary ignorance and intolerance

Kamala Harris specifically criticized Pence for his refusal to ever be in a room alone with a woman other than his wife. Harris declared this to be sexism, thundering forth without any evidence that this caused Pence to reduce hiring opportunities for women. Female members of Pence’s staff fired back that Pence treats them well, compensates them well, and considers them fully equal to the male staffers.

Harris’s comments were born out of ignorance and religious intolerance, the latter a notable hallmark of today’s far left Democrat party. Pence is a devout Christian who walks the walk. He has repeatedly stated that he is “a Christian, an American and a Republican, in that order.” He refuses to meet alone with women to avoid temptation. And also, likely, to avoid the possibility of sham accusations from the #MeToo crew.

Pence believes that only God is perfect, that all people are flawed, and that the best way to avoid sin is to avoid the temptation that leads to sin. With politicians of all stripes embroiled in sex scandals these days, Pence’s strict discipline serves to keep his marriage strong and keep potential sex scandals at bay. Naturally, the virtue-signaling Kamala Harris has no respect for genuine virtue like this.

Marital fidelity: Still cherished among practicing Christians. And Chasidic Jews

Pence’s behavior is not unique to Christianity. Chasidic Jews have a tradition called Shomer Negiah (observant of touch). A Chasidic man will not even shake the hand of another woman other than his wife. Hugs are forbidden. All touching is out of the question. A Chasidic woman will never hug, kiss, or shake the hand of any man other than her husband. The total separation of contact is due to the slippery slope argument. The slightest touch can lead to sex. Orthodox Jews do not even pray together. The men and women are separated by a tall divider called a mechitza (partition). The mechitza helps keeps both genders focused on their prayers and not on each other.

Observing Shomer Negiah works. In a nation with a 50% divorce rate, Orthodox Jews have strong marriages rooted in marital fidelity. Chasidic Jews in particular have a divorce rate close to zero. Adultery is not an option. To quote Ted Koppel, “The Ten Commandments are not the ten suggestions.”

Like Orthodox Jews, Pence takes his marriage vows seriously. Harris does not understand this, because such respect for the sanctity of marriage is a foreign concept to her. As a young woman, she used her sexuality as a tool to advance her career. She carried on a open, public affair with San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, who was already married and thirty years her senior. He rewarded her with two appointments to plum political patronage positions that inflated her bank account and ultimately launched her political career. The very behavior that led to Monica Lewinsky being castigated has somehow failed to tarnish Teflon Kamala.

Avoiding women like Kamala Harris is simply common sense

The religious discipline Pence practices is specifically designed to keep him away from women like Kamala Harris. Rather than launch attacks, Harris may wish to look in the mirror. It is her behavior that corrodes society, not the behavior of Mike Pence. Pence’s behavior is what strengthens society. The behavior of Kamala Harris is not.

Harris may wish to drop her intolerance of and bigoted hostility toward religious Christians if she actually expects to run successfully as a Presidential candidate in 2020. It is bad enough that Harris, through her actions, has shown zero respect for the sanctity of marriage herself. The very least she can do is to eschew mocking a man for treating his marriage as sacred and his wife as the only love of his life.

— Headline image: Cartoon by Ben Garrison, ©


Eric Golub

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