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Joe Bide’s two plus hours presser: Lies, mistruths and exaggerations

Written By | Jan 20, 2022
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LOS ANGELES, January 19, 2022 — In the midst of collapsing poll numbers, President Joe Biden held a formal press conference at the end of his first year. Mr. Biden spent nearly two hours making excuses, blaming others, and denying reality. Biden deliberately called on friendly outlets from the New York Times to USA Today. He let sympathetic reporters ask multiple follow-up questions on unrelated topics.

Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy had to jump up to get called on and was only allowed one question with no follow-up.

Sycophantic questions included asking Biden if Republicans would unfairly use issues against him in the midterm elections.

Another slobbering reporter actually asked Biden if he would consider vaccine mandates to fly.

There were no questions about the Darrell Brooks Waukesha massacre, the Shawn Laval Smith killing of Brianna Kupfer, or any other similar cases showing an epidemic of racial violence committed by blacks against non-blacks.

Inner-city violence, violent crime, or the progressive approaches to the crime that have exacerbated the crime problem were ignored

There was also no question related to radical Islamic attacks against Jews including the Texas synagogue hostage situation that happened only four days earlier.

No questions about Americans still in Afghanistan and if they will be rescued. Or the Southern border-collapse, or what Vice President Kamala Harris actually does all day. Biden thinks she and he are both doing a great job, evidence is damned.

Even with the low bar, Biden managed to maladroitly limbo under it.

Despite invoking January 6th, he himself could not say the 2022 midterm elections would be legitimate and that the results could be illegitimate.

Biden refuses to apologize for how he handled Afghanistan and was satisfied with how he handled Covid. Joe says that schools should stay open despite doing nothing to take on the teachers’ unions purposely keeping them closed.

Biden claims that it was amazing how quickly America came up with a Covid vaccine and that this quick action saved thousands of lives. He never mentioned that these vaccines happened due to President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

Asked what he could do better, Biden vowed to do three things that are the exact opposite of what he should do.

Biden wants to travel more around the country to sell his programs. He fails to realize that his problem is the policies themselves and that more public relations or marketing will not fix this.

The president will seek more advice from academics, editorial writers, and think tanks. These are the last people he should be going to for counsel. He needs to get away from liberal eggheads and talk to farmers, ranchers, police officers, and other people who actually do real work for a living.

Lastly, he vowed to campaign intensely in the midterms. This will benefit Republicans and again shows his utter inability to grasp the disgust people have with the policies themselves.

Asked about his cratering poll numbers, he insisted that he does not believe the polls.

He demonized Republicans, Trump, the unvaccinated, Fox News, and meat companies.

Most of the time, Biden just lied. In a few cases, he took things severely out of context. Most of the falsehoods were just outright lies, including four lies in the first one to two minutes.

Claim: His administration had many more people vaccinated than the previous administration.

Reality: The vaccines did not exist until two days after the 2020 presidential election. In only 10 weeks, the Trump administration left a solid infrastructure in place for the Biden administration to hit the ground running from a distribution standpoint.

Claim: Biden insisted that his administration created six million new jobs.

Reality: These were mainly people returning to their old jobs. America is still at a net negative from pre-pandemic levels.

Claim: Incomes went up for working Americans.

Reality: The worst inflation in 40 years has accelerated faster than wages. In real terms, American incomes are declining.

Claim: With regards to Covid, Americans are in a better place than last year.

Reality: Many more Americans died from Covid in 2021 during the Biden administration than in 2020 during the Trump administration. The Covid rules and regulations are an inconsistent and incoherent mess.

Claim: He blamed the supply chain crisis on Covid and storms.

Reality: Covid existed during the Trump administration. Storms have happened in every presidency since George Washington. The supply chain crisis did not begin until Biden took office and implemented his policy agenda. Biden’s vaccine mandates led to mass numbers of workers in the supply chain either quitting or being fired. The vaccine mandates caused the supply chain crisis.

Claim: The supply chain crisis is causing inflation.

Reality: Massive government spending is what causes inflation. This is Economics 101. While Trump did sign off on several of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s spending bills, the Biden administration has been spending on steroids. Printing more money devalues that money. The Biden administration’s Build Back Better program is a liberal wish list that adds trillions of dollars in new spending. This will worsen the inflation problem.

Claim: Biden linked high automobile prices to a chip shortage.

Reality: Rising automobile prices are due to inflation. The chip shortage relates to the supply chain crisis. Again, Biden administration policies including vaccine mandates caused inflation and the supply chain crisis.

Claim: The Build Back Better plan cuts the deficit and will not cost taxpayers one penny.

Reality: This has been repeatedly debunked. The Congressional Budget Office scored BBB as revenue negative. The CBO clearly stated that the program adds to the deficit. Attempts to game the CBO with accounting gimmicks do not change reality. Multi-trillion-dollar programs are not free. Remember the Vice President to the President who said that those who liked their doctor and healthcare plan could keep their doctor and healthcare plan.

Claim: He got bigger and more consequential bills passed than any other United States president has ever gotten done.

Reality: Bigger is not necessarily better. Bigger is often worse. As for consequential, the 1981 Reagan tax cuts, the 1986 tax reform law, and the 2017 Trump tax cuts were far more significant. All three laws led to unparalleled economic growth.

Claim: Republicans are restricting the rights of minorities to vote.

Reality: Democrats have not been able to produce one minority voter who is legally allowed to vote who had that right to vote restricted. Despite being misnamed the Voting Rights Act and invoking the late John Lewis, the Democrats are pushing a massive federal takeover of state election laws. Their election bill also creates giant slush funds for elected officials, which is the opposite of promoting Democracy. The 15th Amendment gave minorities the right to vote in 1870.

Claim: Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay a price for invading Ukraine.

Reality: While this is not a lie yet, Biden’s history shows it probably will become a lie. Biden was Vice President When President Barack Obama allowed Putin to gobble up Crimea without consequences. Biden has long been an anti-war politician with a dovish streak. He opposed the initial invasion of Iraq and the successful raid that killed Osama bin Laden. With Americans war-weary and Biden’s polls low, the last thing he is expected to do is start a war with Russia. Sanctions usually affect the people of a nation, not that nation’s government. Paying a price is a relative term. Putin has free reign until proven otherwise.

Claim: Biden insists that he hasn’t attacked anybody publicly.

Reality: Biden has repeatedly attacked Trump. Biden also cruelly attacks Kyle Rittenhouse, calling the young man a murderer even though Rittenhouse was acquitted in a clear case of self-defense.

Claim: Biden denied that he was trying to pull the country to the left.

Reality: He campaigned as a moderate but in office has catered to his far-left base. The BBB bill is the most progressive bill America has ever faced. Biden is actively trying to expand the regulatory state. He even tried to force businesses to implement vaccine mandates for their employees. The Supreme Court stopped him, but he has doubled down with other regulations and mandates that are out of the mainstream.

Claim: He denied that he compared political opponents to Bull Connor and George Wallace.

Reality: His tortured denial was laughable. It was word salad nonsense. He explicitly said exactly what he was accused of saying. Biden has a decades-long history of racially incendiary rhetoric. Biden said that claiming Americans who disagree with his voting rights act stand with Bull Connor is not the same as saying they are Bull Connor.

Claim: Biden claimed that no president had to deal with as much as he did in his first year.

Reality: Obama faced the 2008 financial crisis, although much of the heavy lifting was done before he took office. President George W. Bush faced the September 11th attacks, a far more serious issue than anything any American leader had faced since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt faced Pearl Harbor.

Claim: Biden claimed that Republicans have no plan to fix the tax structure.

Reality: Republicans obsess over fixing the tax structure. For many Republicans, fixing the tax structure is their very reason for existing. Supply-side tax cuts have worked. Demand-side tax hikes have failed. Without a Republican president, the only thing Republicans have the power to do is prevent tax hikes. With a GOP White House, Republicans would have plenty of action on cutting taxes.


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Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”