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Joe Biden: A legacy of failure after only eight months (and 47 years)

Written By | Aug 18, 2021
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FLORIDA: The fiscal health of a nation can reasonably be predicted by looking at the Producer Price Index (PPI.) The PPI program measures the average change over selected periods of time in the selling prices of goods received by domestic producers, for their sale to the consumer. Think about inflation, it is first knowable through the PPI.So a look at the PPI for the excruciatingly long eight months of Joe Biden should reveal the monetary health of our nation since he began directing fiscal policy.

But the economy is not the only item Joe has messed up in eight months in office. (Joe Biden Has Spent 47 Years in Washington With Almost Nothing to Show For It)

On an unadjusted basis, the final PPI index moved up 7.3 percent, for the 12 months ending in June. This is the largest advance since 12-month data were first calculated in November 2010. Under Trump, even during the financial shutdown due to the Chinese flu pandemic, the PPI didn’t come close to this much of a disaster.

Inflation is now set to continue for a few more months at least, and possibly into next year, and beyond

All due to Ole Joe’s Marxist policies that are breaking small businesses and wreaking havoc on consumers. Everything from food, to building materials, to medical supplies is costing more because Biden hasn’t got a clue how business works.

Worse, he doesn’t care.

Food companies are saying that they will be raising prices even higher soon, and that will not be reversed.

Biden ineptitude, Covid nonsense, retail sales continue to hit US stocks

Import prices are up due to COVID, floods in China, and the closing of a major export port.

Shipping is still a major issue, driven by higher oil costs. Joe drove those prices up by forcing closures of oil exploration and pumping, on national lands. One of his many executive orders that no one knows about.

Trucking in the US is causing massive delays in the transportation of consumer goods.

This is caused, in part, by a shortage of drivers. There are no truck drivers because they earn just as much staying home with their families as going to work. With all of the extended payments now available under unemployment benefits and COVID relief, supported by Biden and Democrats, there is little incentive to spend weeks away from families delivering consumer goods.

Republicans don’t get off of the hook here, as too many RINOs have helped pass these massive handouts.

But it is all on Ole Joe that the independent drivers are all but a memory. Only a few years ago, under the business-friendly Trump administration, these small business owners flourished. But with the flood of regulations, most passed by executive order, being an independent truck driver is no longer viable.

Part of the reason is the cost of gas. That rise in gas costs affects consumers, you and me, at the pump, at the grocery store, and at WallMart.

Everything shipped by truck, train, or airplane cost more to ship due to Biden’s extraordinarily stupid policies.

Gas prices are up and not likely to go down anytime soon as Biden continues to ramp up regulations while closing US oil drilling.

Amazingly, Joe’s answer to our gas problems, and those of our allies, is to ask OPEC and Russia to produce more crude oil. That will certainly help the environment as the Middle East and Russian oil won’t hurt the ecology, only American oil causes global warming.

While Russia and OPEC countries hire more workers due to Biden policies, 10,000 American workers have lost their good-paying jobs.

Consumer prices are going to continue to rise and inflation is not going away anytime soon.

Americans are facing increased food and gas prices every day, and now they are beginning to notice them in earnest, and realizing, in spite of the mass media cover-up of rising inflation, that this problem is caused by Biden and Democrats.

Biden ineptitude, Covid nonsense, retail sales continue to hit US stocks

It is showing up in polls and will get worse for Democrats each month as the problems get worse. There is a very good possibility that as Dems go home for a break, they will get slammed by consumers, and more importantly, by campaign donors, about the $5.5 Trillion bills.

It will be a resurrection of the Tea Party movement when soccer moms and dads had enough of Democrat foolishness.

We will see.

Republicans and Republican PACs need to put out strong ads as soon as possible because Congress is home now, meeting with constituents.

This is the way to stop what is happening in Congress. Whatever you can do to push this is critical now. Contact your congressman/woman and let them know that you oppose the $5.5 Trillion package. That alone will ensure that inflation skyrockets.

Most readers are too young to remember the Carter presidency, but he was as big a buffoon as is Biden.

He instituted anti-capitalist policies, too. Those resulted in double-digit inflation and interest rates. Buying a house under Carter was the same as using a credit card, interest was so high. And every month under Carter inflation rose.

A pound of ground beef rose almost 50 percent in a year. Chicken cost as much as steak did prior to Carter. Biden is about to outdo Carter in both interest and inflationary rates. The PPI indicates this.

By the way, as you let your congressman/woman know your feelings about the $5 Trillion bill, don’t forget to tell them how you feel about teaching Critical Race Theory and the 1619 nonsense to our young people.

Both of those need to be stopped, too.

The debacle now unfolding in Afghanistan may just be the tipping point for many Americans.

Some MSM outlets are turning on Biden for mishandling this withdrawal. Even the New York Times could not resist attacking Biden on this disastrous action. His total cluelessness about the military has caused many people to begin to take note of all of his other shortcomings of leadership.

And even if not affected by Afghanistan, every time they go grocery shopping or fill up their car, his leadership style is causing people to turn on him. They fully realize his inability to lead this nation. (Obama Defense Sec. says Biden as VP was wrong on nearly every big foreign policy issue)

On one of the talk radio programs, there was a man who expressed his remorse for having voted for Biden.

He said that Trump’s tweets were not as bad as Biden’s lack of leadership. How many others now wish they could change their votes? Trump may have not sounded polished like a politician, but he was a natural leader.

The left has to crush President Donald J. Trump, in order to crush America

Everything Biden has done in office has resulted in chaos.

His border policy has not only caused mayhem at the border, but it is also turning into a Chinese flu super-spreader event. It is estimated that upwards of 20 percent of illegal aliens entering are positive for the virus. And what is Joe’s response? To send busloads of infected into red cities in the dead of the night, The COVID hot spots in Texas and Florida can be attributed to those illegal aliens.

Speaking of COVID, through Joe and Democrats we are beginning to shut down the economy once again and reinstating mask mandates.

People are tired of mask mandates and are starting to resist them. Along with the mask mandates, Biden and the company are closing in on vaccine passes. Traveling from state to state will require a vaccine passport. The federal government is already forcing workers to take the vaccine, or else.

Investigations are now showing that China got WHO to skewer the investigation report to cover up the Wuhan lab leaking the COVID-19 virus. This is on top of the Republican COVID source report that Fauci lied, Facebook lied, the media lied, and Biden lied, and that the COVID-19 virus actually originated from the Wuhan laboratory.

Crime is out of control across the nation, police are being shot in record numbers, and Ole Joe’s answer is to defund the police.

Biden wants to unconstitutionally upend voting laws, to ensure that Democrats never again lose an election. And, like Obama, he has stated that he wants to “transform America,” into a socialist left-wing country.

Harris is a complete incompetent who, ever since she was appointed to take over the border, has been in hiding. Possibly in Joe’s basement. However, never fear, Biden knows who to turn to in a pinch. He has called New York Governor Cuomo a success. He is sure to turn to him, once Cuomo leaves office in shame, for advice.

Biden is now knowingly defying SCOTUS and has extended the no the eviction order. He is grossly and unlawfully defying the order of the court. Without a peep out of the MSM.

Biden can’t even recall the name of the governor of Michigan, let alone where he is half of the time.

His cognitive disabilities are becoming more apparent every time he is on television, which is less all the time.

And to add salt to the open wound that Biden is to this country, China is moving troops, ships, and airplanes into position to invade Taiwan.

This after their state-run newspaper noted that after his actions in Afghanistan that if China takes Taiwan by force that Ole Joe will do nothing.

We all knew Biden was stupid going into the 2020 election.

But just how stupid we didn’t understand.

Ole Joe’s legacy after only eight months was best expressed by none other than Bill Gates. He said Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy issue for over 47 years. The last eight months have only reinforced more than 40 years of incompetence.



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Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.