Incoming: The Gorsuch vote. So what does ‘mainstream’ really mean?

For at least 50 years, hard left Democrats have been defining the meaning of “mainstream” down and far-left. Let’s move that definition back to the real middleby elevating Neil Gorsuch to the U.S Supreme Court.

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WASHINGTON, April 2, 2017 – Speculation is running rampant this weekend as it looks like the Washington version of the Gunfight at OK Corral—the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to become the next Justice of the U.S. Supreme court—is about to go down in the Senate chambers this week.

Current Senate Majority Leader, Republican Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said on “Fox News Sunday” that Gorsuch will be confirmed this week.

That’s likely true, unless, of course, one or two Republican miscreants cross the line and vote against the nominee to uphold the GOP’s longstanding and well-deserved reputation as America’s Stupid Party. Odds, however, favor the so-called “nuclear option” at the moment—the elimination of the filibuster as a weapon wielded by the minority to derail, in this case, a Supreme Court nominee clearly favored by a majority of the Senate—which apparently may add to its numbers at least one or two Democrats.

The Democrats have long fought tooth and nail against any Republican nominations to any court seat, claiming in general that Republican nominated judges and justices are far removed from “mainstream” opinion. That was the club they used effectively against the nomination of the eminently qualified Robert Bork as Chief Justice back in the 1980s. Having succeeded with that once, they’ve played the same tune ever since and with great effectiveness.

This time, however, the petulant Democrats, apparently more angry over the results of the 2016 election than they were over that other “controversial” contest back in 2000, have decided their solution to all things Washington is to pout and shout, “No. I don’t want to,” when nearly anything comes up for a vote. There is no difference between them and someone’s spoiled brat of a kid.

But it’s the “mainstream” thing that really begs for scrutiny here. The Democrats apparently think they define that “mainstream,” which is, allegedly, the precise middle of the political spectrum. However, in reality, this Democrat “mainstream” is actually so far left of the center of the line that it pretty much looks like Marxism to me.

For this reason alone, it’s clear that today’s Democrats have a very distorted view of where the center lies, which is precisely why they lost only last year’s presidential contest. It’s also why they’re losing their grip on the entirety of America, safe for the pampered chardonnay-sippers who largely infest America’s coastal regions.

As is so often the case, a commenter, this time via, zeroes in on this distorted notion of the center with a compelling series of direct hits, which we’ve slightly edited and turned into bullet points:

  • Dems don’t like Gorsuch because he’s “not mainstream enough.”
  • Mainstream to the Dems is letting grown men pee with little girls.
  • Mainstream is open borders.
  • Mainstream is letting hordes of 3rd world refugees come into the country.
  • Mainstream is allowing judges to give constitutional rights to citizens in other countries.
  • Mainstream is letting only the military and police own firearms.
  • Mainstream is letting abortions happen at the 9 month mark, even though there is no medical emergency.
  • Mainstream is spending massive amounts of money on social programs.
  • Mainstream is declaring freedom of speech dangerous when right wing groups exercise it.
  • Mainstream is shutting down your opponent and not allowing them to speak.
  • Mainstream is allowing illegals to be harbored in sanctuary cities.
  • Mainstream is using the constitution only as a suggestion, not as the rule of law.
  • Mainstream is saying the constitution is a living breathing document that doesn’t really mean what it says.
  • Mainstream is interjecting race into everything

Did this guy miss anything? If you actually believe that even one of these items is true, then you have drunk the hard-left Kool-Aid and there’s no hope for you. You do not know where the real “mainstream” of America actually is. Trump figured it out, which is why he won last year’s election, pure and simple.

The real U.S. mainstream voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential contest, with some, on occasion, holding their noses to do so. After 8 disastrous years of America’s first Marxist and likely pro-Islamofascist presidency, longtime Democrat voters, particularly unemployed trade union members, emerged from the shadow to join with fed up voters in the Republican mainstream and do some “fundamental transformation” of their own.

Together, they elected Donald Trump to blow up (politically, of course) official Washington, “clearing the swamp” in a town that was originally built on one, an irony that’s not lost on this writer, at least. In so doing, not only did they re-establish America’s true center by moving it back to the middle of this country’s left-right political spectrum where it belongs; they also voted to reassert each citizen’s basic rights as defined in the increasingly neglected Bill of Rights. Not a bad job for a bunch of Deplorables.

As a result, the very least we should expect from Republicans this year is to ram through the Gorsuch nomination, either by winning at least 60 votes in the Senate or by following Harry Reid’s example and nuking a Democrat filibuster to get the job done by flexing the political power they earned last fall.

Jamming this one down the leftist Democrats’ recalcitrant maws will go a long way toward turning the Stupid Party in the direction of winning, something in which they have virtually no experience thus far. This, in turn, might resurrect and improve stalled Obamacare “repeal and replace” legislation.

Republicans might also want to consider dropping the #NeverTrump crap as well. But that’s a topic for another column.

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