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In today’s America, James Madison’s 2A “Lock and Load” ain’t antiquated.

Written By | Sep 24, 2021
Madison, 2A, Locke and Loaded

2A, James Madison, Federalist, Founding Father and 4th President

TEXAS: James Madison, our fourth president, and the original author of the Bill of Rights.  Madison had concerns with the 2nd amendment, and the proposal for it was simple.  An armed populace would be the greatest deterrent to the federal government’s invasion of the states—the free and independent states. Madison was somewhat for a federal system, Hamilton was not.

Those, of course, being the free states that were supposed to be supported by the so-called federal government against invasion in the first place.

The Constitution preserves

“The advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation. . . (where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.” — The Federalist, No. 46 – James Madison

That is, on the one hand, the republic of republics would always be in union for the primary reason of protection from those outside the union. For example Great Britain, France, Haiti, Mexico, Somalia, etc. However, these same states would have an armed populace who would defend themselves against foes of any stripe. Whether from a corrupt federal government, foreign governments, or a combination of the two.

Today, we see a combination of our (laugh out loud) federal government and foreign mobs from foreign governments joining in an invasion of Texas (other states, too). Our federal government is the leader simply because it refuses to follow the law.

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence. – Article IV Section 4 | Constitution Annotated | | Library of Congress

Try to imagine on December 8, 1941, after the American Territory of Hawaii had been attacked by Japan that Roosevelt, speaking for congress and the government had said,

“Oh well, let’s just offer Japan some of our new Social Security program and maybe we can live in peace. And then they can vote for me if I decide to run for a fourth term.”

Though Roosevelt himself was a socialist, he was not demented and he didn’t have a mentally substandard whore (see Willy Brown’s bed and breakfast list) for a vice president. A Veep who cackles like a third grader and would rather toss a coin at a football game than work at her assigned chore of “immigration hostess”. Even while 15,000 ILLEGALS invade Texas.

Though, strictly speaking, it is the president’s job to ask congress for troops to commit to war or to deter invasion, the president these days does what he pleases. He, of course, does what he pleases, supported by courts who do what they please. The bottom line is that none of the so-called “checks and balances” mob, executive, legislative or judicial will check the other.

Oh, golly, where is John Calhoun (or Jefferson Davis) when we need him?

That question is for the conservative wannabees, not for Republicans and their Neocon narcissists. But, enough of history.

The Democrats and their media army don’t care as they are as demented and corrupt collectively as Biden. The Republicans and their media army of Fox News and the “conservative” talk show babblers live in a fantasy world of comic book chronicles.

They are as useful as umbrellas at a nudist colony.

Here in Houston, almost 400 miles from a current Haitian invasion on the Texas-Mexico border, we can see some of the results.

We have been seeing it even before the current illegal alien push. At least an educated view of crime, mischief beyond normal, and general foot-traffic out of the ordinary.

I know (and I am) many who are locked and loaded.

I (we) don’t give a damn what the so-called federal government and corrupt bureaucrats say.

In 1835, Texans who had sworn allegiance to the original Republic of Mexico had their envoy, Stephen Austin held by a corrupt president, Santa Anna, of Mexico, while being instructed on the new and illegal activities that were to be in place.

On returning to his home north of the Rio Grande Austin told his fellow Texans that apparently there was no hope for the republic they had agreed to live under. Santa Anna had abused his powers and the law, and he was unrepentant and would not change.

Austin, a man of peace, as he has so often tried to be, said to the people of Texas:

“Gentlemen, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we have no other choice than to load our guns and assert our rights.”

This was what Madison had in mind when he commented on the 2nd Amendment. He wasn’t talking about bird hunting. He was talking about GOD GIVEN RIGHTS! Not Washington given rights!!



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