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In first Presidential press conference, Joe Biden disses Trump, fumbles queries

Written By | Mar 25, 2021
first presidential press conference, Joe Biden

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection. (See link below article.)

LOS ANGELES — After 64 days in office, former Vice President Joe Biden finally held his very first Presidential press conference. George W. Bush was known for starting meetings and other events on time. He believed that “late is rude.” Barack Obama and Donald Trump both brought back the Bill Clinton tradition of being late. Joe Biden chose to continue the Bill Clinton tradition. After a 12-minute delay, Biden came out wearing a mask despite having already been vaccinated against COVID.

How Biden’s first presidential press conference began

Biden began by bragging about a vaccine distribution goal while ignoring the previous administration’s Operation Warp Speed. Next, he falsely claimed that public schools were open for in-student learning. He took credit for distributing $1,400 stimulus checks without mentioning that the previous administration had supported those checks. He spoke for four minutes and then took questions from a prepared list of pre-screened reporters. Gone was the media tradition of shouting rude questions our to President Trump. To the contrary, reporters sat in obedient silence.

For the sake of unity, let’s trash the GOP

The Associated Press asked Biden a softball question, asking him how he planned to deal with intransigent Republicans. He made it clear that Republicans should either shut up and agree with him, or they might risk his labeling them as divisive. This, apparently, is part of his national unity effort.

Speaking of divisive, leftist agitator Yamiche Alcindor fawned all over Biden. She called him a “moral, decent man.” Gone was the open hostility and rage usually reserved for Republican presidents like President Trump. Biden returned the favor, using her question about immigration to attack Trump and imply that he was not a nice guy. In addition, Biden falsely insisted that he was sending a majority of illegal immigrants back home.

At one point, Biden seemed to realize he was rambling and asked Alcindor if he should stop. Alcindor said she did not want to interrupt him. When Trump was president, all she ever did was angrily interrupt him.

Biden ironically dodged a question about the filibuster by filibustering the question. Biden said that the filibuster was being abused in 2020. He neglected to mention that it was Senate Democrats who routinely deployed the filibuster tactic against a Republican president. He then froze in mid-sentence and forgot what he was saying.

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Illegal aliens immigrants are… illegal. Maybe… Because, Trump….

Illegal immigration activist Cecilia Vega asked Biden if his rhetoric was encouraging illegal immigration. Biden lamented the hardships immigrants face while ignoring the basic fact that illegal immigration is illegal. Asked if illegal children should be allowed to stay in America or get deported, he ignored the question. No one complained.

To brighten Biden’s first presidential press conference, Kristin Welker asked Biden if he had been too quick to roll back Trump’s immigration policies. Biden attacked Trump’s policies and blamed Trump for the immigration crisis that began to unfold after Biden’s inauguration.

A new foreign policy for Afghanistan, North Korea?

Biden refused to commit to getting all US troops out of Afghanistan by the promised May 1st of 2021 deadline. He also refused to commit to permit journalists to have access to the migrant child cages that are no longer cages since a Democrat is now president. With regard to this issue, Biden noted he would commit to transparency on his timetable. But could not say what that timetable was.

Regarding North Korea, Biden labeled their recent ballistic missile tests as a violation of international law. He vowed an appropriate response, but would not say what an example of a response would be.

Let’s hate on Republicans again. Because, “racism”… “Reporters” pile on.

Nancy Cordes from CBS began her question with a speech attacking Republicans and accusing them of restricting voting rights. Biden answered her eventual softball query by accusing Republicans of being un-American. He implied, without evidence, that Republicans want minority voters to die from dehydration by denying them water while they wait in line to vote. Again, without evidence, Biden said that Republican voters actually agree with his policies in this area, a ludicrous statement that attracted no comment.

Kaitlan Collins did what she always does, instinctively springboarding off the partisan question lobbed at Biden by Alcindor. Collins teed up her own softball by asking if the filibuster was racist. Naturally, Biden said it was. Without evidence.

More unity. Harris Biden gearing up to run in 2024?

In something of a surprise, Biden said he intended to run for re-election in 2024, as later reported by CNBC.

“‘My plan is to run for reelection. That’s my expectation,’ Biden told reporters on Thursday during his first news conference as president. He later reaffirmed that it’s his “expectation” he will try to serve a second term as president. Biden will be 81-years-old at that time.”

Biden insisted he was uniting the country while simultaneously attacking those people disagreeing with him.

Rambling enlightenment on the China Syndrome

The specific response to a serious question about potential US sanctions against China offered by Joe Biden emerged as a rambling non-answer. He waxed poetic about the 1960s and science in the age of Aquarius. There was no mentioning of increasing evidence that the Communist Chinese government unleashed the COVID pandemic on the world. After several minutes of wandering off onto tangents, Biden finally vowed to “hold China accountable.” Unfortunately, he offered no explanation of what those buzzwords actually meant. To paraphrase former Congressman Trey Gowdy, Biden gave a fantastic answer to a question nobody asked. Naturally, Biden concluded his filibuster of the China question by blaming Trump. Biden spoke about multilateralism, but said that meetings he intended to hold to establish multilateralism would not discuss sanctions.

The evils of guns, fossil fuels and non-socialists

In light of the mass shootings in Boulder, Colorado, when asked about specific gun control actions he would take, Joe Biden said he favored gun control action but prioritized passage of an  infrastructure bill first.

The media constantly misinforms us that uncapped US wellheads continue to leak untold amounts of deadly methane. Sadly, so did Biden in his non-answers to basic questions.

Gotta go…

At this point, he then offered more remarks on infrastructure even though the original question had nothing to do with infrastructure. Reporters had asked him about gun control.

Biden took no questions from Fox News or any other media outlets that strayed from the liberal, pro-Biden, anti-Trump line. Biden took far fewer questions than Trump typically did. And then, he quickly bolted the stage before facing any truly challenging questions.

He made no mention of radical Islam, the renewed provocations of Iran, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s killing of 15,000 people in New York nursing homes, the refusal of teachers unions to return to the classroom, or any other pertinent issues that actually matter to a majority of Americans.

In the end, the much-ballyhooed first Presidential press conference of Joe Biden proved less of a news conference and more of a pep rally. Without the pep.

— Headline image: Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection.

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