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Immigration without assimilation is invasion: A big problem for Europe

Written By | Sep 9, 2019
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CHARLOTTE, NC. Now that defeating the ISIS threat to establish an Islamic caliphate in the West has had a sufficient period out of the headlines, many of us may believe the world is a safer place. You might want to think again. Enough time has passed since any major terrorism event has occurred that we have returned to our usual false sense of complacency. It’s inevitable that at some point, terrorism will indeed bite us again. Particularly when the West’s fact-blind governments forget that their policy of unlimited Islamic immigration without requiring assimilation is effectively permitting an invasion of hostile forces.

How, when and where are merely topics for conjecture at the moment. But rest assured, something nasty will occur once more and the next round of hand-wringing and speculation filled with elevated terror warnings will re-emerge.

Islamists know their immigration options

Islamists know they have numerous immigration options available to them in their quest to dominate the West. These options allow them to control the narrative. Huge 9/11-style events are spectacular and often kill hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people. But the Islamist movement is much larger than that. And frequently it’s the stealth aspects of their strategies that have the greatest impact.

That’s why Europe’s willingness to allow unchecked Muslim immigration continue under the guise of compassion is so frustrating for rational people to endure. Anyone who understands Islam’s motives “to dominate rather than assimilate” can see it. The question, is why can’t others see that this policy tacitly encourages a no-longer-silent invasion?

Once ensconced in any given area, Muslims gradually but inevitably move to take control like some gigantic quasi-religious parasite. The strategy is simple and effective. Namely, to take over and control more and more areas of political and religious influence. The key factor: After 14 centuries of pursuing their never-changing goal, patience is on their side. Islam is not subject to the ADD culture of the West. That’s a huge advantage.

Four key Islamist tactics for a successful silent invasion

Presently there are four primary tactics Islamists employ to establish control over areas of interest.

  • Grow the religion using high birth rates
  • Increase population in non-Muslim places through immigration
  • Use Muslim influence through various political systems
  • Expel non-Muslims from certain areas with numerical and/or dominance by force

Talk about holding a grudge. The Guinness Book will be long gone before it gets a chance to post Muhammad’s final world record for waging a vendetta. When the Prophet made his 7th century hijrah to Medina from Mecca, he was so ticked off at the world situation that 1400 years later his followers are still carrying his message of dominance and control.

The purpose of hijrah is “conquest by immigration.” While victory by warfare may be dramatic, hijrah is more subtle and, over the long haul, more effective.

The idea is to migrate to an area and establish a stronghold. “Get a foot in the door,” so to speak. Be neighborly, peaceful and go along with local customs as long as you are in the minority. “Don’t rock the boat.” But avoid assimilation at all costs.

An invasion process that works over time

Over time, trust evolves and the gradual process of outnumbering the non-Muslim population progresses. Muslims then  begin to demand greater representation through viable political avenues until they have a majority. Suddenly, without realizing what hit them, the infidel community has lost control and must now “assimilate” into the ways of Islam without the option of retaining their identity or heritage.

While the movement might seem peaceful at first, if there’s a rebellion later on, violence may follow. Or the once dominant local population may simply choose to “get the hell out of Dodge.”

At no time during the process, however, does the Muslim society capitulate or assimilate. If it gets too hot in the kitchen, all a Muslim needs to do is revert to the tired, but tried and true, mantra of holding his hosts hostage by claiming his right to observe religious freedom. The gullible Westerner agrees out of compassion. Voilà! Fire is out and the kitchen is cool once again. Assimilation by Islamists will never happen. It’s the Westerner that must assimilate to the Islamists.

Welcome to Sharia Law without recourse

Of course, 180 degrees from that scenario, when Islam is in power, the only law is Sharia law. At that point, religious freedom only exists for Muslims.

There is more than enough precedent for this tactic throughout the history of Islam. To keep things simple, however, let’s turn back the clock 14 centuries to ask the Jews of Medina what advice they would pass along to Europeans today.

After all, the Jews were given the choices of converting to Islam, becoming sex slaves, being killed, or facing expulsion. Given those options, Europeans, for all of their good will, might forget about greeting the “poor and oppressed and weak” with open arms.

That’s because “immigration without assimilation is invasion.”

Muslims already know it. In order to survive, Europe needs to learn it. Or assimilation will be their problem, not the problem of the Islamists.

— Headline image: Image courtesy of Jihad Muslim mother and daughter assault jewish girl in France.

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