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Hal Roach and Kamala Harris, et al. Our political gang of little rascals

Written By | Oct 18, 2021
Roach, Harris, Biden

Hal Roach – Kamal Harris

Kamala Harris, former courtesan, Senator, and present Vice President (of the United States) has a new gig when she leaves politics. Or whatever it is she is in. She can be the 21st-century comeback of the old Hal Roach, “The Little Rascals.” She can have her own production company: Old Happy Hookers  Bedtime Boogies.. She can star in her own productions, too.

Harris stepped out recently into a performance of veteran actors recently in an astronomical (probably astrological) study of happy-times-viewing- the moon.

Sing along, now: “There’s no business, like show business, like no business I know…”

And her gesticulations are more dramatic than a Comanche war-party chief’s (sorry-make that indigenous rape and murder savage person).

Willie Brown and Hunter Biden can be investment capital promoters. They not only know where certain bodies are buried but with Hunter’s demented daddy arm-twisting the IRS for access to bank accounts, all the money will be on display for them.

And with Hunter as the most updated reincarnation of Rembrandt, he knows not only where the money is, he knows who the real idiots are who spend it.

But an updated version of “The Little Rascals” will be modernized to “The Little Spaceballs on the Moon.”

Kamala (her cackle will resonate nicely with children’s giggling timbre) can play Darla and she could probably get a well-established actor and supporter like CNN’s anchor Brian Stelter to play Spanky.

There are a couple of other anchor-actors out there in cable land who could play Butch and Buckwheat—but Kamala might get the woke-willies if she asked them to audition. So…no.

I can see her now, tap-dancing across the stage—singing (between cackles) her little heart out. With some classy actor like Robert DeNiro playing Alphalpha, the crooner. Upon her closing tap-dance and courtesy, Robert could step out from stage-right and break into a chorus of “Moon River.”

But considering the actor’s usual “trained” voice, the production censors might be needed to be on the alert:

:Moon River, $%^&* coming round the bend, my ^&**((^^ Huckelberry friend, my %^&*() …..Moon River,,,,%^&* ,,,,,”

The show must go on Kamala– even after the White House gig.

You’re getting too old for that old Willie and Kamala gig. At least for Willie. He’s too old. At 85 he’s 20 points past his I.Q. And the rest of him…?

“Moon River, waiting ‘round the bend…”

“There’s no business, like show business…”




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