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Fighting for the Americans and allies Biden has left to die in Afghanistan

Written By | Sep 6, 2021

KABUL, Afghanistan, Aug. 31, 2021. Taliban special force fighters arrive to the Hamid Karzai International Airport after the U.S. military’s withdrawal. The Taliban were in full control of Kabul’s airport on Tuesday, after the last U.S. plane left its runway. AP Photo Khwaja Tawfiq Sediqi

SAN DIEGO. Terrorists not only murdered over 2,900 Americans on Sept. 11, 2001, but they also sought to bring America to its knees. As America’s allies watched in shock, a seismic jarring ripped around the globe. The smoke cleared and the Taliban lay at the epicenter. A safe harbor for al Qaeda jihadists to launch the heinous attacks.

The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were just a few blocks from Wall Street. American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower at 8:46 a.m. and United Airlines Flight 175 hit the South Tower at 9:03 a.m. Later that morning, a jet crashed into the Pentagon.

A fourth hijacked jet bound for D.C. came down in Shanksville, Pa. thanks to heroic passengers.

The attacks heavily damaged or destroyed two of the most recognized symbols of American financial and military power…sending tremors throughout the stock market and the economy. (investopedia)

The stock market took a sharp plunge, causing a $1.4 trillion loss in market value. The New York Times reporting the 9/11 tally was 3.3 trillion for all related costs.

ARLINGTON, Va., Sept. 2011. Victims of Terrorist Attack on the Pentagon. Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. Tim1965.

Now here we are at greater risk.

After 20 years of preventing another catastrophic 9/11, the homeland is now precariously vulnerable. Joe Biden is buddying up to the Taliban, legitimizing their takeover of Afghanistan’s democratic government.

By doing so, he delegitimizes the worth of those souls in the terrorists’ murderous grasp.

Look at the Taliban’s chief of security.

“A designated terrorist and self-proclaimed chief of [Taliban] security in Kabul, Khalil Haqqani is a leader of the Haqqani network, which has close ties with the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP) that claimed responsibility for the twin blasts near the Hamid Karzai International Airport.”

Taliban and kindred terror groups are seeking to form authoritarian states under strict Sharia law and execute violence to achieve their aim. They may have doctrinal differences but they agree on one thing. Hating the United States. That has not changed.

Blaze TV and radio host Glenn Beck knows the Taliban mindset, having reportedly raised over $30 million to rescue “Christians, religious minorities, Americans, Afghans, and anyone else he can get out of Afghanistan.” His and other rescue groups planes held hostage.

Anyone who aligns with U.S. enemies is treasonous under military justice.

American Military News reports,

The Pentagon actually admits to a possible alliance saying. “U.S. may work with the Taliban in Afghanistan to coordinate counter-terrorism efforts.” This is impossible to digest. As they pretend ignorance these terrorist groups are ‘not together’ in purpose. Ask the service members who fought them or read intelligence reports.

We can already see the Taliban sending the U.S. on a wild goose chase to trap/kill Americans and allies (rather than rat out a fellow terrorist). Biden/Defense Secretary Austin already ‘partnered’ with them in Kabul by turning over intelligence and names of Americans/Afghan Allies with special visas stranded outside the wire.

It hurts how bad it turned out to partner with the Taliban for a total U.S. troop withdrawal before everyone was safely evacuated.

Think back to American human costs that still weigh in after 9/11.

The U.S. spent 20 years fighting/crushing terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. Trillions were spent on these wars while al Qaeda fighters remained guests of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban welcomed new insurgent recruits trained in Pakistan. They remain aligned to this day with al Qaeda, ISIS-K, and Haqqani terror networks.

Sunday, Fox News reports the Taliban are holding some Americans hostage, more disturbing reality. The terrorists who have totalitarian control obviously want something.

“The Taliban are holding Americans on planes looking to depart from Afghanistan,” says Fox News.

The government has no idea who is on those planes or no way to verify the manifest. This is an obvious hostage situation Biden made sure to create partnering with the Taliban.

We must focus on the living souls Biden and his generals forgot to value. The Dept. of Defense astounds, bowing to work with the Taliban who are extremist executioners.

“We don’t know what the future of the Taliban is, but I can tell you from personal experience that this is a ruthless group from the past, and whether or not they change remains to be seen. And as far as our dealings with them at that airfield or in the past year or so, in war, you do what you must in order to reduce risk to mission and force, not what you necessarily want to do,” [Gen.] Milley said in a Wednesday press conference.

You’re the United States military.

You get to hold the cards against terrorists. You do what you must do to save American and allied lives. At least that is how it has been the last 20 years. Instead, the botched withdrawal exacerbated risk to mission and force, Ending up with thirteen service members dead.

And American and Afghan allies trapped, living with fear.

No wonder: 130 Retired Generals, Admirals Demand Resignations From Milley, Austin Over Afghanistan Disaster

“The consequences of this disaster are enormous and will reverberate for decades beginning with the safety of Americans and Afghans who are unable to move safely to evacuation points; therefore, being de facto hostages of the Taliban at this time. The death and torture of Afghans has already begun and will result in a human tragedy of major proportions,” reports Daily Wire who published the demand letter.

What about the worth of these untold souls Joe Biden?

Taliban torture a woman in public for having a romantic relationship. This is the fate of women in Afghanistan.

No true consolation for American victims of terror.

An al Qaeda network, backed by Iran, planned the complex, but low-tech suicide means to achieve catastrophic results on 9/11.

Attorney Kenneth Feinberg took charge of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.

“The fund, set up only days after the attacks, was Congress’ attempt to simultaneously protect airlines from ruinous lawsuits and compensate the families of the victims for their unfathomable losses,” says Slate.

Is it possible to ‘compensate’ the victims of a terror attack that their government was to shield them from?

At that time Feinberg took on the job of coming up with a formula to compensate families for their loved ones.

Netflix’s new film “Worth” tells the stories of 9/11 families’ heartbreak that is gut-wrenching. Feinberg and his team are awe-inspiring.

What we all lost that day was a sense of safety.

Everyone remembers when we first heard about terrorists flying planes into buildings. The chilling horror, the disbelief, and then…heroism. We lost that day a safe haven from those who hate. A grieving American mother speaks out in the opening scene of the film,

“My beautiful boy was burned alive because of them. I’m angry at them, at my country for letting this happen. How do you calculate that?”

Long War Journal reports the new release of a Taliban spun video called Victorious Force 3.

The 40-minute film aired on Afghanistan’s RTA TV station. The terrorists have upped their propaganda game. The film celebrates “martyrdom seeking” units that carry out suicide attacks, including 9/11.

The film narrator states that the United States is the true “terrorist” party while adding that the 9/11 “attacks were the result of the United States’ policy of aggression against the Muslim world.”

When in harsh reality it was the most consequential terrorist attack in the history of the world.

Leading to a prolific upheaval that we see 20 years later playing out in unexpected horror. As Afghanistan falls to the terrorist regime that harbors and embraces a resurging al Qaeda.

Yet Biden never says a bad word about the Taliban.

Conversely hinting he will recognize their new terrorist government. Working with the Taliban to save lives is a ruse. Otherwise, why arm them if not facilitating a more dubious purpose?

Taliban Seized Billions Of U.S.-Supplied Military Weapons

In 2011, Fox News reported,

The White House on Monday defended Vice President Joe Biden for saying that the Taliban isn’t an enemy of the United States despite the years spent fighting the militant Islamic group that gave a home to Al Qaeda and its leader Usama bin Laden while he plotted the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Nothing’s changed with Biden’s view. Biden the spin doctor says talking to the Taliban is now “diplomatic”, not “military.” What is diplomatic about hanging a victim from a helicopter, as the Taliban beat their chest with our equipment?

Yet the Taliban are allowed free license to torture and kill American allies.

“Florida Republican Rep. Mike Waltz, a combat-decorated Green Beret, on Tuesday told about an interpreter whom he worked with in Afghanistan who was executed by the Taliban,” reports Washington Examiner.

“I had one guy who was such a fighter — we called him ‘little Spartacus.’ Spartacus was on the waiting list for the SIV program. He was found at a Taliban checkpoint with American documentation on him,” Waltz said. “You know what they did? They took him back to his village, beheaded his brothers and his cousins in front of him, and then him, to send a message.”

ACLJ Director of Policy Harry Hutchinson summed up exactly who the Taliban are:

“So, they are a terrorist organization. They were a terrorist organization. And my forecast is that they will continue to be a terrorist organization…So, they [Biden Administration] want to allow the perception to grow among the American people that the Taliban is indeed a reasonable organization…when you really look at the founding documents of the Taliban if you look at their actions. They are a 7th-century organization, and they are committed to one thing and one thing only – and that is advancing Islamism by the point of a gun, bomb, or whatever. We should treat them very seriously. They cannot, in my judgment, ever be an ally of the United States.”

You are not an American president when you let Americans fall into terrorist hands. 

There are millions of prayers being sent heavenward for those Americans and Afghan allies in Taliban hands. Veterans feel besieged with agonizing emotions. Many would go back in a heartbeat to rescue their fellow countrymen and Afghan allies they served with. Some have already done so. Rescue, as they did in Afghanistan for the past 20 years, post 9/11.

Dr. Tom Copeland, an expert in intelligence failures and mass casualty terrorist attacks and director of research at the Centennial Institute told Fox News on Thursday that…the United States’ complete withdrawal could presage another attack of that [9/11] nature on U.S. soil, says Fox News.

“Having an entire country as a safe haven, will give [al Qaeda] more physical space and more breathing space to reconstitute and go back to planning major events, so I think the U.S. withdrawal itself is a large part of that threat,” Copeland said.

What is the worth of countless souls at increased risk to barbaric death squads here at home and abroad? To women who live under the whip forced to hide behind a burqa. To children who are sacrificed in every bomb blast. Are any of us safe now with a shocking example of how easily the Taliban gained military advantage due to Biden’s cowardly handover?



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Jeanne McKinney

Senior Staff Writer for CommDigiNews, Jeanne McKinney is an award-winning writer whose focus and passion is our United States active-duty military members and military news. Her Patriot Profiles offer an inside look at the amazing active-duty men and women in all Armed Services, including U.S. Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard. Reporting includes first-hand accounts of combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the fight against violent terror groups, global defense, tactical training and readiness, humanitarian and disaster relief assistance, next-generation defense technology, family survival at home, U.S. port and border protection and illegal immigration, women in combat, honoring the Fallen, Wounded Warriors, Military Working Dogs, Crisis Response, and much more. Starting in 2012, McKinney has won multiple San Diego Press Club “Excellence in Journalism Awards,” including eight “First Place” honors, as well as multiple second and third place recognition for her Patriot Profiles published printed articles. Including awards for Patriot Profiles military films. During the year 2020, McKinney has written and had published dozens of investigative articles in her ongoing fight to preserve America the Republic, the Constitution, and its laws. One such story selected for use in a legal brief in the national fight for 2020 election integrity.