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‘Easter worshipers’: Obama, HRC tweet Christianity down the memory hole

Written By | Apr 22, 2019
Easter worshipers, Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, HRC

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection. (See image note below)*

WASHINGTON. (Updated.) By now, most Americans who follow the news (or what’s left of it) are well aware of the horrific Easter Sunday terrorist attack on Christians and tourists in Sri Lanka. As of Monday morning ET, Sri Lankan officials estimated that at least 290 individuals, including a number of American citizens, were slaughtered in several apparently coordinated explosions primarily focused on locations in the country’s capital city of Colombo. According to at least two prominent Democrats, Barack Obama and HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton), it appears that Christians “Easter worshipers” were the primary target.

Condolence tweets that were anything but

President Trump immediately extended his condolences to the families of the largely Christian victims. ZeroHedge notes that both former president Barack Obama and failed 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRH), did likewise. Sort of.

“Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are being roundly criticized for their apparently coordinated decision not to use the word ‘Christian’ to describe the victims of the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka, which targeted three Catholic churches, among other targets. Some even speculated whether Obama’s and Clinton’s decision was intended to undermine the Christian faith in the US.

“Instead of using the label ‘Christians,’ Obama and Clinton referred to the victims of the attacks as ‘Easter Worshippers’ elicited ridicule from conservatives on Twitter.

“The fact that three churches were targeted would suggest that Sri Lanka’s Christian minority was specifically targeted by the attackers.”

Yes it would, wouldn’t it? There are no Christians. Just Easter worshipers. Regarding the tragic terrorist slaughter in Sri Lanka, Obama and HRC just tweeted Christianity and all those Easter woshipers down the memory hole.

“Easter worshipers”: Obama, HRC tweet Christianity down the memory hole

Don’t believe ZH about those tweets? Here they are, unless they get deleted by the time you read this article. First, a revisionist tweet from Barack Obama.

HRC does a variation on a familiar theme.

Surprise! Adam Schiff invents a more subtle memory hole for Christianity

Adam Schiff joined Obama and HRC in expressing their fake condolences. Surprisingly, his fuzzy approach to the identiry of the terrorists’ targets in subtler, which is not always his strong suit.

Christians’ political Counter Reformation

Outraged Christians Easter worshipers and conservatives quickly called out Barry and Her Hillariness for their shockingly casual attempt to send the entirety of Christianity down the memory hole. Caleb Hall offers one of the cleverer ones.

In his own column today, Ace of Spades offered an even more direct response.

“Note: Christians do not worship Easter. You can use Context Clues in the word ‘Christians’ to figure out what they worship.”

Network news largely sticks to is pro-terrorist “speak no evil” reportage on the Sri Lankan slaughter

Surprisingly, network news reports did a little better on reporting the Sri Lankan massacre. ABC, for example, clearly labeled the coordinated attack on Christians and Western tourists as an act carried out by “terrorists,” a word strictly proscribed during the Obama administration. However, neither they, nor early government reports coming out of Sri Lanka bothered to report what they likely already knew.

At the cost of at least two Sri Lanka police officers, the government there apparently captured a few of the terrorists. But no one will confirm their almost certain identity. An organized cell of radical Islamic terrorists almost certainly perpetrated Sunday’s horrendous mass murder.

Circumstantial evidence already tells us this is so, given the targets of their attacks and their carefully coordinated, simultaneous nature. If you doubt this and insist on “confirmation,” just use your common sense. Or try out this pair of tweets from Andy Ngo. It reveals a persistent truth that government and media generally refuse to acknowledge.

Targeting the infidels

Terrorist targets included Christian, specifically Roman Catholic churches and high-end hotels frequented by foreign tourists. Both of which are always the primary targets of violent Islamic radicals. And undertaking this slaughter of innocents precisely at the height of Christianity’s most important liturgical celebration of the year made them even more gratifying for the psychopaths that carried this out.

But when describing the true nature of such attacks, Europe’s political elites, American Democrats and major US and international media giants always observe an unwritten rule. Namely, that no one must ever associate violent terrorist attacks with the Muslim terrorists who perpetrate nearly all of them.

Perhaps the code of silence will be broken today or later this week by some honest government official or reporter. But we won’t hold our breath.

Replacing American history, mythologies and traditions with a socialist fabrication

Both media and government officials absolutely refuse to label Islamic terrorism as precisely that. Even more offensive: the relentless effort by the American left to exterminate all references to American traditions and institutions. Both contributed mightily to America’s now-waning greatness throughout over two centuries of this country’s existence. Why don’t we hear about this anymore?

Oddly enough, we can find no better recent example of this trend than what we’ve just seen in the almost certainly coordinated but insulting “condolence” tweets sent by Obama and HRC to console the families and relatives of those slaughtered Easter worshipers. Just as many “independent” news reports tend to use exactly the same politically correct slant and terminology in their reports, you can see the same kind of cross-vetting going on in this pair of tweets.

Adam Schiff’s tweet is somewhat more creative, airbrushing the nature of these anti-Christian, anti-Western attacks by failing to give the victims a specific identity. But otherwise, it’s in the same vein of the Obama-Clinton tweets. Left-wing politicians and their media acolytes absolutely refuse to reference radical Islam or identify the specific targets and aim of the perpetrators’ hate-driven mass-murder of a specific religious group.

Accepting the constant revisionist attacks by the left on America’s Judaeo-Christian founding heritage, as exemplified by coerced language manipulation, is accepting the American left’s relentless attack not only on our own national heritage, but on our largely Western heritage as well.

The revisionist hand of Antonio Gramsci

Consequently, in line with the game plan designed by the influential Italian Communist, Antonio Gramsci, the leftists’ goal (largely achieved at this point) is to remove from memory the freedom-oriented, historically moral and Judeo-Christian-based bedrock of this great country. The left is gradually replacing America’s tradition of personal freedom and common welfare with a left-wing mythology and language that preaches precisely the opposite. (I.e., America bad!) The relentless use and abuse of language is one route toward imposing this movement’s primary aims. Obama’s and HRC’s “Easter worshipers” are only the latest example.

Today, the long march of Gramscian socialism through America’s institutions — the media, academia, the courts and the Federal government — is largely complete. Only censorship and the control of the language remain. But that battle is well underway, as Obama’s and HRC’s obnoxious tweets clearly demonstrate.

For more on language subversion, read: “Fake news” and “fascists”: Keeping up with today’s fake words

By allowing Gramsci’s contemporary adherents to replace the historical meaning of America as it evolved from its legal, religion- and morality-driven Christian  heritage, the American left – which has now completed its takeover of the Democrat party – intends to erase America’s revolutionary origins and heritage of personal freedom in order to further the left’s socialist and globalist aims.

Time to fight the PC police and put Christian values back into the public forum

Patriotic Americans can’t allow this to continue. The language manipulators and the PC Police continue to divide this country. They do so continuously by redefining (or removing) commonly understood words and terminology. At the same time, they work ceaselessly to remove religion from the marketplace of ideas.

The best way to counter this Gramscian culture war? Just as ceaselessly, we must identify, call out, and condemn the kind of erosive language manipulation we’ve just described. Along with the scoundrels that continuously attempt to impose it on the rest of us.

— Headline image: Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection.


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