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During the Covid plague, liberals chose mass death over admitting they were wrong

Written By | Jun 2, 2021
Covid plague

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with LegalInsurrection. See link at end of article.

LAFAYETTE, La. — After a year during which America’s liberals insisted that the Covid plague came from a bat, we now know that it came from a Wuhan, China lab leak. Conservatives suspected this from the beginning and confirmed it early on. Liberals instantly went hostile, censoring anyone who advanced this theory. The question is “Why”? The answer is simple.

For liberals, the Wuhan lab leak theory had to be rejected, solely because President Donald Trump supported it.

That’s it. This lies at the dark heart of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), formerly known as (George W.) Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS). Liberals and radical leftists must automatically discredit anything Republican presidents say or do, simply because they said it or did it. But they immediately accept anything a liberal Democrat says or does simply because they say or do it. This is how President Barack Obama could issue completely imbecilic statements and be hailed as a genius. Obama was right because he said so. Bush and Trump were wrong because they said so.

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Will liberals ever fess up to their lies about the Covid plague?

For the first time in my lifetime, some liberals are actually beginning to question if their own ideological blindness caused them to get the Wuhan lab leak theory wrong.

The answer to that question is YES! Conservatives have stated precisely this for over a year. But liberal lies allowed the Covid plague to devastate America and the world for well over a year.

Liberals fell short when it came to telling the truth about the Covid plague. We can easily attribute this to their routine arrogance, smugness, and total lack of self-awareness. The general problem grows worse every day due to their  over-inflated sense of moral and intellectual superiority over the rest of us.

But sadly, even the liberals that today begin to question themselves on this issue will learn nothing from their recently confirmed Wuhan intellectual face-plant. That’s because their habitual bad behavior does not involve only this issue. It covers many more. They routinely repeat the negative loop of this behavior pattern on virtually every issue.

Let us count the ways:

They made the same error on H__xychl_____ne.
They made the same error on lockdowns.
They made the same error on masks.
They make the same error on climate change.
They make the same error on gun control.
They make the same error on police reform.
They make the same error on public education.
They make the same error on…and on and on and on…

As always, they are so positive that they are right on these and other issues that they simply declare themselves right because they say so. Anyone daring to disagree with these arrogant liberal gasbags is declared either evil or stupid. And their allies in academia and among a legion of Hollywood windbags respond to dissent not with open and honest intellectual debate. Instead, they respond with tactics meant to have the exact opposite effect. These tactics include ridicule, public shaming, cancel culture, censorship, and even physical violence against conservatives and anyone else that may disagree with the party line.

Liberals cannot admit they are wrong.

Whether it involves the Covid plague or anything else, doing so would put an end to their rationale for existence. The heart of 21st century liberalism lies in its unfailing, blind acceptance of the power of big government. Conservatives argue that government does most things badly. That’s why ilberals now choke on the idea that their precious beloved government experts, those scientific geniuses in CDC and elsewhere, are not only fallible. They are incompetent and destructive.

The rapid spread of the Covid plague and the blind acceptance of the Chinese propaganda that caused it happened because the supposedly best and brightest US government employees royally screwed up. Say what you want about those allegedly dumb blue-collar conservatives who routinely shop at Walmart. But these blue collar workers did not get millions of people killed around the globe. Case in point: Dr. Anthony Fauci’s reward for repeatedly being wrong in all things is a continuous cascade of Hosannas from liberals of all stripes.

From gun control and police reform to climate change and Covid, the pattern remains the same. Liberals get things wrong and more innocent people die. For such allegedly bright people, liberals sure do a bad job at the basic governing function of not getting their own citizens killed.

Liberals made a choice in 2020. (A fatal choice.)

Trump favored a travel ban to and from China as well as other Covid hotspots. Liberals called this “racist” and “xenophobic,” one of their latest fancy propaganda terms. But they had a choice. They could have brought themselves to admit that Donald Trump could occasionally be right about at least one thing. Or they could let people die. They concluded that 600,000 essentially needless American deaths would prove less harmful to liberalism than admitting the quintessentially conservative Republican policy of Trump on the coronavirus was intellectually superior to the favored, media endorsed — and wrong— liberal Democrat policy. All of us now know how that turned out.

But massive death counts are simply not a failure to liberals. They care little about any American lives other than their own. The reason why? They can always simply blame conservatives for those deaths. The media will immediately march in lockstep behind them. And this false narrative will become the received truth for many. For liberals, admitting that the very concept of big government is synonymous with failure has become a bridge too far.

From the origins of the worldwide Covid plague in the Wuhan lab, to the original proposed Trump travel ban, to the Hydroxychloroquine ban, masks and lockdowns, the liberals were consistently and utterly wrong. But when this dawned on at least a few of them, they ignored the truth. They doubled and tripled down  on the error rather than simply accept the fact that they were wrong. As a result, America’s funeral directors likely experienced a banner year in 2020.

Conservatives wanted to save lives. Liberals wanted to save liberalism.

That is why over 600,000 people are dead from the Covid plague. And others continue to die from inner-city violence and other consequences of failed liberal policies too numerous to recount.

On issue after issue, liberalism has been utterly discredited. Only when liberalism is subsequently and completely rejected can free Americans feel safe in their own country.

— Headline image link: Cartoon by Branco. Hat tip to LegalInsurrection.


Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”