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Donald J Trump poses an existential threat to seditious American Marxists

Written By | Aug 15, 2021
Donald J Trump, American Marxists

American Gulag. Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with (See link below.)

WASHINGTON – I hate to seem like a pessimist. But those who still love the actual United States of America as carefully laid out in the American Constitution find themselves on the ropes in 2021. Red States continue to turn Blue, now more than ever due to rampant vote f__ud in key states. It’s something likely to continue in 2022 and could swamp the fever dreams of GOP politicians hoping to overthrow increasingly powerful American Marxists in 2022. Despite the continuing efforts of once and future President Donald J Trump. That’s tough to do without massive prosecution of those responsible for what happened in 2020. But that will never happen in Washington as it’s currently configured.

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Foreign money and a lawless push by seditious American Marxists eviscerate our once vigorous democratic republic

Meanwhile, the American Marxist Party remains on the march, ignoring judgments and US laws along the way. These 21st century Stalinists and Maoists are routinely aided and abetted by a refusnik axis of DOJ / FBI Deep State insiders. They continue enabling the left’s illegal one-state game instead of enforcing our Constitution and our duly enacted laws. The problem continues to rapidly spread from state to state as their own internal legal apparatus is stalled and eroded.

Example: Overcome by left-wing Democrats and Soros money over the past decade and a half, the once Red State and now predominantly Blue State of Virginia’s government has swiftly crushed laws and traditions that kept the Commonwealth in the Red column for many decades. Virginia’s traditional Red State virtues have resulted even now in making Virginia #1 on CNBC’s recent list of America’s Top States for Business. But how much longer Virginia can run on what’s left of its conservative fumes remains to be seen.

Virginia’s Blue State Blues

Now that it’s a Blue State, traditional, patriotic Virginians continue to watch as their advantages in attracting business slowly fade away in favor of creeping socialism.  This already puts  Virginians on the standard Blue State Road to Oblivion. With Bloomberg-funded gun control mania brewing yet again along with a new state mandate to impose CRT-driven curricular changes on Virginia’s public schools, the Commonwealth is about to experience the latest in a series of sadly typical Blue State declines.  Or will do so if it can’t return to its Red State roots in this fall’s off-year state elections.

The fact that Donald J Trump may have been illegally deprived of Virginia’s electoral votes in 2020 remains little discussed. But the very possibility shows how powerful American Marxists have become when it comes to throwing elections and eluding prosecution.

The Red State dominoes continue to fall. So where’s the opposition to this Marxist takeover of America?

Almost certainly, Georgia and North Carolina will be the next Red States to fall to what Mark Levin rightly terms the American Marxists.

Georgia may already have begun its long journey to the bottom. That’s evidenced by the GOP-controlled state legislature’s abdication of responsibility for permitting the documented electoral chicanery that took place in the Atlanta area and elsewhere last fall. It led to yet another “loss” of electoral votes that helped rob President Trump of his massive but “false” Presidential victory in 2020. The state GOP’s abdication was made worse by the active participation of the state’s allegedly GOP governor and lieutenant governor. They also succeeded in allowing leftists to boot not one but two GOP US senators, replacing them with a pair of radical leftists.

Things look bad in Georgia, even though its legislature is belatedly (and half-heartedly) trying to get on board with a forensic election audit that Atlanta’s local and state bigwigs don’t want to happen.

Et tu, North Carolina, Nevada?

North Carolina also teeters on the Marxist edge. An ultra-liberal imbalance continues to increase as youthful, fashionably pro-Marxist IT nerds continue to flock to the state’s ever-growing high-tech Raleigh-Durham / Research Triangle area. Ditto to the populous banking center of Charlotte as well.

One-time reliably Red State Nevada fell over a decade ago, largely due to the tireless efforts of the pro-Marxist SEIU unionists in Las Vegas plus the usual outside money. Oddly, Election 2022 remains a toss up here. The Silver State’s radically partisan Harry Reed-controlled Democrat Party organization was actually unhorsed by fully vetted (and well-funded) Marxist radicals. It’s weak though highly partisan Democrat governor also continues to lose altitude. But count on Nevada’s weakened GOP to blow this golden opportunity to take back Nevada, given that it failed to contest the state’s likely phony 2020 vote tally in favor of Joe Biden.

Arizona – currently attempting to complete and release its forensic of audit controversial Maricopa County voting irregularities (as Democrats fight the auditors every step of the way) — may be next to fall. Shockingly, the Fun Bunch in charge of that county is actually majority Republican!

More Red State collapses on the horizon?

Idaho and perhaps even Utah remain in the Marxists’ sights. With high-tech emigres fleeing to the former in record numbers even as coastal businesses find Utah’s Big Business Friendly environs appealing, the GOP advantage continues to decline. Worse, it seems that even when you vote for a Republican these days, you can’t count on their willingness to keep the promises they made once they’re in office. Many appear to be learning from the Democrats. Democrats have played this deceptive game for decades at least.

American Marxists continue making headway in Red States

All of our Red States may eventually fall to the American Marxists. And it won’t be entirely due to the masses of illegal alien that Democrats want to award with the franchise even as non-citizens. The real danger, at least for now, is still posed by a teeming masses of frustrated, over-taxed Blue State refugees. That should be a good thing for Red States. But many of these current émigrés seem incapable of understanding the consequences of their vote for ruinous one-party rule. They seem to have lost their ability to connect cause and effect. Will they wreck their new, freer and safer refuges by voting for the same Soros-supported Marxists and globalists who’ve wrecked California, Oregon, Washington, New Jersey and even New York?

A possible silver lining: We see some signs that voters (illegal or otherwise) of Hispanic origin may not be as reliably knee-jerk pro-Democrat as America’s true Marxist party thinks they are. Those voting numbers (at least for Hispanic-American citizens) sharply increased in favor of the GOP in 2020. But without the galvanizing presence of President Trump on the 2022 ticket, will this potential trend continue?

Will America continue on its political road to ruin? Has the American Gulag already begun operation?

If Blue State refugees continue to vote left as they’ve always done, Red States and the constitutional freedoms they continue to support will soon fall. And, as we’ve seen in states from Nevada to Colorado to New Hampshire in the past, clueless and often wealthy leftists continue to arrive in sufficient numbers to get that job done. If current Red State residents can’t or won’t talk to their new neighbors and explain to them the damage their knee-jerk votes will cause in the Red States to which they’ve just fled more Red States will fall, just like Virginia, Colorado and others.

Once a Red State falls, there’s little chance that its Redness can rise again. The left has proven masterful in consolidating its gains while permanently demonizing and walling off their opposition. Worse, their more radical elements are willing to cage anyone opposing them in prison. They’ve already begun a dry run of this tactic in Washington, D.C. The illegal and indefensible incarceration of January 6 “insurrectionists” and terrorists continues in August. Without formal charges and without bail innocent, gaslighted American patriots remain incarcerated. Without bail. For a full 8 months after this mostly peaceful event occurred.

Time for America’s Great Awakening. And for the return of Donald J Trump

America needs to experience the modern equivalent of a Great Awakening. Like a Trump rally, such a political tent-revival movement could sweep across the land. Its leader, Donald J Trump, even after his illegal overthrow, remains the greatest threat to the American left. His very existence is an existential threat to both the American Marxists and their mega-wealthy globalist allies. Not to mention the Chinese Communist Party.

Shockingly, he won Election 2016 while the usual Democrat tricksters were caught napping. They believed the lopsided polls that favored Hillary Clinton by a landslide. The polls were wrong.

Subsequently, the Marxist-Democrat left immediately set about trying to either illegally impeach Trump — without evidence and without due process — over the next four years. And failing that, they colluded to rob him of his 2020 landslide victory. There, I’ve said it. And everyone knows that it’s true. Most particularly those who participated in Trump’s overthrow.

Coronavirus and the Fear Factor

Trump’s massively consequential presidency almost certainly ended prematurely due to this literal vast left-wing conspiracy. Having failed to impeach Trump – twice – Washington’s Marxist Deep State finally seized upon 2020’s coronavirus panic to panic the electorate. They used this to revile the president in the final year of his triumphant first term.

Meanwhile, Deep State lawyers cleverly redefined voting laws in key “swing states.”  This permitted Democrats to indulge in illegal balloting schemes on a massive scale.

The left feared the pro-American revival movement led by Donald J Trump, if it continued, could ruin their plans. Trump’s efforts could cripple or destroy the great Marxist-globalist movement Barack Obama launched during his disastrous presidency. The addled Joe Biden’s fake win in 2021 gave Obama more time to “fundamentally transform” America. By proxy.

Civil War II or American Revolution II. Whatever the case, the time is now

It’s time now, in 2021, for all right thinking Americans to forget about Washington and the Federal government. With the overthrow of Donald J Trump, the nation’s capital city appears  already lost to us, at least for the present.

To get their country back, Americans must instead go intensely local in 2022. They must focus on retaining Red States and their pro-American governments. At the same time, they must begin snatching back states recently lost to Blue State predation.

American patriots must establish a firm bulwark of pro-American Red States. National redistricting takes place this year and next. Patriots should take advantage of this and redistrict with great care in states they still control. In do doing, they could yet regain enough American states and physical territory to effectively oppose a lawless Federal government.

One that American citizens no longer control.

— Headline image link: American Gulag. Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with


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