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Delta variant terrorism, Federal, state and local government incompetence

Written By | Jul 31, 2021
Delta variant terrorism, government incompetence

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection. (See link below article.)

WASHINGTON – I occasionally run across interesting questions posted to various online Q&A sites. Some more recent queries involve reactions to the ongoing, reprehensible Covid-19 Delta variant terrorism that’s being relentlessly spread by the government and its brainless media acolytes. It’s a monument to Federal, state and local government incompetence, and it’s keeping families in chaos now for the second year running.

The latest question I spotted involved the ongoing and essentially unanswerable question concerning what’s going on with school openings this fall. If any.

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Question: Are parents planning to send their children back to school in the fall in spite of the rise of the delta variant?

As with many such questions, the questioner here load the question with a bit of bias that’s meant to encourage certain responses. Call it the unconscious desire for confirmation bias. I’m never sure whether this sort of thing is accidental or if it’s done on purpose. But the implication in the question’s concluding clause hints that the questioner, on some level, doesn’t want schools to open due to the “rise of the delta variant.”

That’s all fine and good. But it also indicates the questioner, like most Americans, has been bombarded by the Delta variant terrorism that dominates this story. It’s a bombardment, I believe, is being created by citing uncertain “science” and by a desire among some in the political class, to keep the fear and uncertainty going through the mid-term election cycle.

I’ll get back to this latter issue in a moment. But first, an edited and augmented version of my common-sense answer to this online query.

A real answer to the question proves impossible, largely due to politics and the resulting Delta variant terrorism that dominates the media

Answer: It’s really impossible to provide a general answer to your question, at least as of now. The entire country is all over the place on this issue right now. And the CDC’s constant flip-flopping is keeping Americans anxious and confused. They want to do the right thing for their families. But increasingly, they are coming to realize that the CDC and the Federal government – gridlocked not by science but by the politicization of Covid-19 – is more interested in preparing political battlefields rather than attending to the good of the American people. All of which makes most government / CDC directives suspect.

Specifically addressing your question as well as I can, I’d observe that, anecdotally, most American parents seem to want their children to head back to actual school this fall. Further, according to genuinely reliable medical sources, (not the ones you usually see on TV), children have little chance of being severely affected by this latest variant. Not zero chance. But very little chance. Even if they do contract the Delta variant, it appears that it will affect them very little if at all, when, say, compared to the elderly.

Teachers unions, the specter of school vaccine “passports” add needless complications

That said, teachers unions may once again decide to try to sit the upcoming academic year out again for whatever tortured excuse they’ll come up with this time. Politicians, particularly certain governors, may also want to ban school openings again, and some parents remain frightened to send their children back to school this fall as a result. That’s what happens when everyone getting face time on TV creates another medical Tower of Babel on this issue.

Add to this various states’ and jurisdictions’ shocking desire to label school kids with “vaccinated” or “not vaccinated” badges or “passports,” plus other complications. The French are already up in arms as they protest a similar approach geared towards everyone in the Republic.

Logically, I can reasonably conclude that there won’t be any national consensus on this issue in the US by the time school bells start ringing this fall. IF they start ringing. Attribute it to government incompetence. On all levels.

The decline and fall of American government and science: another needless casualty of Delta variant terrorism; and government incompetence

In my increasingly numerous years on this planet, I’ve never seen such national chaos and utter lack of leadership on an issue as important as this one. And I’ve never seen such a botched handling of any important problem, medical or otherwise, by Federal, state and certain local governments. Government agencies seem to put their employees’ positions and job security above their duty to serve the American people. After all, who’s paying these “experts”?

Instead, government agencies and officials involved dealing with health issues continue to effectively terrify those they’ve sworn to serve. They do this by presenting, and hyping, ill-researched, hyper-politicized and radically contradictory opinions and directives on whatever Covid-19 flavor-of-the-month we’re happening to deal with at the moment.

This is not leadership. And the entire country is deteriorating because of it.

The result is that everyday Americans of nearly every persuasion are quickly losing respect for and faith in American government altogether. At every level. Which, I suspect, will lead to selective chaos in school systems this fall. As well as a dangerous decline in respect for government, medical science, and the rule of law.

Meanwhile, as I’ve noted many times in various outlets:

What no one seems interested in telling the American public is the obvious. Namely, that, whatever the degree of severity, outbreaks of Covid-19 and its likely never-ending series of variants are now here forever. We’ll just add this ongoing viral infection to our annual editions of the common flu.

I wouldn’t be surprised that big pharma will move ahead to create slightly altered versions of the Covid-19-etc. vaccine in the years to come. And at this point, a sensible, non-politicized government would advise US citizens to get that vaccine every year. Just like the flu vaccine. This is common sense, without the Delta variant terrorism. Some may choose not to line up for the vaccine for various reasons, valid or otherwise. So what. We don’t live in a totalitarian dictatorship. (Yet.)

Learning to live with a problem that won’t go away

As we’ve done with the flu since 1917, we’ll eventually learn to live with this situation. Severe Covid infections / reactions to it will continue to decline in most of the population over a relatively short period of time. Sadly, the disease, like the flu, may never go away entirely. But the will eventually enjoy some level of herd immunity.

Facing the truth, ignoring government incompetence

The flu now kills an estimated 50,000 to 90,000 Americans every year. We likely need to start adding an average Covid death tally to that annual influenza total. And as with the flu, most  Covid deaths will occur in those over 65–70. Additional fatalities will include individuals undergoing cancer treatments and / or suffering from various immune-deficiencies. Among these likely fatalities, though, children are likely to be a tiny, statistically insignificant minority. It’s sad to know this. But we need to deal with the truth. Always. It’s better to face reality. And not someone’s political or politicized opinion.

Tentative Conclusion:

Now we have a second “flu” to worry about every year. Solution? We’ll work an annual Covid-variant vaccine into the annual rotation, as we currently do with the flu. And we’ll get on with life, avoiding perpetual Delta variant terrorism. Or Epsilon variant terrorism. Or whatever happens to follow.

The sooner most Americans, including government officials and teachers unions, digest this reality, the sooner we return to normal. And the sooner government officials can cut out the politics, illogic and nonsense and get out of American citizens’ way. They’re all big boys and girls now. Government officials cannot justify treating American citizens as the children our condescending political elites choose to regard them.

Americans want and need to get back to school, to work, and to daily life, and soon. Or we never will. Which, for some of our elites, may be a feature rather than a bug.

Headline image: More government incompetence. Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection.


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