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Deadly Covid variants: Delta, Alpha, Gamma. How many should we fear?

Written By | Jul 10, 2021
deadly covid variants

Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with (See link below article.)

WASHINGTON – Alpha, Delta, Gamma and beyond: Will these deadly Covid variants really kill us all? Or is the natural mutation of this virus ominous for more subtle reasons? Could the constant, 24/7 Covid fear-mongering by the government and the media provide a clue to something else? Is this a key element in the Deep State’s ongoing attempt to keep the enemy – us – in constant fear, making us more susceptible to state control?

Should we always be afraid? Very afraid?

In our Friday stock market commentary, we observed that stocks weakened through the middle of the week, as traders and investors responded, at least in part, by recoiling from the latest barrage of Covid fear-mongering focused on the latest “variant” of the virus. Such vague fears, constantly promoted, weigh on investors’ minds. This creates uncertainty. And uncertainty frequently leads to an impulse to sell everything, lightening many portfolios as frightened investors move to hide their assets in cash.

Today is Saturday, however. And US stock exchanges are closed for the weekend. So let’s depart from our usual discussion of stocks and bonds. Instead, let’s take a closer look at the Greek alphabet soup of deadly Covid variants upon which our media, government and self-appointed elites continue to obsess.

Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon… How many deadly Covid variants must we fear?

Media addicts, specifically the Notorious Dr Fauci, the CDC and “the WHO” continue to terrorize Americans over the “deadly” Delta variant of the Wuhan Flu. (Can we use that term, now that our long-held suspicions of this virus’ secret origins are suddenly becoming validated?)

Problem is, if you look at the stats, in the main, the terrifying Delta variant is no worse than any other variant of this virus in terms of deaths per affected individuals. Only a tiny fraction of those infected with that dreaded Delta variant ultimately succumb to it.

That said, however, the worthless socialist quacks in the government and the hucksters in the lamestream media are keeping the average American terrified, frightened at the very thought that the Delta variant can and will come for them.

One wonders if this constant Fear Factor is designed by the Washington Junta to ensure that most citizens, even in Red States, will once again be forced or virtue-shamed into putting those nearly useless masks back on and staying home from work. More shutdowns on the way?

How long will sensible citizens put up with this Covid crap?

Quite clearly, it’s intended by Washington and its vassals to keep the general populace alarmed, on edge, and easily controllable.

Along with Wells’ garbage policies, the government- and media-led Covid “Scary Movie” was another big reason behind Thursday’s market plunge. But it’s also a major factor in the dramatic increase, over the past year or so, of murders, suicides and profound depression that haunt the general populace.

We’re all going to die… “Settled Science”?

Another problem stemming from the never-ending deadly Covid variants hype is the growing mistrust of science and scientists by the general public. The 12-14 months of effective house arrest imposed on the average American family by Federal and state governments did more to ruin lives and incomes than it did to head off the “novel coronavirus.” But it also led to an increasingly profound distrust of “science.”

Check out this interesting tidbit of information recently put out by University of Maryland scientists. I have bolded notable observations, except for the names of the virus variants, which appear in the original.

The scientific Doom Patrol

“Many variants of COVID-19 have been discovered. There are currently four that the CDC classifies as “variants of concerns.”

“Alpha (B.1.1.7) – First identified in the United Kingdom in late 2020, this variant spread more easily than previous strains. Currently, there is early evidence that suggests this variant may be associated with increased risk of death.

“Gamma (P.1) – This variant, which has spread widely in Brazil and has been detected throughout the Americas, was first detected in January 2021. It contains more mutations than the Alpha strain that may affect its ability to be blocked by therapeutic antibodies or a vaccine.

“Beta (B.1.351) – This variant, which was first detected in October 2020, shares some mutations with the Brazil variant and is a similar threat in that the mutations affect its ability to be blocked by therapeutic antibodies or a vaccine.

“Delta (B.1.617.2) – Initially identified in India in late 2020, this variant is the most highly transmissible of the variants identified so far and may cause more severe illness than other variants. It is projected to become the dominant circulating strain in the United States summer 2021.”

What a conclusion. Every one of these strains or variants is obviously going to kill us! The media typically cherry picks this kind of information and runs with it every night on cable “news” broadcasts.

Bottom line: Run for your lives! We’re all gonna die! (Really?)

In truth, all of us are going to die. Some day. But likely not now. And likely not because of deadly Covid variants.

To the contrary, plenty of evidence has accumulated showing that vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals alike may indeed catch one of these variants. But generally, those already vaccinated with currently approved vaccines are able to resist the worst symptoms caused by any currently known variant. That’s pretty much what each year’s flu vaccine accomplishes for most individuals who take advantage of the annual shot.

Combining the number of already vaccinated individuals and those who caught the coronavirus and survived, citizens of the US, at least, probably passed the point of effective herd immunity sometime during this past spring.

Current vaccines are working for currently known Covid variants

As I have noted countless times in my columns, it’s quite clear, at least to me, that some flavor of the Wuhan Flu will continue to show up once or twice per year, just like the common flu. Forever. So it’s high time we put this affliction in perspective rather than allowing ourselves to be affected by government propaganda. Propaganda that may, in part, be intended to materially affect how Election 2022 is handled.

It’s increasingly clear that, just like the common flu, each successive Covid variant will be the same only different. But once again like the common flu, pharma giants will come up with a new vaccine every year to counteract the likely incoming dominant strain or strains.

For counties, states, and other countries where supplies of the vaccine may be limited, hydroxychloroquine combos – miraculously legal again now that Donald Trump no longer occupies the White House – might suffice to repress various flavors of the disease, as we’ve already seen. And life will go on. Just like it did after flu vaccines became commonplace in this country.

Flu deaths: Sad but thoroughly incorporated as part of life

It’s a sad fact that the common flu generally causes 50,000-80,000 deaths each year in this country alone. Every iteration of the WuFlu will cause its share of deaths as well. People need to understand that, like it or not, the WuFlu is here to stay. Even with its large death toll every year, flu deaths, usually do to complications arising from something else, are no longer big news because this has become part of life. For better or worse. Most individuals have little to fear from the flu.

But as they did to combat the flu, US and international pharmaceutical companies will develop annual vaccines to counteract variables. These will mostly work. Except, perhaps, those with critical health issues. Their immune systems have already been weakened by other ailments and / or ongoing cancer treatments. This leaves them vulnerable not only to the flu and the WuFlu. They are already vulnerable to any number of other potential infections as well.

Medical science may eventually learn to manage this new, invasive Covid virus efficiently, just like the flu. No longer news, much to the chagrin of fear-mongering cable news outlets who always use fear to peddle commercials, watch pandemic panic gradually fade away.

Meanwhile, life goes on…

Just think… No more lockdowns. Or terror. Or masks in triplicate. No more “mail in” ballots (except in corrupt Blue States.) We’ll all live with the risks of Covid variants. After all, we’ve lived with variants of the common flu since 1917.

Most Americans should come to understand this and refuse to believe the lies perpetrated by the US government, the China-owned WHO, and the absolute loons who call themselves reporters. As this occurs, watch employment and our economy return to normal. Sadly, however, some of us may continue to suffer from various flavors of leftist-induced PTSD. But we can overcome that, too.

We’ve all learned that elites (like Bill Gates), reporters and commentators the Washington Establishment are pathological liars and agitators. Accepting this sad reality, most Americans should finally get back to the kind of normalcy we all used to enjoy. The kind of normalcy that America’s hardline Marxists and leftist wannabes are actively trying to derail via many avenues. In this case, some of these avenues involve Alpha, Delta, Epsilon and beyond.

Let’s ignore them all. We have families to raise and actual lives to lead. What are we waiting for?

—Headline image: Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Dimensions slightly altered to fit CDN format.


Terry Ponick

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