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Daunte’s Inferno: Arsonists ‘protest’ criminal shot dead resisting arrest

Written By | Apr 12, 2021
Daunte's Inferno

Law enforcement stand outside of the Brooklyn Center Police Department, vandalized after the police shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Via Wikipedia entry on Daunte Wright. Photo attributed to Tony Webster, CC 2.0 license.

Please hold. – T LOS ANGELES — With Minneapolis on edge during the Derek Chauvin trial, the last thing this city needed was another fire. Sadly, Minnesota’s clueless leaders chose to pour gasoline on a brand new fire in another case of racial arson, this one in nearby Brooklyn Center, Minn. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey dutifully played the designated role of white liberal male apologists determined to racialize a shooting death of Daunte Wright by the police. But Daunte’s death had nothing to do with race. Nevertheless, this latest Minnesota incident has already given rise to a rash of violence, arson and looting one might justifiably call Daunte’s Inferno.

Penetrating the mythology: Three key facts in the case of Daunte Wright

The newest tinder box incident arose when a police officer (name not yet released) shot and killed a man who happened to be black. Words matter, and liberals keep referring to victim Daunte Wright as a black man rather than a man who happened to be black. As is their wont, we find both Democrats and their liberal media allies indulging in their old tricks here. Specifically, they insist on ignoring the three key facts that actually led to Mr. Wright’s death.

  1. At the beginning of the incident in question, the police pulled Wright over for driving with expired tags. It is completely legitimate for the police to pull someone over in this situation.
  2. But then during the stop, police determined that Wright had an outstanding warrant on an illegal gun charge. At that point they attempted to arrest him. Arresting him in this situation is also completely legitimate.
  3. Most importantly in this sequence of events, Wright then chose to resist arrest. Routine situations tend to escalate when this happens. Instead of cooperating with the police, Wright got back in his car. The police had every right to fear that the victim was reaching for a gun, especially since he had an outstanding warrant for possessing an illegal gun.

Bodycam footage showed that the unnamed police officer then made a mistake in the heat of the moment. She may lose her job and her pension, and could even face criminal charges.

Predictable responses by Minnesota Democrats complicate Daunte’s Inferno

Governor Walz, Mayor Frey and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter immediately racialized the case. They invoked the spirit of George Floyd, who, as the media confidently assures us, was not resisting arrest when he was killed. They also invoked Philando Castille, clearly yet another a victim of an overzealous police officer who was disciplined.

Wright is neither Floyd nor Castille. Had Wright’s vehicle displayed current registration tags, no traffic stop would have occurred.

But no matter. We know what happens next. The usual suspects will loot, riot and burn Minneapolis and / or its suburbs to the ground. Stealing sneakers and electronics somehow embodies their warped but preferred way to obtain “justice.” Daunte’s Inferno has begun.

Official hand-wringing continues

Mayor Carter kept insisting that something has to change. But he remains completely wrong about what that something ought to be. What must change in Minneapolis, St. Paul, elsewhere in Minnesota and across the US? Consistently bad decisions and bad behavior compounded by even worse decisions and worse behavior. What needs to change is a culture of escalation and confrontation rather than an emphasis on de-escalation.

Daunte Wright is dead because he made numerous bad decisions long before the officer fired her gun. This does not completely absolve the officer for her error. But the entire situation was avoidable. Had Wright not resisted arrest, he would be alive today.

This was not George Floyd, Rosa Parks, Selma, Alabama or any other hyperbolic analogy meant to pour gasoline on a fire. When Walz, Frey and the rest of the liberal politicians meekly claim that violence will not be tolerated, rioters see right through those empty words. As a result, the current violence has already been tolerated. And more is likely on the way.

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These situations will keep happening and the cycle will repeat itself again and again. Liberal politicians will continue to tar police officers with a broad brush while making excuses for criminals who resist arrest and escalate routine traffic stops into deadly shootings.

One wonders when Americans will finally choose to stop electing state, local and national officials who routinely violate their solemn oaths of office. But in the meantime, little by little, the essence of America is speeding toward the point of no return. Daunte’s Inferno is only the latest example.

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Law enforcement stand outside of the Brooklyn Center Police Department, vandalized after the police shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Via Wikipedia entry on Daunte Wright. Photo attributed to Tony Webster, CC 2.0 license.

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