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Dan Rather’s ultimate Ratherism: The advent of liberal’s fake news

Written By | Oct 9, 2021
Dan Rather, Brian Stelter, Fake News, CNN, CBS

Dan Rather with CNN host Brian Stelter. Radio Andy screen capture.

WASHINGTON. CNN’s media analyst Brian Stelter, the nebbishy George Costanza of cable news, is alarmed by the dramatic drop in public confidence in the Fourth Estate. Stelter’s offering, CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” has dropped to below one million viewers an episode. (Ratings Free Fall: CNN’s Brian Stelter Loses 72% Of Viewers In 2021)

Dan Rather, Brian Stelter, Fake News, CNN, CBS

Actor Jason Alexander as George Castanza. “Seinfeld” screen capture.

On the other hand, the ridiculous CBS retread of the 1980s series “The equalizer” – that sees a rotund Queen Latifah play an agile, Ninja-like former CIA super spy – boasts 11.26 million viewers an episode.

Speaking of CBS, a frequent Stelter guest is the disgraced former CBS News anchor Dan Rather.

Like most in the media, Stelter lacks any sense of irony.

CBS fired Rather after a lengthy network investigation into his use of forged documents alleging President George W. Bush went AWOL while serving as a pilot in the Texas Air National Guard (1972-1973). The allegation aired on CBS’s “60 Minutes II” two months before the 2004 presidential election. (The Truth About Dan Rather’s Deceptive Reporting on George W. Bush)

Bush’s Democratic challenger, then-Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, was mired in controversy over his post-military service as an anti-American, anti-Vietnam War activist. Democrats (and the media of course) needed something to deflect the voting public’s attention.

Dan Rather, Brian Stelter, Fake News, CNN, CBS

John Kerry testifies before Congress against the Vietnam War in 1971. “The Vietnam War” documentary screen capture.

That’s where Lt. Col. Bill Burkett comes in.

He claimed to possess documents from Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, then in command of 1st Lt. George W. Bush, proving he disobeyed orders and that powerful outside interests (daddy Bush) exerted pressure to clean up sonny’s lackluster military performance record.

In the “60 Minutes II” segment, Dan Rather looked the camera in the eye and mustered all the insincere sincerity his years in the news business had taught him,

“We consulted a handwriting analyst and document expert who believes the material is authentic.”

Unfortunately for Rather and the media, the Internet blogosphere came to the rescue as independent ombudsmen. Sites with silly names like Little Green Footballs and Powerline found their own document experts to refute Rather’s.

They asserted the fonts used in the documents, Palatino and Times New Roman, did not exist in the 1970s.

Dan Rather, Brian Stelter, Fake News, CNN, CBS

Dan Rather brings fake news to America on “60 Minutes II.” CBS News screen capture.

And so, the fake-news scandal gained a name: “Rathergate.”

CBS, which originally stood by Rather’s story, caved under pressure to save what little journalistic integrity it had left. The network eventually fired Rather and several of his enabling “60 Minutes” producers.

Getting back to CNN’s Brian Stelter, he once invited Rather to opine on Trump supporters,

“I’m not the only one making this observation that increasingly President Trump’s support seems cultish,” said Rather. “It’s all about him, it’s not about the policy, it’s not about the standards of politics.”

It never dawned on Rather or Stelter that the very lack of “standards” in both journalism and politics are what propelled Trump into the White House. And hatred for these low standards continues to resonate in the hearts of folks in fly-over country, despite the former president’s banning by major social media sites.

Tom Gara, technology and communications manager at Facebook, recently issued a tweet concerning a Gallup Poll showing public trust in the news media stands at a mere 36 percent.

“There was a ten-point drop in Americans’ trust in the media between 2003 and 2004, which was never recovered.”

And without a sense of irony, once again, Stelter tweeted back,

“Rathergate? War? Or both?”

Even the yapping weirdo and little-watched Brian Stelter identifies Dan Rather as the Moses of fake news.

The man whose phony story would go on to inspire journalistic organizations to new lows with phony reporting on Trump’s colluding with Russia and claims Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential race in a fraud-free landslide.

If leftist, Washington-sanctioned, Big-Tech monopolies censor alternative Internet sites and citizen corporate media watchdogs, it’s because today’s press has a lot more Dan Rathers in need of protection than ever before.

And that protection only feeds the public’s mistrust of media.

Dan Rather once said,

“One of the most important roles of our journalists is to be watchdogs.”

That role is over. Polls clearly show it’s a discerning and distrusting public who now serves in that capacity. That’s because the media has, like Brian Stelter following in Dan Rather’s footsteps, become the left’s repulsive, lickspittle lapdogs.

Dan Rather, Brian Stelter, Fake News, CNN, CBS

Dan Rather anchors CBS Evening News circa 2001. CBS News screen capture.


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Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.