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Civil War II: It’s already underway in the Disunited States of America

Written By | Jul 28, 2021
Civil War II, Disunited States of America, DSA

“Marxist Toolbox.” Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect. (See link below article.)

WASHINGTON – As noted in our previous article, an unknown number of today’s Blue State legal immigrants tend to forget why their Blue home states remain mired in a state of permanent decline. They kept electing Democrats who moved farther and farther to the left in the political spectrum. As a result, emboldened Blue States are disintegrating even as they try to force their ruinous Marxist policies on the entire nation, including staunchly Red States. If Blue State elitism continues to attack America’s Constitutional order even as it turns the Federal government against those remaining states who oppose this aggression, Civil War II will certainly erupt. Indeed, it may already be underway in many parts of the country. As a result, the USA is rapidly disintegrating into an entity more appropriately dubbed the Disunited States of America (DSA).

How did we come to this dangerous fork in the road? And why has the party that effectively ran the United States throughout most of the 20th century effectively turned on the country they essentially molded in their own image and likeness. The main reason they did so is that the Democrats have finally succeeded, over many decades, in forging the Federal government in Washington into a dangerous weapon. They wield it against their real or imagined enemies. And those who challenge this dangerous level of control know today that they risk having their lives destroyed by the Federal government’s legal and investigative agencies.

Marxist Democrats have two overwhelming advantages in the Disunited States of America

Worse, from both a propagandistic and psychological perspective, today’s Marxist Democrats possess two invaluable advantages.

Advantage 1:

First, like the hardened Marxists they are, wherever they go and wherever they appear, they routinely trumpet the same pseudo-liberal pieties and promises that continue to get all Democrats elected and re-elected by all who are foolish enough (or naive enough) to believe them. Yet after winning election after election on the same platform, they consistently ignore many of their high-minded but ultimately fake social “goals.” Instead, they consistently favor undermining the rule of law in the jurisdictions they control — mainly America’s largest cities and most densely populated states — while quietly using social and infrastructure funds not for their intended purpose, but to quietly fund income redistribution schemes to buy the votes they need to win future elections.

For decades, they’ve used a substantial portion of America’s tax revenue to retain absolute control over Federal government entities, along with many state and local government functions so they can transform these entities into a vast employment and reward system tailor-made to remunerate faithful organizations and individuals who keep them in power and many of their relatives living in the lap of luxury. This is what has taken us to the doorstep of our new Disunited States of America.

Advantage 2:

Second, and far simpler, on a purely propagandistic level, the Democrats’ second major advantage today is that by voting (legally or illegally) for the same old lying leftist Democrats in election after election Blue State voters regard their leftist voting record as a moral and political vaccine. It somehow innoculates them from suffering any guilt over America’s gravest 21st Century Mortal Sin. No, it’s not Racism, per se.

The gravest mortal sin today is voting for Republicans. By (Marxist) definition, voting for the GOP is voting for racists and fascists. We know this is true, because Marxist Democrats, professors, and those portraying themselves as journalists and analysts have all told us this is so on cable news networks. As a result, for hereditary Democrats and newly indoctrinated college students voting in Blue States (legally or illegally), a vote for a Republican – even a RINO Republican – is the quasi-religious moral equivalent of fleeing this nation’s (illegally) Established Church of Karl Marx to join something even worse than a Satanic Cult.

You can’t question the tenets of a religious cult, even if it claims it’s not religious

No one can question this. It is literally an article of religious faith. We thought our Constitution prevented the establishment of any state religion. But the Founding Fathers never envisioned their new nation might eventually run afoul of a purely secular, atheistic religion. Today, we face a new and frightening Civil War II based on a genuinely religious system of secular beliefs. Yet what court in this land has the legal imagination to recognize the Church of Karl Marx as an entity attempting to set itself up as an established religion. Whatever happened to that “Wall of Separation” between the state and religion that Marxist legal hacks have used for over a century to rip traditional morality out of our country’s Judaeo-Christian heart and soul?

Redefining Mortal Sin for atheists and Marxists

Should the commission of such a grave political mortal sin as registering as a Republican — or, even worse, following Donald Trump — come to light, a guilty turncoat Democrat today risks losing all or most of his or her friends. Such turncoat Democrats will get doxxed, lose their jobs and get “canceled” altogether. It’s the political equivalent of religious “shunning.” (The New York City equivalent is getting banned from the guest lists of the most important parties.) It leads to physical and moral ruin. And it is now leading to the collapse of our society.

Our social order was once based on democratically established and universally observed laws. But today’s Blue State Marxist elites are destroying this system by refusing to enforce laws they simply don’t like. It’s a major reason why governments in a growing number of cities have degenerated into cheerleaders for the anarchists and leftists who are destroying those cities, along with the livelihoods of the millions of citizens they once swore to serve. They are all leading us, whether we like it or not, into the new Disunited States of America.

Utopian promises invariably lead to social disasters

Now, many of those voters who blindly voted for utopian promises but got only disaster and destruction have decided to desert the cities and states that they, themselves created by believing the Party of Serial Liars again and again. An unknown number of those Blue State refugees heading for frontiers of exotic Red States like Texas, Florida and the rest of Red State America still choose to ignore the real reason why their once beautiful and prosperous states have collapsed into cesspits of crime and anarchy.

Sadly, they, themselves, kept electing ever more radical left Democrats who ran as moderates. But upon taking office, they ran their cities and states like the Marxist totalitarians they really were and are. And now, these cities and states are rapidly descending into anarchy. (Which, for any good Marxist, is a feature not a bug.)

Are we now facing a real Civil War II in the country formerly known as the USA?

Having forgotten the human disaster they left behind, and even after putting down new roots in a safely Red (and usually Republican-led) State, these blind Blue States political Destructors continue to vote as they did in their now wasteland Blue States. This will ultimately bring down the still free states they’d fled to in order to escape their own habitually ruinous voting patterns. But many of America’s internal refugees still don’t get it. But they’ll need to wake up, and soon. Once their asinine and ruinous voting habits destroy their new Red State refuges, there will be nowhere else to go. If they figure things out at that point, it will be too late for them. And for all of us in the Disunited States.

Because, by that time, Red State Constitutionalists and Freedom Fighters will be taking on the radical Marxists in a full-blown version of Civil War II. We don’t know what this previously unthinkable Civil War II will look like. But we got a preview, a movie trailer version of where this could go last summer, when America’s real 21st Century Insurrection — not the fake one on January 6, 2021 — actually began.

Remember the Summer of 2020… When real, not-fake, insurrections actually took place

The Summer of 2020 wasn’t a pretty picture. And it was made worse by the fact that anyone who wanted to stop it and bring America’s real, decidedly LEFT wing terrorists to justice, was injured, killed or canceled, largely due to Soros-paid far left “prosecutors” who refused to enforce the rule of law. Because they didn’t like it.

If the battlefields we saw last year begin to expand, for whatever reason, the movie preview we watched last summer provides a grim example of what could happen next. Soon, Civil War II in these Disunited States could soon be far more real than global warming climate change ever was.

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Headline image: “Marxist Toolbox.” Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect. (Slightly re-sized to fit CDN format.)


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