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Chinese propaganda: A blast from the past = today’s fake medical news

Written By | Aug 15, 2020
Chinese propaganda, fake medical news

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection. (See link in article.)

WASHINGTON — Today’s fake news remains astonishingly identical to the fake news reports we heard this past spring. Particularly the continuing fake medical news surrounding Covid-19 and a clearly effective cheap and early treatment currently available. Much of this bizarre chain of events seems related to effective Chinese propaganda, as echoed by our own Federal government. Case in point: A story I drafted back in April but never finished. It appears below with slight updates. The reason is simple. This material is “evergreen.” In journalistic parlance, that means the story is not time sensitive and can prove relevant no matter when it’s published. And that’s true with this one, because the combined far-left US and Chinese propaganda efforts supporting this story continue.

A blast from the past informs today and the future

Remember this past spring’s phony tale of a Chinese “study” condemning Gilead’s (trading symbol: GILD) remdesivir? Or another virtually anecdotal “study” allegedly pole-axing the hydroxychloroquine / zithro treatment that to this day has proved largely successful for many Covid-19 victims around the globe? Including an asinine condemnation of the same drug combo in the pro-Democrat, left-wing Journal of the American Medical Association?

Unfortunately, that’s how today’s state dominated media propagandists roll. “News” stories everywhere create and then trumpet the same, concocted stories decrying this administration’s alleged Covid-19 failures. At the same time, these stories repeat the false claim that we’ll have to keep most Americans away from their jobs and earnings power at least until the day after Election 2020 this November. Every time the media trumpets one of these fables to a disbelieving public, two things happen.

  • Confidence in the economy and the government plummets.
  • Investments routinely tank.

Finally, a few more truthful journalists quickly and thoroughly rebut and debunk these fake medical news stories. But few readers see them. Google makes sure to bury them several pages deep in search results, and Twitter inevitably censors all mention of verifiable facts debunking The Narrative.

Fake medical news

But let’s get back to this spring’s outburst of Chinese propaganda. According to CNBC, the Financial Times cited “documents accidentally published by the World Health Organization” that somehow “proved” remesdevir’s failure to either help patients or “reduce the … pathogen” in their systems.

“Accidentally published”? Seriously? This was a pre-planned fake news hit job on the growing optimism surrounding the viability of Gilead’s drug in treating Covid-19 patients. The Chinese government and their WHO lackeys released this fake news in time to sabotage a vigorous Wall Street rally at its high point. It worked. It knocked the rally off its axis, demolishing Gilead’s stock price.

Even better, this latest offering of Chinese virus propaganda provided  the proper background for a story released only a bit later. That fable proclaimed that China was graciously sending $30 million to WHO to replace the US funds cut by that nefarious Orange Man currently (and wrongfully) occupying the White House.

Unnoticed: WHO needed the money to alleviate the fiscal woes they incurred by screwing the US by providing cover for the Chinese government. Both had kept the coronavirus situation secret for at least two months or more. Until they couldn’t.

WHO really watches WHO?

That’s what earned Trump’s takeback of America’s outsized support for yet another failed UN institution. Plus, it allowed Communist China – the direct or indirect perps of the coronavirus crisis – to bask in the praise of their generous donation to WHO. As quickly broadcast by compliant media hacks.

True to form, the anti-Trump, anti-US media blasted this nonsense forth. “Reporters” completely ignored the fact that Gilead’s straight-to-the-point rebuttal pointed out that the Chinese remdesivir story was based on a “clinical trial” – not a massive, formal study – of the drug. Worse, Communist China announced this bogus “clinical trial.” The same Communist China that concealed the Wuhan coronavirus from the world until it enveloped the globe. So today, China continues to cover up information that the world really needs to know with layer upon layer of Chinese propaganda, aka, fake medical news.

The attacks on the Trump administration continue, regardless of public health consequences

On a weirdly related front, back in the US, the faux leftists running the AMA and their once prestigious journal JAMA, launched another of countless attacks on the simple and demonstrably effective treatment of Covid-19 afforded by the hydroxychloroquine / zithro hybrid. Why? Because Trump, with reason, supports its potential broad use to treat many Covid-19 sufferers in the early stages of an active infection.

What happened to our current “right to try” regime? Physicians use these drugs effectively in other medical situations with nearly zero ill effects. Why not off-label use in the case of a pandemic with no other available treatment? At this moment, aside from remdesivir – in limited supply – no more specific treatment yet exists. So why withhold it?  We suspect one underlying issue might involve international drug conglomerates. They can’t make any money on these cheap and widely-used generic drugs.

The French Connection

Tellingly, the scurrilous AMA attack on hydroxychloroquine came on the heels of another very different news item. This one rebutted an earlier, Veterans Administration-planted, anti-combo drug “failure.” The rebuttal was from a French scientific team whose actual, valid studies confirmed the combo’s effectiveness in a significant majority of covid-19 cases.

Elsewhere, Adam Taggart, reporting for PeakProsperity, pointed out the obvious flaws in the VA’s “scientific study.”

“For example, it [the VA “study”] wasn’t randomized; by its own admission, hydroxychloroquine was given to sicker patients, closer to death, when we know HCQ works best when given early on. And zinc, a key component to its efficacy, wasn’t administered. Nor was azithromycin in a number of cases.

“Right now, the ‘HCQ shows no benefit’ claim appears more an intentional narrative than a science-backed finding. In fact, there is growing empirical evidence, notably in France and Costa Rica, that it can work amazingly well when applied under the right conditions.”

Also read: When it comes to social media, who Checks the AFP “Fact-Checkers?”

Trying to air the truth about the early stage us of hydroxychloroquine

The story here is wide and deep. Let’s begin with a brilliantly incisive clip from a from Fox’s Laura Ingraham. Ingraham and / or her writers hit the major bullet points of this farce. They navigate its complexities in a way that nearly everyone can understand.

For those who have the time, Dr. Chris Martenson, via PeakProsperity, eleaborates on the circulating “fake studies” issue in considerable detail.

How many Americans died as a result of contracting the coronavirus and being refused early stage treatment with the hydroxychloroquine combo? Why did this happen, despite this Administration’s “right to try” initiative, still currently in place?

Could the prolongation of the Covid-19 overreaction and the disruption of Americans’ ability to “try” hydroxychloroquine constitute the Democrats’ final, scorched earth effort to terminate the Trump presidency? (Assuming stuffed ballot boxes and vote-by-mail charades don’t work.)

The hell with the medical and financial health of America.

This ongoing effort was aunched on the heels of an aggressive Chinese propaganda offensive. It’s backed up by major anti-Trump efforts mounted by Soros-funded Communist agitators and anti-American politicians. All three allies are  willing to sacrifice the well being of all Americans citizen to grab power and keep it.

This is why we must ignore today’s terroristic tales, fake medical news and lies. We must reopen America for business as soon as possible, including America’s educational institutions. And we must get back to Making America Great Again before we lose, forever, the opportunity to do so.

— Headline image:  Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection.
Slightly resized to fit format.


Terry Ponick

Terry Ponick

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