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Canadian Conservatives win popular vote, Trudeau Liberals win election

Written By | Oct 22, 2019
Canadian Conservatives, Popular Vote, Trudeau, Canada,

Lead Image: President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walk along the Colonnade outside the Oval Office, Monday, Feb. 13, 2017, at the White House in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

LOS ANGELES — The Canadian voters have spoken. And blackface-wearing Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will keep his job. He lost his working majority, but will still cling to power. Canadian Conservatives were actually the victors Monday in the popular vote count. But, as in the US, winning the popular vote in Canada does not guarantee control of that country’s government.

Americans normally ignore Canadian election results.

The October 2019 national vote by our neighbors to the North should send a direct message to Hillary Clinton and global leftists everywhere. Canadian Conservatives won the popular vote. But Canadian Liberals won the election. Like our electoral system, which prevents big states and large cities from silencing the voices of more rural populations, Canada’s system functions similar to America.

That’s why Canadian Conservatives won 34.4% of the popular vote but only won 121 seats. Liberals won 33% of the popular vote but won 157 seats. Sound familiar? Check out the following chart, which also lists results for the country’s smaller parties — something we don’t really have in America.

Canadian Conservatives, Popular Vote, Trudeau, Canada,

Screen capture of CNBC chart showing unofficial final results in Canada’s 2019 national election.

The 2019 Canadian election: Facts and figures

According to Reuters, the popular vote count was quite close between Canada’s two major parties. And even the electoral vote win by the Liberals was not enough to give their party a parliamentary majority. That will force them to ally with a harder-left coalition in order to establish a working majority.

As the media called the results of the election last night, the following pattern emerged.

“The Liberals won or were leading in 157 of the country’s 338 electoral districts, a drop of 20 from where they stood going into the election, preliminary results showed. The party also trailed the main opposition Conservatives in the popular vote by just over a percentage point…”
Oil and gas workers expect further problems from Ottawa

According to the Reuters report, Monday’s election results will not make voters in Canada’s oil and gas producing provinces very happy, as Ottawa under Trudeau has made life more difficult for them. And perhaps for the Canadian currency as well.

“The danger for Trudeau is that a leftward turn could alienate the business community and further endanger his party’s standing in the oil-rich provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, where the Liberals did not win any seats on Monday.
“The Canadian dollar weakened against the greenback on Tuesday and the heavily-weighted energy sector fell on the Toronto stock market, as investors worried it would now be more difficult to build new oil pipelines.”
The report also noted the following.
“Minority governments in Canada rarely last more than 2-1/2 years. The New Democrats struck deals to help keep Liberal minority governments in power from 1972-1974 and in 2005.”
The Canadian electoral system: Unfair, right? Oh, wait…

Considering the continuing Conservative vs. Liberal rift in Canada, particularly when the topic is fossil fuel strategy, perhaps we should expect violent upheavals up north, just like we’re having here.

But for some reason, American liberals are not demanding that Canadians abolish their system and go to a straight popular vote in their next national election. Canadian Conservatives are not doing this either. Everyone seems to be accepting the results. There are no charges of Russian interference. Canadian Conservatives are not flocking to animal shelters to purchase therapy dogs. There is no mass movement into “safe spaces.”

The Coup against Trump: Is John Brennan a Russian Agent?

When Canadian Conservatives lose an election, they vow to do better next time. There will be no street riots, smashed buildings, or Molotov cocktails thrown in Canada. From Vancouver to Toronto, Canadians are not smashing property or setting it on fire.

No Canadian will suffer life-threatening injuries, inflicted by black-clad masked thugs as a reprisal for voting the wrong way.

Where’s the weeping and gnashing of teeth?

Canadian Conservatives will not spend the next three years crying that they won the popular vote. They know that means nothing. They won the popular vote but lost the election based on well-established rules that both parties knew about beforehand. The losing party in this election will not weaponize the nation’s security apparatus to invent some Byzantine, James Bond-style fictional plot by the Russians to thwart the will of the people.

Will Hillary Clinton demand that the Conservatives take power in Canada? Will she demand Trudeau’s ouster? No. She has always been about power, rules be damned. That is the very reason why must keep her away from the levers of power here.

Clinton revisionist history: Hillary’s a bitch, Bill’s a predator

Both the 2016 American and the 2019 Canadian elections were fair and were openly conducted under long-established rules that have always withstood the test of time. In Canada, the losing side will not engage in a plot to overturn the results. They will accept the voters’ decision and put the country first. They and their government will not tag-team with the Canadian media and work ’round the clock to thwart the ability of the winners to govern.

Both Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau lost the popular vote. They both won their respective elections legally and fairly.

Those unable to accept either verdict are spoiled brats.

— Headline image: President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walk along the Colonnade outside the Oval Office, Monday, Feb. 13, 2017, at the White House in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)



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