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Call it disinformation or censorship, DHS is really eyeing future elections

Written By | Apr 30, 2022

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Fox News screen capture.

WASHINGTON. The Washington Post’s motto, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” is demonstrably wrong. Instead, it’s dying in broad daylight in full view of Congress, the media, and the American public. Last Thursday, two days after billionaire Elon Musk purchased social media site Twitter, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) alerted Congress to the formation of its new bureaucratic appendage. They call it the Disinformation Governance Board.

According to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, it will help his department…

“… more effectively combat this [disinformation] threat not only to election security but to our homeland security.”

And the Biden administration added to the growing unease by appointing Nina Jankowicz to head the board. You might recall her warning CNN before the 2020 presidential election of “Trump supporters potentially showing up armed to the polls… that’s illegal everywhere.”

Nina Jankowicz, head of the DHS’s Disinformation Governance Board. Fox News screen capture.

She later insisted to ABC that the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop stories were “a Trump campaign product.” She also cited the letter signed by 50 former US intelligence officials saying the story was a product of Russian disinformation.

Suppose the Russia-collusion hoax and suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story are proof of a nefarious government interfering in US elections. In that case, the apparent culprit is our own government’s intelligence services.

The DHS announcement started a buzz among conservative commentators. For one, Tucker Carlson of Fox News compared “Biden’s Ministry of Truth” to the fictional totalitarian dictatorship of George Orwell’s novel “1984.”

Tucker Carlson of Fox News. Fox News screen capture.

Carlson went on to note that Americans have yet to hear a precise definition of the term “disinformation” from anyone, including the Biden administration,

“So, here you have this new and terrifying thing the Biden administration is so concerned about [disinformation] that it’s created a new agency to fight it. But Mayorkas never said or even hinted as to what it might be. So, the man in charge of the Disinformation Governance Board never defined disinformation.”

To find the answer to that question, you’d have to go to a hearing held by the House Subcommittee on Cybersecurity chaired by Democratic Rep. Lauren Underwood of Illinois. With DHS Secretary Mayorkas in attendance, Rep. Underwood said that in the 2016 election, “foreign adversaries,” by which she meant Russia, attempted “to destabilize our election by targeting people of color with disinformation campaigns.”

She went on to claim that “no single group of Americans was targeted” for disinformation by Russia’s Internet Research Agency (IRA) “more than African Americans.”

Democratic Rep. Lauren Underwood of Illinois. C-SPAN screen capture.

Underwood then sounded the alarm concerning “a new trend” undertaken by Russia’s cyber units in the 2020 presidential election and for the upcoming 2022 midterms. “Disinformation is being heavily targeted at Spanish-speaking voters, sparking and fueling conspiracy theories,” said Underwood.

Mayorkas explained what his new Disinformation Governance Board is all about,

“The goal is to bring the resources of the department together to address this threat… the spread of mis-disinformation in minority communities specifically, and we are focused on that.”

He told the House Homeland Security Committee his department is:

“… disseminating information to the secretaries of state. We are counseling them in providing recourses to ensure better physical security. We are addressing all aspects of election security given, of course, the midterm elections that are upon us. And the fundamental integrity of our democratic processes that is at stake.”

The DHS’s new disinformation arm is a political outreach machine designed to counter the GOP’s growing appeal among working-class Black and Hispanic voters.

President Donald Trump won 6 percent of the Black vote in 2016, with that percentage increasing by two points in 2020. And a Wall Street Journal poll finds Hispanic voters intend to vote for Republican candidates over Democrats in the midterm elections by a stunning 9 percent. As the Journal noted, that’s a 53-point shift since 2012.

Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg attributes the trend to his party abandoning working-class Americans. Writing in The American Prospect, Greenberg observes,

“Today, the Democrats’ working-class problem isn’t limited to white workers. The party is also losing support from working-class Blacks and Hispanics – a daunting 12 points off their margin in 2016… If Republicans continue winning working-class voters at the rate they did in Virginia, Democrats have little chance.”

The DHS will not censor free speech on Internet platforms like Twitter, as conservatives fear. It’s far worse. The Disinformation Governance Board plans to coordinate election efforts with Democrat-friendly secretaries of state. These state officials oversee and certify elections in 47 of our 50 states. Currently, 20 are Democrats.

Remember Saturday Night Live alum and former Democratic US Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken?

He lost his 2008 bid to unseat Republican incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman by a close 725 votes. But Minnesota’s Democrat Secretary of State Mark Ritchie ordered multiple recounts over six months. Then, miraculously, votes for Franken appeared from the darkness to give Franken a narrow victory. By a margin of 312 votes.

According to the conservative watchdog group Minnesota Majority,

“At least 341 convicted felons voted in Minneapolis’s Hennepin County, the state’s largest, and another 52 voted illegally in St. Paul’s Ramsey County, the state’s second-largest.”

It is illegal for those convicted of felonies to vote in Minnesota. But nothing could be done. Franken’s “victory” was certified by the George Soros-backed Mark Ritchie. A recipient of funds from Soros’s Secretary of State Project.

Billionaire George Soros. Open Society Foundations screen capture.

Getting back to DHS Secretary Mayorkas. When Democrat Rep. Dina Titus asked Myorkas if the federal government’s “science and technology division” was working with “universities or other organizations so we can leverage what DHS does… to try to reassure our elections systems are safe and free from attack,” Mayorkas reassured her that is department is…

“… integrating the work of science and technology in everything that we do. One of our organizational priorities is… to actually harness technology and innovation. And the office of science and technology has a seat at the leadership table more than they ever have. And we are, indeed, using their extraordinary expertise in [a] very mission sense, including in election security.”

The DHS’s Disinformation Governance Board is a high-tech, election-stealing apparatus designed to work in conjunction with Soros/Democrat secretaries of state. It expands the power of the Deep State’s DHS to cover our electoral system, thus undercutting the influence of working-class Black and Hispanic voters now abandoning the Democratic Party in droves.

The DHS may refuse to secure our southern border, but it will do yeoman’s work to suppress the votes of “disinformed” minorities in the elections.


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Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.