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Breaking conservative news online: Even More Conservative Media Stars

Written By | Oct 19, 2019
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Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect. (See link at conclusion of article)*

WASHINGTON – Welcome back, fans of Truth, Justice and the American way. Round 2 of my comprehensive list of conservative (and in a few cases, mostly conservative) news and information sources you can substitute for the bankrupt newspapers and network and cable news conglomerates that now bring you nonstop fiction instead of actual news, facts and figures. Today, I’m focusing on the best breaking conservative news sites available online.

A pair of hat tips before we start

Before we get going today, I’d like to give a grateful shout-out to Don Surber and Ed Driscoll of Instapundit for alerting their readers to my first Media Stars column. The result: an uncommon number of pageviews for my first conservative news site compendium, for which both CDN and I are grateful.

Don Surber has been posting to his long-running and well-regarded political news and commentary blog for many years. I’d already planned to highlight Don’s must-read blog when I cover sites that primarily deal with commentary and analysis. So stay-tuned for more.

Ed Driscoll writes his own columns over on PJMedia, along with contributing to Instapundit, a key aggregation site I highlighted in the opening column of this series. Bookmark these guys. You’ll be glad you did.

Incoming: News and views but mostly news

Today, I focus on sites that offer in-depth coverage of breaking conservative news, plus some degree of analysis. And that news can (and must) be fact-based, not like the left-liberal sites that use anonymous sources and offer rumors, never the truth. In other words, these sites provide real news, though they’re not exactly devoid of opinion, either. Such is reportage in 2019. Times change

Sites that provide deeper analysis and commentary on the news will appear in a future column. Ditto sites like One America News that offer mostly video feeds. They also get a separate category. So please be patient as this list evolves.

As noted previously, this is a developing list, meaning that some of your favorites might not appear in it. In addition, many of the sites I’ll discuss also do a little bit of everything, so you (or they) might dispute my classification system, which is somewhat subjective. So If you have further suggestions, please let me know in our comments section below. You’ll find that section buried under the parade of distracting ads that appear below this column and my bio. I’ll take a look at your suggested sites and consider adding them to the master list next time I update it.

Read my first column in this series: Conservative Media Stars:
Finding reliable news on the current Deep State Coup

Online breaking conservative news and information sites

The following breaking conservative news sites usually emphasize straight news but offer varying degrees of analysis as well. They’re great sources for the kind of reportage you simply won’t find on today’s dying and largely fake MSM. Along with the other sites I’ll be highlighting in this series, they’re all coalescing into what I like to call The MCU: The Marvelous Conservative Universe. Let’s take a look.

breaking conservative news

President Donald J. Trump addresses his remarks at the National Day of Prayer Service Thursday, May 2, 2019, in the Rose Garden of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)


If you want to stay on top of The Swamp’s favorite Designated Victim, the only Constitutionally elected president we’ve got, this is the place to visit to first. The President’s Twitter account offers Administration news “Straight out of the horse’s mouth” as they say. Or, as I learned in grad school, this account is a “primary source” of news, not a secondary, spin-edited product of cable’s TV’s fading MSM blow-dries. I.e., what you read on @realDonaldTrump is what the President says, not what the MSM clowns say he said.

Ironically, in reality, Twitter is primarily an adjunct of the Democrat-Socialist Party. Yet Twitter has served (for the most part) as the definitive primary source of breaking White House news during the Trump presidency. (Except when they shadow-censor presidential tweets, which they seem to do at random.)

Yes, the president is as opinionated as hell. Particularly when it comes to the welfare of working Americans. That’s why he was elected. But on balance, even when he’s at his most extreme, I believe what the President says routinely over the predictably leftist blather from the likes of CNN’s odious Jim Acosta.

As for the President, here’s a classic tweet I caught earlier this week.

Judicial Watch.

Placing this site under the “breaking news” category is perhaps a bit inaccurate. Judicial Watch could equally well go under my upcoming “insight and analysis” segment. But this site deals with a lot of breaking news, largely on the legal front, so that’s why it’s here.

Starring tenacious legal warrior Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch and its public site should win consecutive Pulitzers for extracting the painful legal truth of The Swamp in great detail, even as our Republic and our President remain under constant attack. JW’s pit-bull tenacity has yanked far, far more “secret” government information out into the public sunlight than all the feeble efforts of Congress and the Obama-Holder-damaged Department of “Justice” combined. It will be hard for AG Barr to do a better job. But we can hope.

Judicial Watch – and Fitton’s videos – can occasionally seem a bit obtuse for those not attuned to Washingtonian complexities and legal hairsplitting. But this organization is literally on the money in relentlessly exposing the mind-boggling corruption of the Obama criminal gang. Better yet, they’ve paid particular attention to the machinations of former Secretary of State and Grifter-in-Chief Hillary Clinton.

Unlike most of the Federal Government, Judicial Watch is working for YOU.

breaking conservative news

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. Screen capture via YouTube video.

The Washington Examiner.

Once a Washington, D.C.-based physical newspaper, The Examiner made a successful move online where it was able to slash costs and maintain quality.

The Examiner is laid out like real newspaper, breaking real news that’s (usually) not part of the Deep State spin. (Although they’ve seemed quite hostile to the President over the past week or so.)

Washington Examiner front page logo. Screen capture by T. Ponick. Fair use in discussion of online newspaper.

Salena Zito, the only reporter in America who routinely roams through flyover country, currently writes for The Examiner and the conservative New York Post as well. She is the primary authority on America’s neglected heartland, offering uniquely insightful reports on the current mood of the nation’s Basket of Deplorables. She’s always a must-read, virtually the only reporter who gives a rat’s derrière about the Deplorable denizens of Flyover Country. Michael Barone and others also contribute.

Breitbart News Network.

The late conservative activist Andrew Breitbart. Hoover Institution screen capture.

Another major source of conservative news and commentary, this site has gotten a little lurid lately. The site’s increasingly obnoxious scream headlines, likely penned as clickbait, can be off-putting to the militant conservatives and libertarians that frequently access the site. Particularly because, when you take the bait and click on the story, you generally get good reporting.

Perhaps is still be suffering from continuing advertising boycott attempts, pushed with Soros money via the odious Media Matters crew and other globalist Soros front organizations. That makes it harder to pull in advertisers, so maybe they have to try harder by screaming louder. It’s just that at time, the hype gets to be a bit much.

That said, the site still offers good reporting on breaking stories. Which we’ve had a lot of, lately. So I check them out several times a day.

The Daily Caller (aka, “The DC”).

Tucker Carlson. 2010 photo by Gage Skidmore, CC 3.0 license.

This was initially Tucker Carlson’s baby, which he established after leaving cable TV the last time. He turned it over to others when Fox News gave him his now hugely popular prime-time show. The DC breaks political news with some regularity and is on top of most issues critical for conservatives. Over the past few years, the site sometimes seems preoccupied with entertainment-based effluvia than real news. But, as with Breitbart, this is likely a move to attract more eyeballs and advertising. I’m sure the Soros anti-free speech gang is after their income stream as well.

The DC recently revamped its somewhat dull format to a more flashy and colorful one that was initially too hideously busy. Fortunately, they modified that format after a week or two. That said, the graphic element is still awfully busy, even on my 27-inch, layout-friendly iMac. plowing through it often makes me insane. So do the random, massive pop-ups that obliterate my entire screen until I can find the obnoxiously time-delayed X-box to get rid of them. Hey, maybe a little bit less busy, guys? How about it?

Another recent mod: They’ve started putting some of their better stories behind a paywall. Which, given the almost psychedelic format, I don’t figure out until gets obliterated with another gray-out blocking pop-up. Revenue-wise, I suppose what they’re doing with the paywall and the format is potentially good for the bottom line. Access-wise, it’s not so good. Fortunately, the stories themselves are usually top notch. Once you get there.

Washington Free Beacon.

I’ve recently worked this site into my daily reading rotation, so I’m less familiar with it than I am with some others. Like The Examiner, the Free Beacon’s news reportage is real, unlike, say, Washington’s fake “newspaper of record,” the Washington Post. This site has continued to evolve, and now offers mixed videos and podcasts on its site. I’ll be able to say more when I get more familiar with this site.

breaking conservative news

Brent Bozell speaking in Phoenix, Arizona on February 26, 2011. Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC 3.0 license.

I added Newsbusters to my preferred list of reliable breaking conservative news sites a few months ago. Its news format is more straightforward than Breitbart or The DC. It’s a bit more like reading an old-fashioned newspaper, which is actually the way I still prefer to get the news. But  authentic, reliably dead-tree news product has been getting scarce. Which gets us back to Newsbusters.

Newsbusters lays out its stories in a neat, two-column format, pushing ads to the side. Which, BTW, is where they belong, not all over the bloody place and flashing away at you constantly like the Fremont Street Experience in Vegas.

Newsbusters is an outward manifestation of the Media Research Center (MRC), which tells us their mission is “to create a media culture in America where truth and liberty flourish.” That seems to be exactly what they’re doing. Good, old-fashioned news reporting and some commentary, all with, shall we say, a patriotic American viewpoint. Refreshing to the max. Maybe I’m a little old fashioned, but what’s wrong with actual reporting?

Interestingly enough, I just realized MRC’s corporate HQ is just a couple of blocks down the road from my house. It’s funny what we sometimes fail to notice even though it’s staring us in the face. Maybe I sit in front of the computer too much.


The Twittering Machine. 1922 by Paul Klee. Watercolor and ink; oil transfer on paper with gouache and ink borders on cardboard. Group of birds shackled to a wire attached to a hand crank. Public domain photo

Like many of the sites I use or cruise, Twitchy, launched by Michelle Malkin back in 2012, is hard to categorize. The entire site is based on breaking-news tweets flying in from all political sectors. Twitchy’s writers then offer pithy and often hilariously funny snark and ferocious commentary. So if the day’s news is depressing (particularly if you’ve been forced to get it from CNN in some dreary airport lounge), Twitchy’s likely to perk up your spirits again.

Twitchy has a decided bias in favor of conservative tweets. And so, as you might expect, they’re very much against the asinine tweets coming in from lefty pols and paid lefty trolls. The “news” part of Twitchy consists of chains of related tweets on the same topic, often pro and con. The entertainment / humor part of Twitchy lies in the snide but spot-on running commentary the site provides on each tweet or tweet-storm. In other words it’s an actual news site, in the sense that it’s Twitter-style topical. As in @realDonaldTrump.

But Twitchy doubles as an entertainment / humor / satire site. Its aim is to treat the radical left twittering machine with the disrespect they richly deserve. True, it’s sometimes ephemeral breaking conservative news. But in a 24/7 news environment, catching someone in a questionable tweet oftem becomes the news. And if so, you’ll likely find that twittering mishap right here.

As in this current (October 15, 2019) entry below. UPDATE:  Here’s a new link  featuring even more lefty dolls. Hey, kids, collect ’em all!

That’s it for this installment. We’ll be covering additional news sources that are more multimedia-oriented in a future installment.

NEXT: Heavy-duty conservative insight and analysis sites.

– Headline image: Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect.



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