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Blue States to Red States: America’s most serious immigration problem

Written By | Jul 26, 2021
Blue States, Red States

“Invasive Species.” Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect. (See link after article.)

WASHINGTON – When discussing America’s ongoing immigration problem – legal or otherwise – the more pressing danger in this country is the immigration problem no one wants to discuss. This looming disaster involves the continuing mass exodus of overtaxed and physically terrified residents of declining Blue States and cities. They — and their disastrous ritual votes for far left Democrats — continue to pour into traditionally Red States. But, given the unwillingness of these voters to connect the destruction of their cities with the election of corrupt, leftist Democrats, this has become our most serious immigration problem in America today. Because it’s perfectly legal. And it will continue to corrupt more and more cities and states, ultimately leading to the kind of Marxist, one-party leadership that has gutted the onetime American Paradise known as California.

Blue States moving to Red States: A recipe for America’s destruction

It is worth repeating: This mass migration of Blue State refugees threatens to destroy many of America’s remaining Red States. This is disturbing, since our still-surviving Red States are where the original, Constitutional United States of America is making its last stand. Worse: unlike illegal aliens, our Blue State aliens are internal aliens. Legal aliens. US citizens who can vote. Right now.

Invincibly clueless, religiously voting for a Democrat party that today openly supports full-fledged Communism in all but name, they’re likely to carry their destructive Blue State voting habits right along with them. This despite the obvious fact that their own Blue State voting ritual has already exposed them, their businesses, their families and their livelihoods to the routine harassment, doxxing and “cancellation” regimes imposed by the far left’s paid storm troopers and agitators.

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Florida, Texas and the South are in political danger

Refugees continue to flee their hellish Blue States and vote with their feet. They head for Florida, North and South Carolina, Arizona, Texas and – obviously – Georgia. But even as they escape and heave a sigh of relief, many tend to forget one key item. They, themselves, helped to destroy their home states with their predictible, reliable pro-left votes. They virtue-signaled support for the illegal aliens and MS-13 gang members now swarming into this country in violation of America’s already existing immigration laws. And we must emphasize that they did so by voting into local office the usual Marxist idiots. These were and are the spineless politicians who stood by, frozen and immobile, as their cities were destroyed by Antifa and BLM, the storm troopers of the left.

These radical street thugs are America’s home-grown terrorists, not the mythical right-wing terrorists our corrupt Federal government wastes its time (and our money) pursuing. The destruction and death they cause are real. But elected big city Democrats in Blue States routinely refuse to call out appropriate forces to quell these massively destructive disturbances. They trash their own law enforcement officials or “defund” them. And they rarely, if ever, prosecute the hundreds of felons arrested while committing their crimes, all part of an effort to bring down local and even state governments.

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem…

But left-leaning refugees from Blue States often fail to see that they’ve aided in this country’s rapid decline by consistently voting for far left Democrats who won’t defend them or their cities. These hardcore Marxists ideologues passively encourage the very real insurrections (as opposed to January 6) that ruin their cities and threaten the lives of their constituents. Simultaneously, they enable uncontrolled homeless encampments in their cities to grow like unchallenged human wildfires. They have done so for decades, which accelerates the already rapid decline of life in their cities.

Meanwhile, they refuse to enforce civic and criminal laws, leading to anarchy. This environment, plus the refusal of Soros-bought local prosecutors and attorneys general who “catch and release” violent Antifa and BLM felons while dropping charges against them, is creating cities that most closely resemble America’s Wild West in the 1800s. So much for American civilization.

When anarchy rules, Marxism is next

The resulting anarchy that rules urban streets is finally driving our new internal Blue States refugees to Red States. At the same time, this has, paradoxically, led to more repression, more left-wing anarchy and higher taxes as those urban zones continue to decay. In turn, this has led to higher levels of graft, dictatorial one-party (Democrat) politics. Subsequently, this leads to the rapid decay in the quality of life for hard-working citizens living in Blue State cities. This particularly affects middle-class voters who have traditionally served as a common sense bulwark against extremist politics. Yet these middle class voters still vote for Democrats, whose weakness encourages the Marxists to continue the destruction of their cities.

Institutionalized left-wing radicalism undermines and destroys cities while killing off any notion of the rule of law. In turn, it is destroying this country from within, city by city and state by state. For hard left Democrats and their Antifa / BLM shock troops, this is a feature, not a bug.

Which brings us to the sad state of post (?) pandemic America today.

We now live in a country where we daily witness Blue State refugees running helter-skelter from the disastrously declining problems they did much to establish and encourage. As duly noted, many of these primarily middle-class Blue Staters continue fleeing to Red States where they see shining cities and towns on a distant, glowing hill.

Shining cities and states with cheaper housing, lower to non-existent state tax systems, and the non-threatening, anarch- and Marxist-free environments. States and cities where they can raise their families without fear of violence or retribution for Thought Crime. And the kind of school systems that will encourage these traditions to continue, banishing the Reverse Jim Crow racism of Marxist-encouraged CRT-based elementary and secondary school curriculum revisions. Revisions that program children of one race to hate themselves and children of other races to hate everyone that is not them.

But the question remains: Will these refugees from Blue States see what they have done? And can they bring themselves to reverse course in their new Red State cities and towns?#

Headline cartoon: “Invasive Species.” Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect. Slightly resized to fit CDN format.

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