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Biden’s Afghanistan debacle – America’s fundamental transformation continues

Written By | Aug 29, 2021
Biden's Afghanistan debacle, fundamental transformation

Screen capture, YouTube video. See link and commentary near end of this article.

WASHINGTON – Biden’s Afghanistan debacle is increasingly sickening. It marks a significant advancement in Barack Hussein Obama’s relentless but shadowy efforts to effect his so-called fundamental transformation of the United States of America into nothing more than a massive 3-D copy of Cuba and Venezuela, our two most recent examples of a Communist workers’ paradise.

Which themselves replicate the murderous negative utopias that created the since-terminated Soviet Union and still animate the dangerous Maoist fantasy still extant in the ever more dangerous People’s Republic of China.

Biden's Afghanistan debacle, fundamental transformation

Screen grab of striking NY Post front page image. Hat top: Don Surber’s blog.

Fake presidency = Fake America = Fundamental Transformation

America’s massive decline over the last 8 months of this country’s first Democrat-engineered Fake Presidency is not necessarily the fault of our fake, dementia-addled “president.” Not the most intelligent politician ever to infest our nation’s capital to begin with, he’s mostly been living in another dementian for quite some time now.

No, Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, both the current edition, and likely ongoing, is the fault of too many privileged, Ivy League “educated” minds who always know what’s good for America’s peons, whether or not they vote to take the Federal government in the direction our current Ruling Class has chosen. Which is key to America’s ongoing fundamental transformation. Whether we like it or not.

“Never Trump” 4-Ever!

Recently, I’ve begun to wonder if the ultimate objective of our Swamp- Dwelling Ruling Class is to finish off America in the eyes of the world. And in the eyes of its own citizens as well. Which would extinguish that stupid idea of a “democratic republic” for once and for all, leaving the world safe for a new worldwide edition of Feudalism. Enlivened with Marxist doctrine and Fascist enforcement. AKA, fundamental transformation.

After all, if the United States of America that most of us still know and love finally ceases to exist, Donald Trump can’t very well stage a Second Coming in 2024. Perhaps just in time this time to “Make America Great Again” before this country loses that ability entirely. No one would want that, would they? Which is, at least in part, a big reason behind Biden’s Afghanistan debacle.

Biden’s Afghanistan debacle: Engineered by a woke (or passive) top brass?

At the same time, I’ve also wondered this: If another country (we won’t say who) dropped an H-bomb on Washington, D.C., would America really be worse off? Our top military leadership is already so incompetent that I doubt they could organize effectively to deal with such an external threat anymore, let alone prevent it.

Like they might have done with genuine foresight, by mapping an ordered withdrawal from Afghanistan that wouldn’t have turned the American military and American and NATO citizens alike into Taliban / ISIS targets of opportunity.

Maybe the Pentagon’s CRT-enthralled top brass were too busy indoctrinating our fighting forces in the ways of Wokeness. As so decreed by their “Commander-in-Chief.” And their Emperor Emeritus, Barack Hussein Obama. He who originated America’s “fundamental transformation” process. The one President Trump temporarily derailed.

Things fall apart

I used to think our military guys would be there to save America’s loyal citizenry from the evil, grasping Marxist Fascists who’ve taken over nearly the entirety of the Federal Government. But now the military – or at least the current top brass – has become part of the problem, not part of the solution.

The subversion of the military has been creeping up on us for a long time. Need evidence? How about this retweet from former US General Michael Hayden?

Interestingly, this retweet seems to have replaced another one, since removed after raising a firestorm of criticism from actual American citizens. I’ve found a copy of that now-erased retweet via American Military News.

Biden's Afghanistan debacle, fundamental transformation

Image of original Michael Hayden retweet, now apparently deleted. Screen capture version via American Military News.

Hayden, FYI, is the former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency,” according to unbiased, nonpartisan Wikipedia. “Hayden currently co-chairs the Bipartisan Policy Center‘s Electric Grid Cyber Security Initiative. In 2017, Hayden became a national security analyst for CNN.” Well, there you have it. Another patriotic American busy denouncing at least half this country’s active voters.

Guess you’d call this “shock and awe.”

Don Surber offers a final comment on Hayden and the Swamp

Don Surber elaborates on this shameful idiot’s opinings better than I ever could.

“The Washington of Joe McCarthy went after communist spies in the Army. The Washington of Pelosi goes after Trump supporters. DC labels us white supremacists, which to the Deep Staters rationalizes all sorts of unAmerican activities by the FBI and the rest.

“Hayden wants to rid the world of unvaccinated Trump supporters? You know who else does? Sean Penn.

“The[se] two men share in common something else.

“Neither one of them warned us about 9/11.”

Who’s going to pull the Disunited States of America out of its terminal decline?

I can’t answer that question anymore. The privileged, Ivy League “educated” elites who brought us to this point first revealed their collective hand during the Vietnam protests and sporadic violence that marked the late 1960s and early 1970s.

These bored Boomer elites needed some kind of “revolution” to relieve their boredom. So they burrowed into society, got into politics, and fundamentally transformed the always socialist-oriented post-Rooseveltian Democrat Party into what it is today: a massive, anti-American, anti-democracy IED buried deep in the bowels of the nation’s capital.

Normal Boomers didn’t pay attention to what was going on

Sadly, the actual majority of Boomers actual tried to live real, productive lives starting businesses, raising families and, in general, too preoccupied with every day life and family issues to see what was really going on.

But too often voting for their fellow Boomers who ran as Democrats but hid their peculiar flavors of Marxism and Fascism until they’d succeeded in infiltrating colleges and universities, the judiciary, the media and, ultimately much of Congress and the Federal bureaucracy with fellow travelers.

In the meantime, they’ve succeeded in dumbing down and destroying the intellectual capacity of at least one generation (the Millennials), while working to do the same thing to Gen Z before they depart this mortal coil.

fundamental transformation, Biden's Afghanistan debacle

Device Dreams. Screen capture from YouTube video cited in this article.

A grim future awaits America, unless…

Which brings us to our closing video, reflected in our headline graphic above. This could be the saddest thing I’ve seen and heard for quite some time. It sums up the depersonalization of our rising generations. Younger Americans, unfortunately, have gradually come to accept virtual realities for actual realities, and propaganda for truth. This makes them easily manipulable through media and political appeals to their “feelings” as opposed to their “reason.”

This latter skill has been carefully stunted via increasingly faulty education over the past 40-50 years at least.

It’s a truly “Mad World”

The individual who posted the following video on YouTube provided the following intro. These comments draw no particular conclusion. But those of my readers who view it most certainly will.

“After seeing a low-res instrumental remix of this powerful Moby music video on my phone, I felt it was screaming out for an HD edit with Michael Andrews and Gary Jules cover of ‘Mad World’. This amazing animation by Steve Cutts tells a powerful story, with or without the music. I make no claim of authorship or rights to the video or music content herein. No infringement is intended. Original video at:…

I have much, much more to say about today’s topics and others intimately related. But right now, I’d say at least one thing is clear. More of us need to step up to the plate. Otherwise, the greatest experiment in the history of mankind will soon go the way of the mighty Roman Empire.

Terry Ponick

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