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Biden administration sits atop it high horse and whips up racial hysteria

Written By | Sep 27, 2021
Biden, Border Patrol, Border

Mounted US Border Patrol Agents attempt to apprehend Haitian immigrant crossing illegally into the US. MSNBC screen capture.

WASHINGTON. With the catastrophe at the US southern border worsening by the day, and with Vice President Kamala Harris charged with solving the crisis, the faux Biden administration needed something to distract Americans from this epic failure. Enter the swift men on horseback. Equestrian US Border Patrol agents to be exact.

Border, Border Patrol, Horse, Biden, Border

Mounted US Border Patrol Agents attempt to apprehend Haitian immigrants crossing illegally into the US. Fox News screen capture.

Photos and video showing mounted border agents in cowboy hats doing their jobs – rounding up immigrants attempting to enter the United States illegally – stirred the boiling cauldron of insincere Democrat outrage.

The images, said Democrats, showed mounted border agents in Del Rio, Texas, whipping Black Haitians attempting to cross the Rio Grande.

Boarder czar Harris expressed horror, saying the images should remind Americans how such measures were “used against the Indigenous people of our country. Then used against African Americans during times of slavery.”

President Biden said the images were “horrible to see. To see people treated like they did? Horses running them over? People being strapped? It’s outrageous.”

Border, Border Patrol, Horse, Biden, Border

President Biden condemns Texas border agents during White House press conference. Fox News screen capture.

He sternly told his most ardent constituency, Washington’s press corps, “I promise you, those people will pay.”

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas added his voice to the virtue signaling, sermonizing, “One cannot weaponize a horse.”

He told agents to cease patrolling the border by horseback and ordered an investigation into the whippings.

Up in El Paso, meanwhile, photographer Paul Ratje, who shot some of the border agent images, told NBC affiliate KTSM,

“I’ve never seen them [US border agents] whip anyone. He [the border agent] was swinging it [the horse’s reins], but it can be misconstrued when you’re looking at the picture.”

However, despite the Photographer Who Captured Migrant Photos Says Agents Didn’t Use Whips on Anyone truth, Psaki doubles down.

The “whipping” scandal was a carefully crafted Washington/media hoax, but a telling one.

That’s because nothing is more American than a cowboy – with his Colt six-shooter strapped to his hip and a stout horse under his saddle.

And, conversely, nothing is more un-American than attacking men on horseback who attempt to secure the territorial integrity of the United States against foreign invaders.

Liberal elites don’t ride horses, they ride Border Patrol to shut them down

No politician in modern American history is more closely associated with the mythic cowboy – or looked taller in the saddle – than President Ronald Reagan. And it was his cowboy mystique that so irked the effete elites of journalism and Washington’s political class.

Border, Border Patrol, Horse, Biden, Border, Çowboy, Reagan

President Ronald Reagan on horseback. Photo: the Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.

It’s hard for newsroom typists and political grifters to portray themselves as mythic figures when juxtaposed against an American icon known for daring, alertness, skill with a lariat, steady balance in the stirrups, and a wide-brimmed hat that crowns the head of one who relishes living in nature’s unforgiving elements.

Oh, and who displays good horsemanship to boot.

The image is, well, downright manly. A profound and fundamental trait that transcends modern America’s wimpish culture as expressed through its spineless politicians.

Of Reagan, columnist Heather Richardson of the Milwaukee Independent recently recalled:

“With his cowboy hat and western ranch, Reagan deliberately tapped into this mythology, as well as the racism and sexism in it, when he promised to slash taxes and regulations to free individuals from a grasping government.”

You see, the cowboy’s fundamental crime is being “free… from grasping government.”

In Texas and Politics, they shoot horses, don’t they?

But the Biden regime hopes to free foreigners illegally crossing the Rio Grande from the grasp of mounted US Border Patrol Agents in Texas. Their White House employer, after all, campaigned to make illegal entry into the US much more profitable for intruders.

Today, he provides them, at taxpayer expense, free health care, transportation to American cities to begin a new life, and education. Best yet, they’re being given special privileges no native-born American can claim. Like exemptions from Biden’s draconian COVID-19 travel restrictions and vaccine mandates.

Now, all US government cowboys are forbidden to enforce immigration laws passed by a Congress no longer interested in the rule of law.

A consensus in lawlessness was agreed upon by Democrat and Republican lawmakers alike. A consensus allowing the theft of America.

Only three short decades (1865 to 1895) mark the cowboy era in America. And yet, the cowboy is more synonymous with our nation’s yearning for freedom and independence than all our Founding Fathers in their white powdered wigs put together.

Border, Border Patrol, Horse, Biden, Border, Çowboy

“Wagon Boss” by Charlie Russell.

Old West artist Charlie Russell, who was a real cowboy, once saying,

“You can see what man-made from the seat of an automobile, but the best way to see what God made is from the back of a horse.”

There’s a reason Biden sent Texas border cowboys to twiddle their thumbs back at the bunkhouse. It’s because, from their high vantage point on horseback, they can easily see God-given America. An America being stolen with the aid of Washington’s thieving rustlers – those guys and gals in the black hats.


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Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.