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Ben Domenech: Flashing Federalism Deep in Dixie, Fools only Fools

Written By | Aug 6, 2021
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Texas Flag courtesy of Ben Domenech By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0,

TEXAS: The conservative wannabees or ersatz conservatives or whatever, love to denigrate the South.  Many Southerners allow them such slights. I don’t.

It has always been an amazing feature of the “naming class” taxonomists to cover a true thought with a misnomer of fact. There are many examples, but one struck me recently as I listened to one of the multitudes of ersatz conservatives (often conservative wannabees) on a cable news program.

In this case, it was Fox Cable News (they have many “ersatz” and “wannabees”). The particular spokesman was Ben Domenech, publisher of the “Federalist.”

It is usually some blowhard who composes himself as “conservative” who likes to malign the South

Because he thinks they must accept his makeshift mendacity in the name of political unity.

Mostly the idea behind “conservative” or the ideas behind the American civilization of English European settlers is as blurred to him as is Grecian antiquity fast-forwarded, or African Slavery and the Atlantic slave trade.

Domenech delivered a Republican-savior-type monologue regarding the “Wide Awakes” of the 1850s. Apparently, these “Wide Awake” jack-booted 19th-century thugs now have reincarnated via pretentious, pompous histrionic studiers of Wikipedia living mostly north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Domenech speaks of the Wide Awakes as if James Buchanan was a fool for ignoring them and should have listened to them under some “federal: authority. (Why the South Seceded – Abbeville Institute)

Republicans are good and liberals are bad

Quite often, whatever spokesmen of the moment, will be discussing a Republican vs Liberal view with a Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity approach: Republicans are good and liberals are bad. And all liberals are Democrats. And Southerners have been corrected from corruption so long as they are good little Republicans, who, of course, are conservatives.  They were once bad little Democrats but have been washed clean by “real” conservatives.

Sadly, these same brave judges (here “Judge” Domenech) of political thought lost their two biggest heroes, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, as these two conservative hacks never repented for opposing and (in the case of Goldwater) voting against the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Of course, the Southerners are only the KKK marching, in lockstep with torches blazing writing law in terror. Unlike, of course, the Wide Awakes who marched in lockstep with torches blazing writing law in self-righteousness. They, of course, were not nationalist storm troopers. They were “Federalist” angels: “While God was marching on.” God bless the Republicans!  These “federalists” believed in a republic. Or was it a Republic?

What must these Hamiltonian/Lincoln/ Nationalists be thinking?

Do they believe that Southerners will stop their draught of soul for some two-bit loser who spins tales of young men who nursed on the Republican party from the teat of nationalistic homogeneity? That they will apologize for a republican form of government first studied and promulgated by the genius of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. That they will settle for the Caesar-like totalitarian state that Yankees worship at the altar of New England Puritans and their counterfeit and sanctimonious “Shining city on a hill.”

And then this same troop of goody-two-shoes types reach for their Bibles. If Domenech has studied the Bible he must have used the abbreviated Cliff Notes.  Certainly, regarding the “Word” on servanthood and the equally pointed admonitions on kidnapping (man-stealing) he is clumsy.

But, alas Lincoln did listen.

He did as the “Wide Awakes” dreamt of doing. That was the calling out troops to burn, rape, and loot the South because of the risk of negroes ultimately being freed and therefore free to wander where they desired—including the new Union territories.

Many of the so-called history books and essays refer to these troops as Federal Troops. They were about as representative of Federalism as Domenech’s own Federalist publication. Lincoln’s troops were, and the publication is– national.

A modern term now sadly revered by many when referred to in a “National” Anthem or in “one nation under God.”

From the Pledge of Allegiance: “…and to the republic…one nation…” Oops!


Southerners, as adverse to “man-stealing” today as they were in the 19th century

They have their Bibles open, not because they are “good, but because (as Christ said) none is good but God.  They know righteousness comes only from recognizing wrongness.

Only puritanical “wide awake” ersatz conservatives believe they can “create,” like the Creator, “shining cities” with cannonballs landing on hills and homes. And bayonets stabbing blacks and whites alike while burning Southern towns.

These were Mr. Lincoln’s “wide awakes” Mr. Domenech.

Southerners did not focus on “owning” people from a once distant land. They focused on the fact that these people were wrongly delivered (by the Northern Shining City guys) and must be practically favored at least contemporarily.

Southerners do not worship flags such as the Confederate Battle Flag, with its Cross of Saint Andrew, or beautiful songs such as “Dixie.”

They love them and carry them in their hearts regardless of how many laws, admonitions, and boycotts are disseminated to remove them from public view. You can’t tear out Southern hearts, Buster. That was tried at Gettysburg and Vicksburg. We were right then and we are right now.

You got our wealth and most of our land. But you’ll never get our hearts, you dastardly loud-mouth amateurish historian.

So-called federalists, so fraudulently named, love to smile and smirk at what they call the Lost Cause.

But theirs is the true Lost Cause in the historical understanding of their own calling card. If they truly think that they are federalists, they are truly LOST.

They are nationalists and brood and breed with all concomitant nationalistic monsters, especially the Democrat Party.

Did they think that some 300,000 young men in gray lay down their lives in some sort of modern-day Yankee babble about Southern racism? Men who largely paid for their own supplies and weapons and supplies, and who left their families, often walking into battle barefooted, many to be burned out by some shining city angels sent from some New England haven cloistering the likes of psychopaths like John Brown.

This silly little babbler of melodramatic fallacious events may preen for the cameras and his readers. But if he’s looking for historical events attached to federalism, he might read, not “The Federalist Papers,” but “The Anti-Federalist Papers.”

But next time you come South looking for a fight, Buster, I’ll be here.



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Ben Domenech By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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