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As the world burns, war looms, imbeciles focus on the Academy Awards

Written By | Mar 28, 2022
Will Smith, Chris Rock, Slap, Academy Awards

LOS ANGELES, March 28, 2022 — Those with an IQ above 50 know that Hollywood is not real life. It is not news. It is at best a luxury to be enjoyed in good times. In 2022, the world is on fire. Yet many individuals in the mainstream media and social media are obsessing over two multi-millionaire entertainment personalities – Chris Rock and Will Smith – at an irrelevant Academy Awards show.

Getting the nonsense out of the way, the 2022 Academy Awards were held Sunday night. Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes were hired to make some obnoxious jokes about Republicans and Trump voters. As Los Angeles suffers from rampant crime and homelessness, precious police resources were wasted on tying up traffic for the benefit of overprivileged celebrities.

The boring event would have already been forgotten had Will Smith not slapped Chris Rock.

As millions of people obsessed over the pre-slap and post-slap events, others focus on what matters.

Those too busy focusing on Hollywood drivel may have missed a serious escalation in Russia’s War on Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin bombed Western Ukraine sites near Poland. This occurred while President Joe Biden was in Poland. While the Biden administration will downplay that act to avoid panic, the American president’s life could have been in danger.

Then-President Biden took America to the brink of World War III by calling for regime change in Russia. Knowing that he would be unwilling to enforce such action, Mr. Biden walked back his comments the next day. The Ukrainians being murdered on a daily basis were unconcerned with the Hollywood awards show.

Other people not concerned with Hollywood nonsense are the families of murdered Israeli Jews.

This past weekend, an Israeli Arab murdered Jews. The media had no interest in the story and largely blanketed it from their coverage. In a separate incident, Israeli law enforcement arrested several Islamists plotting deadly attacks. This may not be sexy enough to compete with the red carpet, but it is far more important.

In what should be a bombshell domestic policy announcement, President Biden is trying to tax unrealized gains on multi-millionaires.

This policy would be destructive, but it might also be illegal. Tax policy may be boring to people, but the IRS can harm you much more than TMZ can. For the uninitiated, unrealized gains are profits that do not exist. If the person is taxed on a non-existent profit, the value of the investment could still crash. The person would then have paid taxes on top of losses.

While this would most likely be ruled unconstitutional, the time wasted on pursuing this proposal comes at the expense of better policies.

Speaking of unconstitutional, the people who decide what is constitutional (SCOTUS) are about to gain an unqualified token hire.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is a leftist political activist who is being socially promoted solely for being a black woman. Ironically, the woman being advanced because of her race and gender cannot define gender. Asked what a woman actually is, Judge Jackson responded that “She (Jackson) is not a biologist.” The fate of American law may rest in the hands of someone more interested in subverting it than upholding it. This is all occurring while people obsess over Hollywood celebrities.

This past weekend also saw a major Trump rally in Georgia.

A political rally more than two years away from a presidential election would normally not be news. Yet this rally was different. Former President Donald Trump went scorched earth on Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp. Trump is backing David Purdue in the primary. This has the potential to cause a deep split in the Republican Party that could get Democrat Stacey Abrams elected Governor.

Trump’s Georgia rally right before the January 2021 runoff elections backfired, depressing Republican turnout and leading to Democrats taking over the Senate. This is a major political story being ignored by those more interested in celebrities babbling about climate change and gender pronouns.

The weekend is normally a quiet time where news fades into the background.

Yet this past weekend was one filled with major news events.

There were at least 10 news stories more important than the Academy Awards. Try finding three stories less important than the Oscar’s. Perhaps John Kerry said something about something. Other than that, it is difficult to find something to care about less than a beef between two rich celebrities. One analyst doltish by even CNN’s low standards tried to blame Trump for the physical altercation at the Oscars. Even many liberals scoffed at the idea that a white Republican president was to blame for two black male Democrats having a conflict.

The Academy Awards are on life support.

They need to be euthanized, not rescued. There is too much going on in the world to spend even one precious moment focusing on celebrity idiocy. There is nothing of value to be learned from these people. Those giving them mainstream media and social media attention are harming society.

Oh, and the Chinese Communist government is still pumping Fentanyl into America, leading to overdose deaths. The Southern border is a sieve. Iran is building a bomb to wipe Israel off the map as the American government pushes the horrendous Iran deal.

For those still needing to focus on celebrities, there is a legitimate reason to discuss Will Smith. He starred in “Independence Day.” In that movie, partiers were enjoying revelry on a hotel rooftop just before the enemy firebombed them into oblivion.

Just before everyone was burned alive, they spent their final moments dancing, totally unaware of real-world events about to overtake them and end their lives.

To avoid the world burning, focus on what matters.

Rapper Big Daddy Kane said it best. “Burn, Hollywood burn.” Go away. Let the real world and what matters take up our time. It is tough to save the world when its inhabitants have no idea what is going on.

As for who won the Academy Awards, nobody should care.


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