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As the coronavirus pandemic begins to fade, the blame game has begun

Written By | Apr 21, 2020
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CHARLOTTE, NC – Every major local, national or international event like the current coronavirus pandemic goes through various phases. Depending upon the nature of the incident, those phases may vary in length, intensity and scope. But there’s always a stage in each event where establishing blame takes priority over anything else.

The ability to identify the source of the problem causing each event can be elusive. But it’s of key importance for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which is the ability to ultimately achieve closure. This is critical for helping each person involved in or affected by the event to comprehend his or her own interpretation of what occurred, and why.

In the case of COVID-19, as the panic over health risks start to subside, we are beginning to enter the blame chapter of the story. For most people, it’s already a given that the coronavirus pandemic traces its roots to Wuhan, China, even if the primary culprit has yet to be officially identified. Certainly, in this case anyway, one can find more than enough blame to go around. But most importantly, we must seek to identify all the sources involved in the rapid, unchecked spread of the coronavirus. Hopefully, doing so can make us better prepared to handle any future episodes more efficiently and in less time than this one.

In getting a handle on this pandemic, there remains at least one burning question to be resolved. How did Italy became the primary conduit for the coronavirus to make its way first into Europe and then the United States?

Putting the puzzle pieces together

In an article written in late March by Giacomino Nicolaz, one of Italy’s most popular authors, we can begin to put the pieces of this complex political puzzle together. And we can do so in a way that brings the picture into much clearer focus, even when some of the pieces remain missing.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Nicolazzo now lives in Montecalvo, Lombardy. This small, northern Italian village is part of the region where the novel coronavirus first appeared in Europe.

The Italian Connection

According to Nicolazzo, the genesis of the problem began with Matteo Renzi in 2014. Renzi was the former mayor of Florence who, while leading the Partito Democratico, was elected as Italy ‘s prime minister.

Nicolazzo notes that the Partito Democratic is synonymous with the Italian Communist Party. Further, he points out that Renzi, himself, “was so far left, he (made) Barack Obama look like Barry Goldwater!”

In that same year, through deals made with China, the Italian economy got a €5 billion boost under Renzi. This occurred when the Chinese purchased dozens of Italian companies for less than €100 million each.

By the time Renzi left office in disgrace in 2016, these Chinese acquisitions exceeded €52 billion. The Chinese government had accomplished this through its ownership interests in more than 300 companies, representing over 27% of the major Italian corporations.

The Chinese path toward dominance hits a snag

Writes Nicolazzo:

“The Bank of China now owns five major banks in Italy…all of which had been secretly (and illegally) propped up by Renzi using pilfered pension funds! Soon after, the China Milano Equity Exchange was opened and much of Italy’s wealth was being funneled back to the Chinese mainland.”

Centered in Milan is Italy’s ultra-profitable fashion industry. That industry, one of China’s key investment targets, defined a major epicenter of one of the regions hardest hit by the virus. Here, COVID-19 dealt its earliest and heaviest blows.

As a result of China’s vast array of purchases and acquisitions of Italian businesses, the Renzi government allowed unrestricted access by the Chinese to Italy and its financial markets. Thus, many of the new Chinese owners and representatives entered the country without customs inspections.

In fact, tens of thousands of Chinese came through Milan illegally, departing, as usual, with Italian-generated money, technology and corporate secrets. Given this background, senior medical officials in Italy say they have no doubt that the virus traveled to Italy directly from China. With some very likely carrying the as yet unknown “novel coronavirus.”

A nasty, virulent surprise devastates Italy

The first evidence of COVID-19 caught the eye of officials when the disease emerged in Chinese neighborhoods in Lombardy in December of 2019. By the end of January 2020, northern Italy was under sieged from COVID-19. Both the government and the Italian medical care system proved woefully under-prepared and dramatically overwhelmed by the ravages of this initially invisible deadly menace. Within weeks, hospitals and medical clinics quickly found themselves virtually at capacity and in a state of near institutional collapse.

Italy has a reputation for having one of the better healthcare systems in Europe. However, well before COVID-19 entered the country, likely through Milan, massive tranches of government money were periodically diverted away from healthcare to fund something known in Italy as “guaranteed income.” Italians, regardless of whether they work or not, get paid. From time to time, when the government needs to fill the pot for those who don’t work, it imposes a new, additional tax on those who do.

What happens when taxpayer funds get misused

Sometimes a tax becomes so outlandish that it borders on the absurd. For example, Giacomino Nicolazzo demonstrates the insanity of Italian taxation as exemplified by the country’s “Public Shadow Tax.”

The government levies the Public Shadow Tax on individuals living in buildings constructed with a balcony or balconies. If any balcony casts a shadow on the ground, the government requires residents to pay this Public Shadow Tax.

Italy’s current disfunction evolved into a tragic metaphor for an entire world gone mad. Common sense is no longer common. That simple fact enabled Communist China to effortlessly spread a pandemic into Europe and the world via Italy through its ignorance, arrogance and moral ambivalence.

China stands accused of causing the spread of COVID-19. Who’s next?

When it comes to the catastrophically destructive COVID-19 pandemic, the blame game for its cause is underway. But you can justifiably lay the blame for its cause at the feet of the Chinese Communist government. The same holds true for today’s effete Western “intelligentsia,” media and government hacks. Government hacks, in particular, consistently prove more interested in playing political power games in times of crisis. Representing those who elected them to serve the public good they find of little concern.

Are you listening, Nancy?

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