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Are Navaho Native Americans really Nazis? More MSM insanity

Written By | Mar 4, 2021
Navahos, MSM

Navaho Rug Design. Image via

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Did you know that Navahos are Nazis? Following the stunning revelation alleged via HuffPo and other MSM outlets that the CPAC convention stage was designed to reflect a hated Nazi symbol.

CPAC, Rune, Navajo, Nazi

The question became where else this widely-known symbol could be found. It didn’t take long to find it in the center—the center!—of a Navaho rug design (above).

That rune is secretly embedded in the design. It is the exact Nazi symbol used on the stage at CPAC. The brown diamond in the lower center of the rug is even the same color. Note also the use of black.

Illustrated below is the way that the Nazis used this symbol, which is an ancient Norse rune, on the collar patches of the Waffen-SS:

MSM, Navajos

Ancient Odal Rune, image used on SS shoulder patch. Image via wikipedia, CC 4.0 license.

Could this really be?

Absolutely not. This common Navaho rug design pre-dates the Nazi movement. But that doesn’t prove that the Navahos weren’t Nazis to the MSM. All it proves is that they were ahead of their time. The historical record is clear.

Ancient runes like these traveled to the New World with the Viking explorers. From there they migrated across to continent to the Navaho people in the southwest, who began to incorporate it in their rug designs.

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You see, according to the illogic of those on the far-left MSM fringe, far from not being Nazis, the Navahos were in fact proto-Nazis. They had an unconscious bias.

You might also object that the Navaho fought the Nazis in World War II as “Code Talkers.” Well, that doesn’t excuse them because they worked in the Pacific against the Japanese rather than in Europe against their Nazi brothers.

No, I’m afraid it’s case closed. (Satire alert.) The Navaho are Nazis. Their culture needs to be canceled. History needs to be re-written. They need to be denounced at every opportunity and—this is most important—all of their offending rugs need to be burned.

Of course not! This is pure, far-left MSM fantasy.

I sincerely hope no one could possibly believe the preceding paragraphs. But the headline made you look, didn’t it? This exercise in the absurd serves to make a very important point, though: that lies are easy to make; that the truth is easily distorted.

The stage design and the rug design are simple geometric shapes used over and over again by many cultures for many different reasons. There are patterns in Central Asian rugs that resemble Navaho designs even though the two cultures are half a globe apart and had no contact.

Runes belong to the Nordic written culture. The Nazis borrowed them. They did not invent them. There’s nothing inherently “wrong” with the symbols themselves.

The Navahos who served in World War II was only one of several Native American tribes recruited for the code talkers. These American patriots served honorably in both the Pacific and European theaters. Unfortunately, it’s easy to lie about that when Americans are no longer taught the truth about our history.

This is how conspiracy theories are formed.

Lies are easy to fashion when you don’t know the truth. Lies are easy to believe when you don’t stop to think about what is being said.; when you don’t examine the underlying premises and who’s trying to advance the idea.

What I wrote above about “unconscious bias” and “proto-Nazis” are exactly the same lies that are being spread today via the MSM and the Internet about the Caucasian-European-American majority in this country.

Those lies are every bit as reprehensible as 19th and 20th-century theories of racial superiority. Only this time it’s not Nazis spreading theories, it’s modern cultural Marxists.

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A moment’s reflection will make one realize the preposterousness of the proposition that all white people are born racists and can do nothing about it. No rational person could possibly honestly believe that then that black people are congenitally inferior beings who can never rise to greatness.

Unless…unless you are so convinced that this view becomes your worldview. Unless you are so convinced of these lies that you cannot see the truth when it hits you in the face. That, by the way, is the aim of Soviet-style propaganda. Make no mistake: what you are hearing from the leftist MSM, self-proclaimed elites, and their political class is exactly that.

Concluding thoughts

For anyone who’s read this far and is still offended by anything I wrote about the Navaho people, please read it again. I greatly respect the Navahos for their unique form of patriotic service in World War II. No one else could have done what they and the other Native Americans did.

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who hates patriotism, you’ll be offended anyway. If you’re the kind of person who reads to see whether the article either confirms or denies your strongly-held beliefs, you may still be offended anyway.

So be it. In the end, the truth wins.

— Headline image: Navaho Rug Design. Image via




Al Maurer

Al Maurer is a political scientist and founder of The Voice of Liberty. He writes on topics of limited government and individual rights.