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American Vets in Afghanistan did not fight in vain; they crushed Taliban evil

Written By | Aug 17, 2021
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AFGHANISTAN, June 26, 2010. Members of the Afghan International Security Force (ISAF) pulls security on a compound in Kandahar province. Zhari District, Afghanistan. June 26. ISAF was a NATO-led military mission in Afghanistan, established by the United Nations Security Council in December 2001. Combat Camera Photo Spc. Christian Palermo

SAN DIEGO: Now flying their flag over Kabul, the Taliban are on the hunt for anyone who opposed them over the last 20 years. The people our Afghanistan vets protected. The Taliban lie publicly saying it will be a “peaceful” transfer of power. When already, according to refugees, they’ve left a trail of executions and forced marriages throughout the land on their way to Kabul.

Reports say the Taliban is conducting a ‘hunt’ for “govt officials, former police & security forces members & those who worked for foreign countries NGOs or infrastructures in Afghanistan,” as reported by Daily Wire. Going door-to-door, creating a shroud of fear and panic over the capital city in their grip.

This monstrous outcome is a direct result of the egregious blunder of Biden’s foreign policy says Republican senator Ben Sasse.

Sasse asserted to CNN on Monday that Biden’s ill-planned U.S. military withdrawal left a “power vacuum for the Taliban to exploit and occupy,” National Review reports.

The takeover was aided by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s flight out of the country, leaving his people without protection. Hopelessly on their own as the Taliban came ‘a hunting’, rifles in hand.

Afghans swarm jet to flee Taliban, women frightened; 7 deaths reported

Watching the Taliban tear through the country undeterred, causing ungodly suffering, makes Afghanistan vets feel betrayed. This, because they gave all in the fight to stop the Taliban’s atrocities. Not unlike the Vietnam vets who gave all to stop the Viet Cong. And they all gave all. And what did they get in return? Backlash, apathy, spit, and for some a feeling of it was worth it?

As they try to justify their buddy’s bloodstains on their uniforms in their minds. There’s anger, doubt, deflation – even rage out there among Afghanistan vets who fought so courageously and see 20 years of blood, sweat, and tears, all unraveling.

No warrior’s boot steps in vain. You saved generations of lives.

Years ago, our Afghanistan vets then warriors turned the tables on the radical Islamist terrorists. They didn’t parade in front of cameras back then boasting of victory. They hid behind walled compounds and in civilian populations. In secret, they hid their IED vengeance in the ground everywhere, under rock piles, in wadis, rivers, cornfields, walls of compounds, and more.

“The young men and women who committed to a life to service won,” says one USMC leader who served honorably in Afghanistan, “as soon as they volunteered to to serve interests often times outside their own.”

One Marine Infantry veteran of the Afghanistan war says he gets shaken seeing a rock pile in the construction work he does, it is a chilling reminder. In a war zone, every disturbed blade of grass or unusual rock pile could be a IED death trap.

It was U.S.-led coalition troops hunting the Taliban despite the lethal dangers.

And why did they do it? This Marine leader says,

“We wanted to go forward. We wanted to “fight” and to do something honorable. To do good, and to protect each other.”

“Was it worth it? Evil people were killed. Evil people were prevented, even if for years, from torturing, killing or destroying good people.”

“Now, for the ones who don’t get it? Such a crisis going on in their minds. Trying to make sense out of something they’ll never understand.”

Every step towards ending Taliban evil was worth it. And any attempt to prove themselves otherwise in front of a news camera is propaganda. Including using a CNN reporter dressed in a burqa to show their ‘friendly’ side as they chant “Death to America.” War is real. Not some press game.

Ghani facilitates Taliban takeover after 20-year ousting by U.S.-led forces

This CNN reporter hits Afghanistan vets right between the eyes by downplaying the unchanging character of the Taliban we have seen in graphic brutality for 20 years.

Try taking off your burqa and see how friendly they are then.

Senator Mitt Romney ripped Biden’s finger-pointing address to the nation.

“The President’s failure to acknowledge his disastrous withdrawal provides no comfort to Americans or our Afghan partners whose lives hang in the balance,” Romney said. “Contrary to his claims, our choice was not between a hasty and ill-prepared retreat or staying forever. The decision to place a higher priority on a political promise than on the lives of innocent men, women, and children is a stain on America’s reputation and undermines our credibility around the world.”

Our Afghanistan warriors promised the Afghan soldiers who fought with them they would not abandon them.

The same soldiers that Biden says “have no will to fight.”

Plenty of Afghan Soldiers and police have died fighting the Taliban.

The human cost for Afghan National Military and Police in Post-9/11 wars (from 2001-2019) total a whopping 64,124.

“Some Republican lawmakers have emphasized that the Biden administration’s move to pull air support from the country rendered the Afghan fighting force inoperative,” reports National Review.

“They [Afghan forces] fought with us, and we said they would be secure, and his [Biden’s] administration undermined the confidence of those people fighting. We bizarrely, in one of the great blunders in military history, evacuated Bagram Air Force Base in the middle of the night. Why?” asks Sasse.

Some attribute this decision as,

“The Afghan military was positioned to fail under Biden’s direction,” writes National Review.

The Taliban seized Bagram and all U.S. equipment given to the Afghan forces.

They’ll be riding around in U.S. military MRAPs and Humvees soon, as well as flying our drones, all due to Biden. (Taliban seizes US military equipment including drones, humvees and MRAPs)

Bagram could have served as an exit point for Americans and Afghan allies still trapped there. And helped Afghan forces keep the Taliban at bay while all endangered personnel and people were evacuated.

Who did not have the will to fight here? The Taliban issued a warning today that all U.S. troops must be gone by Sept. 11th. Or what?

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan War: No tears for the mistakes killing thousands

John Castorani, Republican Candidate for Congress VA-07 sent a searing message out today.

Castorani spent six years tracking down the Islamic terrorists who killed our Ambassador in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th, 2012, he says, “while Hillary Clinton slept.” Now Castorani watches in horror the complete meltdown of Afghanistan politically.

“This is not a withdrawal; this is an abandonment leading to a humanitarian crisis of the likes we have not seen this century. My heart is breaking for my brothers that I lost on the battlefield, and for the members of the special forces who are going to be responsible for cleaning up this mess in the near future,” says Castorini.

Both Trump and Biden trusted terrorists to keep their word in the ‘peace’ deal. While not publicly acknowledging the Afghan government’s weak leadership militarily. Or the lack of critical support for their soldiers then and now. Resulting in panicked Afghans swarming the Kabul airport, hanging on to jets as they lift off.

I hear the stories of Afghanistan and Iraq vets first hand.

They will tell you how hard it was to fight the Taliban without actually saying it. You see it and cringe and shudder when you hear what vets of the war in Afghanistan had to do. They still fight with honor and duty, and without questioning the foreign policies that put them in combat situations. The job requires them to be the lethal warfighting machine. These warriors inspire beyond words.

Yet government policies on both sides worked against them. (Questions raised over ‘very restrictive rules of engagement in Afghanistan) Did you know there were more U.S. contractors killed than U.S. Military in the Afghanistan war?

With U.S. security forces gone journalists in Afghanistan count their final hours. 

These same journalists that we relied on to get on-site information about this deadly war at the risk of their own lives. Fifty-one journalists have been assassinated since 2001 when our troops overran the Taliban and removed them from power immediately post 9/11.

A heartbreaking list for those dedicated to keeping the world abreast of the Taliban’s atrocities.

How quickly we took the insurgents out and kept them out. 

Our Afghanistan warriors’ drive and tenacity on the ground never ceased to accomplish the missions. They won their battles over evil. And, now at the hands of few in gilded offices – how quickly the terrible Taliban return to power.


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Senior Staff Writer for CommDigiNews, Jeanne McKinney is an award-winning writer whose focus and passion is our United States active-duty military members and military news. Her Patriot Profiles offer an inside look at the amazing active-duty men and women in all Armed Services, including U.S. Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard. Reporting includes first-hand accounts of combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the fight against violent terror groups, global defense, tactical training and readiness, humanitarian and disaster relief assistance, next-generation defense technology, family survival at home, U.S. port and border protection and illegal immigration, women in combat, honoring the Fallen, Wounded Warriors, Military Working Dogs, Crisis Response, and much more. Starting in 2012, McKinney has won multiple San Diego Press Club “Excellence in Journalism Awards,” including eight “First Place” honors, as well as multiple second and third place recognition for her Patriot Profiles published printed articles. Including awards for Patriot Profiles military films. During the year 2020, McKinney has written and had published dozens of investigative articles in her ongoing fight to preserve America the Republic, the Constitution, and its laws. One such story selected for use in a legal brief in the national fight for 2020 election integrity.