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American citizens growing fearful as US remains in bizarre lockdown mode

Written By | Jan 23, 2021
American citizens, lockdown mode

Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Resized to fit CDN format.

WASHINGTON – Three days after the 2021 Inaugural Parade that really wasn’t, the nation’s capital largely remained in military lockdown mode. Washington’s war footing will likely remain in place through the end of January. The same holds true in any number of state capitals. But with the city and others essentially shut down and turned into an armed military camp, and with the US Capitol building surrounded by towering fences wreathed with inward-facing razor wire, why should we feel good about an incoming administration whose obvious fear of American citizens has come to this? The incoming administration preaches “unity.” But what kind of unity is this?

Prior to the Inauguration of America’s new president, which began a full 15 minutes before the law said it should, I honestly felt that now former-President Trump was allowing a potential victory to slip out of his hands, perhaps by predesign. If anything, I wondered if the tables might be suddenly turned, with the situation suddenly transformed into a military takeover during which both presidential candidates would be required to stand down.

A likely majority of American citizens are growing very angry

But such a never-before-seen outcome could successfully unfold in the US only if a decisive majority of the American people, regardless of party or political persuasion, finally believed that massive criminality is routinely conducted in this city at the behest of most elected and appointed Federal officials. If so, that would constitute a criminality so extensive that its continued acceptance would risk the loss of freedom-loving American citizens’ very existence as free men and women.

Unfortunately, people in our country only pay attention to national politics when they’re deeply afraid. Today, many of them are deeply afraid. Their reasons range from Washington’s ongoing, bizarre and seemingly permanent lockdown mode obsession, to COVID-19 terrorism, to the threat of Portland- and Seattle-style anarchy and mayhem in their own towns and cities. Many of our American citizens are  angry, but still feel impotent. Perhaps things need to get worse in order to finally awaken the sleeping giant.

But for that to occur, the ongoing damage to ordinary American citizens must appear (and actually be) potentially incalculable. To correct political criminality of this magnitude, partisanship and the appearance of partisanship need to be thrown overboard.

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Who’s responsible for America’s ongoing and obsessive lockdown mode? Washington’s dysfunctional politics?

The cause of the current damage goes beyond the Democrat party. It now includes a likely majority of Republicans. Over the past several years, even predating the Trump administration, cynics routinely dubbed this lethal combination of Democrats and Republicans the “Republicrats” or the “Uniparty.” Today, that verdict doesn’t seem very far off base.

The current political corruption emanates directly from Washington. But it has long permeated local, county, state, and federal legislatures; the judiciary, at every level; academia from pre-K to post-graduate; many churches and other religious institutions; large businesses and corporations of every type; and perhaps a majority of nonprofit organizations, no matter how high-minded their titles. The extent of our nation’s political rot is far too big to miss.

All involved in this corrupt, elitist game have compromised the very principles of morality essential to human life. Most of them have succumbed to greed and the lust for political power and personal gain. Perhaps a few of them are simply going along to get along. They don’t want to slip up and allow wealth and the life it brings to escape of their grasp.

It’s always easier to be bad than to be good

Simply stated, nowadays it’s easier to be bad than good in this country. It’s easy to steal from trusting people, just as long as you do it incrementally over time. The far-left controlled Democrats want to finish this game right now. The GOP’s fellow travelers still take their time, hoping no one will notice until the Democrats complete their permanent lockdown of America.

And everyone, even those whose livelihoods are being stolen by their phony socialist betters, still sweats the details. The obsession for a false political correctness in Western society has become more and more granular. And grudgingly accepted. Which encourages more of it.

All the while, the universal principles of morality essential for both material and metaphysical prosperity—along with the necessary social contracts and sacred pacts—have been abandoned by our leaders, right along with our once robust economy. We’ve seen our freedom, our rights, and even our ability to earn a living dissipated for decades. Except for the elites, of course. Our “elected” rulers who long ago forgot that they’re our employees, not our feudal lords.

Antidotes to despair

The best that ordinary individuals can do in 2021 is to refuse to despair. Hope fuels efforts against evil. A welcome bit of comedy can help, although real, nonpolitical comedy today seems well on the way to being outlawed. Along with every other simple pleasure. Even so, we can still pray to acquire the power of good, despite living in a culture that believes goodness equals weakness. And then we can choose to act based on what prayer inspires within us.

In actuality, goodness equals growth. It brings plenty for all. Evil eats itself and sucks up every weakness it perceives. It starves the body, and eventually, the spirit, producing nations whose leaders have become perpetually hungry ghosts. They hunt regular people in packs, occasionally turning on each other if no regular people remain.

The good: Do they truly understand the nature of evil?

Ordinary American citizens, believing what they’re told to believe, marvel at the horror, or perhaps even decide to enlist on the other side to serve as soldiers. They are still genuinely good people, ultimately loyal to their leaders. They don’t know what else to do.

But American citizens who are overly good may not be capable of understanding evil and how it emboldens those who enjoy political power. Unaware of the unfathomable depths of true evil, trusting citizens are incapable of comprehending evil’s effects, even when these effects, largely due to blue states that insist on remaining in lockdown mode, are plain for all to see.

The lazy and the fearful

Two more subgroups of American citizens misunderstand evil, even if they recognize it on the surface.

Lazy US citizens also remain unaware of evil’s effects. It’s easy to slack off, cooperate with the powerful and perhaps earn a part of the spoils.

Then there are fearful American citizens. They run away from the knowledge of evil while simultaneously following the evil leaders responsible for inflicting it.

Big Daddy government? Or Big Brother?

Bizarrely, all three classes of American citizens expect their government to take care of them. After all, they seem to believe, isn’t that what government is for? We don’t ever want Big Brother. Yet we demand Big Daddy when it comes to choosing the next occupant of the White House. Obedient compliance is a price many gladly pay. Receiving the approval of one’s rulers evolves into the continually narrowing path to righteousness and security.

None of these groups of citizens are true grownups, true adults. They live in varying stages of adolescent delusion and pleasure seeking. All—the unaware, the lazy, and the fearful—ask the same question: What can I do to feel better? Who will provide my bliss? That’s the one I’ll vote for. That’s the party I’ll vote for.

But how has that worked out? High unemployment, dysfunctional schooling and a nation that’s now spend just short of a year on lockdown mode with no obvious effect.

Needy people are incapable of identifying evil. They actually seek it out in small places and are unable to see its vastness and logic. The vast majority of voters, not just in the United States, but everywhere, are incapable of recognizing the most basic premise of political evil.

Sadly, our imminent national collapse is by design

The hard left – i.e., the elites and elite wannabes – actually began its methodical Long March through our Western institutions early in the 20th century. In 2021, with their work nearly completed, they’re now preparing to savor their victory over the rest of us and expand it further.

And now, they don’t even bother to hide their fascistic ambitions. They feel they’re now past the point of no return and now define “unity” in the US as an entire nation that agrees only with them.

After all, in our new cancel culture, who remains to oppose them?

Welcome to the Resistance 2.0

Seventy-Five or more million Americans can stop Joe Biden and the Democrat’s horrible policies.  Biden’s overturning the XL Pipeline causing some estimate up to 100,00 direct and ancillary jobs. The overturning of Trump’s orders to provide affordable insulin and EpiPen to those most vulnerable, which will cost lives. Reducing the reduction of Abortion funding, leading to more American babies slaughtered in the womb. Declarations that conservatives are domestic terrorists.  The continued occupation of Washington, D.C. by the National Guard.  We are not China.

The second impeachment of President Trump in order to stop his running in 2024.

How can we stop it:  Call, write, email your representative in the House. Your senator in Congress. Your legislatures in your state.  Demand that they stand up for America and Americans and put a stop to Biden’s horrific plans to destroy America – all for the hatred of President Trump and the millions of us that support him.

Do something.  Contact the men and women in Washington DC and demand they give our voice back to those who they govern. And don’t forget to send your letter to the White House.  75 million mail-in demands count. Send a different letter, email, or phone call for every policy.

Contact Joe Biden and state elected officials
  • Contact  Joe Biden online, or call the White House switchboard at 202-456-1414 or the comments line at 202-456-1111 during business hours.
  • Locate your Senator’s contact information.
  • Find your State Representative representative website and contact information.
Local Elected Officials
  • Locate your mayor by name, city, or population size.
  • Find your county executive (the head of the executive branch of government in your county) by map search or your ZIP Code. The county executive may be an elected or an appointed position.
  • Get the contact information for your city, county, and town officials.


– Headline image: Taking it easy during military lockdown mode. Cartoon by Garrison.
Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Resized to fit CDN format.



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