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America is back: Happy Independence Day!

Written By | Jul 4, 2017

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., July 4, 2017 — The 241st anniversary of the Declaration of Independence is dawning with clear blue skies and beautiful weather where the view from Pikes Peak inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write America the Beautiful. It’s a song that celebrates all that’s good about our country, a welcome reminder after eight years of being reminded of everything bad.

From the center of The Swamp, another idea of why this country is awesome:

The American Idea

Matt Kibbe: America isn't great, America is awesome! #AmericaAwesome

Posted by Conservative Review on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

In contrast, Some people on social media were using the hashtag #AmericaWasNeverGreat. How wrong they are.

Consider: In Nigeria—an oil-rich sub-Saharan West African country and ancestral home to some of our African-American population—the average annual salary is $20,000. This is the salary earned by middle-class professionals like architects and healthcare workers. In the United States, a family of four earning $24,000 is at the poverty level.

In Kenya, the average monthly salary is just $76; $912 per year.

The median household income for African-Americans is $43,300—more than twice that of Nigeria and absolutely dwarfing that of the more typical African country of Kenya. While there is much room for improvement, the poorest in America are better off than the fairly well-off elsewhere.

While some complain that their jobs don’t pay enough, elsewhere in the world there are no jobs.

When Americans don’t have a job, we create jobs. We have boundless optimism. This year, we again have a president who is a cheerleader for America, who shares in that optimism.

Listen to his speech at the Kennedy Center on July 1:

We haven’t had that kind of optimism since the Reagan years.

You can continue to be a naysayer but Americans are pretty much done with that. You can criticize the direction of this country from Indonesia, another oil-rich country where the average annual salary is $14,500, if you prefer their way of life.

In America, we believe in free choice.

This Independence Day, America is back. For every Patriot who worked hard to make this day possible. This year, Independence Day is for you.

Al Maurer

Al Maurer is a political scientist and founder of The Voice of Liberty. He writes on topics of limited government and individual rights.