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A Rubik’s Cube on Facebook: Zuckerberg targets me for supporting Trump

Written By | Sep 25, 2019
Rubik's Cube, Naked, Woman, Facebook

PORTLAND, OREGON:  Mark Zuckerberg keeps proving that he is a bully, a thug, a liberal and a liar. He is a bully and a thug because he uses his powerful Facebook platform to target conservatives. Zuckerberg is a liberal because he was raised in the San Francisco Bay area. He is a liar because he repeatedly tells Congress that he is not targeting political opponents. Can he solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 10-minutes? Probably not.

Maybe he should try.  The man who makes millions devising algorithms to censor conservatives should be able to solve the manual algorithm of the Rubik’s Cube, right?

As a professional politically conservative comedian, I am the antidote to Jon Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel. I mock liberals with the same mercy the late-night comics show conservatives. Facebook banned me for making a joke that offended liberals.

“America needs more illegals and refugees to do the jobs that Americans refuse to do…such as beating up Jussie Smollett.”

That was considered hate speech and incitement to violence. Smollett is black, gay and liberal, so anyone mocking him is apparently hateful and violent. Americans are such good people that Smollett had to outsource the job of beating him up to foreigners.

Anyone free from anti-conservative bigotry can get the joke and find it funny.

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Like many liberals, Zuckerberg (despite being Jewish himself) allows fierce criticism of Jews but not of Muslims. Even criticizing the mullahs in Iran can lead to a Facebook ban.

After being banned several times for hate speech, I deliberately went out of my way to not use certain words. Those who criticize Islamist Congresswoman Ilhan Omar had better be prepared to be banned. So I avoided discussing her whenever possible.

“Your comment is back on Facebook. We’re sorry we got this wrong. We reviewed your post again and it does follow our Community Standards. We appreciate you taking the time to request a review. Your feedback helps us do better.”

That message was sent to me on April 5, July 7 and July 9 for various violations that Facebook admitted were not violations at all. While waiting for these corrections, I was of course banned.Rubik's Cube, Naked, Woman, Facebook

The final straw came over something that had nothing to do with politics.

On Monday night, September 16, around 10:45 pm, I posted a picture of a woman. She was naked and holding a Rubik’s Cube. Her breasts were barely covered, but they were covered

I was banned for 24 hours for posting nudity, even though her full breasts could not be seen. Even Zuckerberg would concede that she does show an impressive decolletage.  Recently the liberal town of Fort Collins lifted the ban on topless women. (Colorado city formally drops female topless ban after women’s legal fight to ‘Free the Nipple’). Maybe Zuckerberg needs to get with the liberal policies being enacted in liberal cities.  Either way, this picture did not show the woman’s nipples.

In a roundabout way, the picture is actually pro-feminist. It was taken from a public You-Tube video where the female subject bragged that women could be both gorgeous and smart.

In front of the world, while naked, she solved the Rubik’s Cube in less than 10 minutes.

She is not alone in her talents. YouTube features numerous unclothed or barely clothed persons solving the Rubik’s Cube, proving beauty and brains (or puzzle-solving abilities) can go hand in hand.


30 minutes later Facebook admitted error and said the picture I posted did NOT violate standards.

“Your post is back on Facebook. Sep 16. We’re sorry we got this wrong. We reviewed your post again and it does follow our Community Standards. We appreciate you taking the time to request a review. Your feedback helps us do better.”

The picture was put back up, but I was banned anyway. This made no sense.

On Tuesday night, September 17, only moments after the ban had ended, I was banned for seven days because of the exact same picture. I did not repost the picture. The ban came for the original posting of it. I asked for a review.

“We confirmed your post didn’t follow the Community Standards. (Sep 17)”

How could the picture not be a violation on September 16 but then be a violation one day later?

Then things got even more bizarre.

On Wednesday morning, September 18, Facebook offered to spread the picture to hundreds or even thousands of people if I gave them $5. The picture was supposedly a violation, but Facebook was willing to market the picture for a fee. Meanwhile, I remained banned.

On Monday, September 23, one day before the newer ban was to expire, I decided to take down the picture. It was not worth the hassle. My concern was that if it remained up, I would be banned for 30 days.

On Tuesday, September 24, the seven-day ban expired.

While the picture had been removed from my personal page, I went to my business page and saw the picture was still there. I immediately tried to remove the picture. I was too late.

Once I clicked on the post, I was immediately hit with a 30-day ban on my personal page. I only clicked on it to try and remove it! I did not repost it. Now I have been banned three times for one offense.

In the real world, where the rule of law applies, a prisoner upon being free does not get taken back to jail for the same offense.

Zuckerberg is applying retroactive punishment. Even if one tries to blame algorithms, those algorithms are created by people…his people. These people have a certain view, and it is hostile to anyone not toeing the liberal line.

One hour after the third ban, I received a review.

“Your post is back on Facebook. Today. We’re sorry we got this wrong. We reviewed your post again and it does follow our Community Standards. We appreciate you taking the time to request a review. Your feedback helps us do better.”

So the post was not a violation the first time or the third time, but it was a violation the second time.

Yes, Facebook is deliberately targeting conservatives and Trump supporters even when our posts are apolitical.

This will stop when someone more powerful than Mark Zuckerberg pushes back. Conservatives like me loathe the idea of government intervening in the business world. We also loathe the idea that Mark Zuckerberg is using his platform to bully conservatives. If he would just say, “Trump supporters need not apply,” that would at least be honest.

The lying needs to stop. The targeting is real. It is biased, deliberate and pervasive.

The targeting will stop when somebody more powerful than Zuckerberg makes him stop.

That person needs to step up now.

Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”