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Millennial morons: Leftist Boomers fundamentally transformed them

Written By | Jul 14, 2020
millennial morons, leftist Boomers

Millennials addicted to their cellphones. Image via Wikipedia entry on Millennials. Public domain, CC 1.0 license.

WASHINGTON —  As an aging and not-at-all OK Boomer, I have spent a considerable amount of time lately pulling out what’s left of my hair trying to figure out how 2020’s legion of millennial morons acquired their invincible ignorance. Turns out I didn’t have to go very far to find the answer. Today’s millennial morons and the swarms of incoming Gen Z zombies ready to join them were “fundamentally transformed” by a disciplined cadre of ’60s and ’70s New Leftist Boomers of the Stalinist (or Maoist) persuasion.

Like Jon Snow in the early innings of “Game of Thrones,” a significant number of today’s millennials truly “know nothing,” though they think they do. Can they, like Jon Snow, still learn? Maybe not. But for the most part, it’s not their fault. They’re actually the victims of a still little-known Marxist conspiracy that’s begun to bear obvious fruit in 2020.

It was in the 1930s later that America’s Old Left craftily planted Stalin’s stealthy, subversive Popular Front strategy in the government bureaucracy, in literature and the arts. Picking up where they’d left off in the 1960s, their more aggressively Marxist offspring, the “New Left,” added forward momentum by taking over the judiciary, the media. They ultimately took over the entire US educational system, where this developing Marxist subversion has ended up doing the greatest damage.

While US Communist Saul Alinsky gets the credit for much of this subversion, he had actually built his “Rules for Radicals” on the foundation put in place by the 1930’s brilliant Italian Communist, Antonio Gramsci.

Antonio Gramsci designs a new, Marxist revolutionary plan to overthrow countries like America

Noting what both Lenin and Stalin had missed when they tried to carry the Russian Revolution to America, Gramsci recognized that the American traditions of personal and economic freedoms, including freedom of speech and freedom of religion, could not be easily displaced by exploiting the Great Depression. He instead counseled Communist Revolutionaries to slowly and meticulously construct a stealth cultural revolution to undermine what he regarded as the American Mythology, or “hegemon.”

In other words, he felt that America’s positive self-image, based on hard work and persistence, must be gradually displaced with a Marxist construct.

But that could not happen unless the old self-image could be demeaned, devalued and replaced over a long period of time, obscuring what was actually going on. Thus would Gramsci’s secret Communist revolutionaries establish their own cultural “hegemony,” easily replacing the old American hegemony with their allegedly new one, resulting in a new Communist state. (The kind that’s never worked.) And it was ultimately the energetic New Left — those leftist Boomers — that took up the hammer and sickle and finally drove it home.

While not connecting recent events to Gramsci’s boldly original approach, an excellent article in the American Spectator by Scott McKay discusses at length the way the KGB and the old Soviet Union built a plan to defeat the US by stealth. The plan, in brief, was outlined by “Soviet defector and former KGB operative named Yuri Bezmenov.” Its four points track quite closely with 50 years of New Left efforts, culminating in America’s ongoing social breakdown, primarily occurring in this country’s big cities. This is the hegemonic monster that Gramsci envisioned. And it’s working.

The four points, as excerpted from McKay’s must-read article:
  1. The first goal of revolutionary propaganda, particularly the Marxist variety, is to demoralize.
  2. What’s the second step? Destabilization.
  3. The third stage is crisis, the catalyzing event that builds on the first two stages to bring on the change the revolutionaries are looking for.
  4. What’s the fourth stage? Normalization. As in, a “new normal.”

We’ll elaborate on this impressive presentation in a follow up article. All American patriots must understand what’s really going on with Antifa and BLM. It was never about George Floyd. Today’s chaos and constant Deep State coup attempts are the culmination of a Gramscian cultural revolution that’s nearing its intended completion.

The New Left — i.e., Leftist Boomers — take up The Cause

Beginning in the 1960s, the Boomer New Left resumed earlier Popular Front strategies. These included infiltrating key Federal government agencies, the judiciary, the media and, most importantly, public school systems and academia nationwide. Impatient, like flaming youth everywhere, they initially refused to conceal their efforts as did their immediate Marxist predecessors. From college campuses to the 1968 Democrat convention in Chicago to the violent predations of the Weathermen, they, like Joseph Stalin and Mao, believed that the most efficient way to destroy their enemies was to blow them up.

Unfortunately for them, the full frontal approach didn’t work. Even after Vietnam, Americans remained far too patriotic. But Gramsci, via Alinsky (who tracked closely with Bezmenov’s four points), had better advice. Go back underground. Complete the left’s takeover of key American institutions and information sources. Subvert these institutions. Then use them to gradually install images of the New American Marxist hegemon in middle-class youngsters’ heads by showing them the old hegemon was nothing more than a disgusting lie. The result: You’ll finally gain the youtful, energetic cultural army you need to complete the takedown of the Old Middle Class America. You’ll have America’s New Red Guards, in effect.

After ‘Nam, everyone thought that these implacable foes of their own middle class existence had faded into the woodwork. But, like the good Stalinists and Maoists that they were and still are, these largely East and West Coast-based Communist revolutionaries had only gone underground, just like their forebears. Their mission: To make sure their successor generations would blindly support the cultural revolution they were putting  in place to overthrow of American democracy.

Better yet, without America to save them, the rest of the world would inevitably fall to the far left’s New Dystophia.

America’s leftist Boomers transform of our youth. The wrong way…

As noted, hardcore leftists slowly and stealthily “fundamentally transformed” traditional American institutions. They did so by infiltrating them and imposing their own hard left social agenda. This infiltration and transformation proved most damaging in academia — the institution that previously did the most to provide equal education and knowledge opportunity to all. This was a vital key to the way the United States gradually bootstrapped individual and family prosperity and wellbeing.

Today, instead of teaching students to use reason, logic, persistence and hard work to solve problems and make a better world, academia has been hijacked by a Marxist cadre that does just the opposite. Today’s students are subtly and not so subtly indoctrinated to believe that what propelled former generations to greatness was all a big, oppressive lie. They also have been carefully taught that all white people are marked forever by the Original Sin of “racism.” Worse, unlike traditional  Christians of old, white people cannot erase this particular Original Sin by being born again in the spirit. They are marked forever. There is no redemption. Because, “systemic racism.”

Without perceiving the irony, most of the professoriat spewing this seditious nonsense today just happens to be white. Moving right along….

Rising generations have no guideposts to the past. That’s a feature, not a bug.

Directly and often indirectly, this pernicious nonsense is what the vast majority of millennials were taught. Meanwhile, pursuing their own brilliant careers Boomer moms and dads continued to shell out buckets of money for their kids’ supposed “higher education.” But what rising generations actually received from their Marxist Boomer professors was not an education. Instead, they were confined for 4 or more years in an expensive, Maoist-style concentration camp meant to churn out ignorant or misinformed followers.

And it worked. They’ve learned to displace logic and intellect with “feelings.” And they’ve elevated virtue-signaling over real virtue. The end product of 50 years of fundamental academic transformation by leftist Boomers: an army of easily “offended” and paradoxically violent snowflakes. These are most certainly not dynamic leaders who can create jobs and make a better world. But they’re perfect footsoldiers for putting the rest of the Revolution in place. And right now, in the main, they’re the acolytes and footsoldiers currently occupying and destroying the city streets of America. They also continue to undermine the rest of what remains of American culture. They do this by tearing down all statues and institutions, regardless of who and what they may represent. “Wokeness” and cancel culture are their currently favored methods.

And don’t forget their burning down of the heart of America. Namely, the small businesses that hire the most entry level workers, giving them their first leg up on the economic ladder. The small businesses that Make America Great. Meaning, therefore, they have to go. They will not be part of the new hegemony, the new Marxist mythology.

Blue States and cities are complicit in the destruction

Blue State governors and Blue City mayors are helping them out by eviscerating their police forces. Millennial morons and leftist Boomer elites mindlessly elect these anti-American clowns to office. Yet they, themselves really know what they’re doing. They’re giving unthinking voters exactly what they think they want. And they’re giving it to them good and hard. For without the police to stop the violence, intimidation and devastation, the Stalinist, Maoist destruction of the Old America can continue. With the Gramscian cultural revolution nearly complete, they believe no one remains to oppose this country’s rapid and violent end.

Schools, media, social media: More leftist Boomers converge to destroy America’s youthful promise

Rising generations today have been intellectually crippled by an educational system run in a totalitarian manner by hardcore leftist Boomers. Also at fault: a hard-left, decidedly UN-objective media (also run by leftist Boomers) and an increasingly elitist US government (infested by leftist Boomers in senior positions). They want to control this country’s population rather than represent it. They form the core of what’s sometimes known as the Deep State.

All the above are selfish, ideologically blind people who fear the future, rather than looking forward to it. They like to call themselves “progressives” and “intellectuals,” yet they are anything but. They want to control us to ensure we can do nothing to disrupt the good lives they’ve made for themselves. Their movement, a weird kind of top-down Marxism, is an unexpected inversion of the original revolutionary concept.

For top-down Marxists, anything that might actually improve most American lives today is routinely characterized as evil. And, of course “racist.” That’s called “projection.” The elitists, however, are the real bad guys. It is they who are the true “racists.” But they project that evil on us, freeing themselves from the reality that the evil is within them. Not within us.

That’s why good news never gets much attention today. Bad news is the general norm. This follows the journalistic dictate: “If it bleeds, it leads.” Better, if it bleeds, it reinforces the notion that the “old America” was rotten and needs to die.

Many graduates today have little familiarity with the world as it really is. Thanks to leftist Boomers

Thanks to the media, Facebook, Twitter, iPhones, etc., younger generations can’t avoid the current negative, hard left hegemon. But this retconned American history they believe in is a patently false narrative. One they were carefully taught by an implacable legion of privileged leftist Boomers.

Given the current coronavirus mess, that negativity gets further reinforced by the usual suspects who take advantage of a chaotic moment in history. After all, if our country was so good and so smart, why did we get stuck with the current pandemic?

Many of today’s millennials have zero knowledge of an America whose leaders, clergy, mothers and fathers once proclaimed themselves lucky to be an American. They believed that as an American, there’s nothing you can’t do and little that you can’t improve for yourself and others if you’re persistent and work hard. Previous American generations came to see the world as ours to improve. For the betterment of all. And that’s where that all-American positive attitude once came from.

But now, it seems, that Good America has  vanished almost overnight. Yet that’s not how life works. While this awful  moment has been a long time coming, the Real America is still here. But it remains trapped between two radicalized coasts and a number of huge, dysfunctional cities. The New Leftists running the government, the old media and the newer social media outlets are running this subversive Second Nation. And they’ve closed the gates on what’s left of the Old American hegemony. No room for it. Nor for the 50+ percent of Americans who still believe in it: The Deplorables. It is truly the beginning of Civil War II.

Wrapping it up…

I’ve learned in life that the fearful, the naysayers, the complainers and the haters rarely amount to anything. Negativity and fear tends to be self-fulfilling. Those who find themselves in that place will almost inadvertently start working toward a negative outcome. And that’s what’s in the air today. The bias and fear lying just beneath it are strong. And hard to overcome.

That’s one reason why today’s leftist thugs exploited a social tragedy in Minneapolis. They already had a plan in place. But they needed a trigger event as an excuse to burn and terrorize the populations of cities and towns nationwide. And in Minneapolis, they got what they needed. They lit the fuse. They knew it would make a bad situation worse. The country was already battling an epidemic caused by the kind of government our own leftist thugs want to impose on us. Perhaps they think that they’ll complete what the coronavirus panic has already started. But then again, do they actually think?

Or, like Jon Snow, do they know nothing? Soon, we may have the answer.

Next: More on Yuri Bezmenov and the Battle of 2020. 


Video clip: Ygritte was a popular Game of Thrones character. Called a Wildling, Ygritte was a woman of the Free Folk who lived north of the Wall. She fought against the rule of the Kingdoms, demanding her people’s freedom. One of her most memorable moments with King-to-Be Jon Snow occurs at 3:20 in this clip.)

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