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Commentary: Donald Trump is coming to town

Written By | Jul 17, 2016

COLORADO SPRINGS, July 17, 2016 — Waiting for the start of the Republican National Convention feels like waiting for Christmas. Many have taken up positions behind the newel posts to see whether their hopes and dreams really will come true.

Will Donald Trump beat back the forces of a complacent and corrupt national government?

Will he build the moat and save the kingdom—the American republic?

BREAKING NEWS: Another police shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The marketers are gearing up for a presidential race like no other. Advertised in Parade Magazine is a “Cats for Trump” pin. It shows a red-haired cat, with a playful and rather large swoop of red hair falling over its forehead, pointing the way forward.

Available at

Available at

Bernie Sanders supporters and Trump supporters alike are seeking truth, justice and the American way. One group favors huge government handouts; the other plans to shrink the hell out of government. Both groups see that the emperor has no clothes.

Or the empress. Hillary Clinton is the candidate of the establishment, the face of the status quo.

Government has been an exercise in mutual back-scratching for far too long. And many residing in the fly-over states want it to stop. Trump’s pick of a Bible-belt conservative with a solid gubernatorial record was a clear sign that he is serious about stopping it.

He’s calling in all the troops to bring their Bibles and truth serum to the great American fight. As President Barack Obama said in Philadelphia during the 2008 Presidential campaign, “If they bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun.”

What better way to slay the forces of evil than with the Holy Bible?!

This year, many American’s are asking Santa Claus not for a shiny new bike, but for the truth from our government.

Donald Trump drawing high praise for selecting Gov. Mike Pence

Many believe that the meaning of the word “apocalypse” is destruction through a fiery and spectacular death. Nuclear weapons across the planet make that end seem likely, in our darker hours.

The world is a dangerous, brutal and dishonest place: Former President Bill Clinton held a fishy tarmac meeting with Attorney General Lynch while Hillary was under FBI investigation; this was followed by the condemnation, but non-indictment of her “reckless actions” with her email server.

A fishy, Turkish would-be coup may have been initiated by President Erdogan’s own militia; Bastille Day celebrants were crushed under a speeding 19-ton truck; more police were ambushed and murdered, this time in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

It is time for a change to strong leadership.

Many will wait with excitement for the Republican big event this week, welcoming Donald Trump and wishing him well. He may be our last and best hope to return America to its former greatness and glory.

Karen Cacy

Karen Hagestad Cacy, of Colorado Springs, is a former Washington speechwriter and transportation lobbyist. Raised in Portland, Oregon, she holds a BA degree in Russian and Middle East Studies from Portland State University (and American University in Cairo.) Her four novels are available on She is also the author of two plays.Amazon Link to Books