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Comm Digi News Hour: Georgia’s Safe Carry Act and our Constitutional rights

Written By | Apr 23, 2014
Communities Digital News Hour

Communities Digital News Hour

WASHINGTON,  April 23, 2014  –  Join Richard Cameron and Conor Higgins for an hour of lively conversation, Wednesday, April 23rd at 6:30 pm Eastern right here on Communities Digital News – Digi News Hours where they will be discussing Georgia’s Safe Carry Act and how the gun debate is impacted by our Constitutional rights.

Conor Higgins, columnist for Communities Digital News – Back Porch Politics is this afternoon’s Open Rebellion Radio guest during the Communities Digital News Hour and he will be speaking with host and CDN Writer Richard Cameron along with other CDN columnists and listeners who are encouraged to call in.

Higgins is an ardent supporter in taking a step back from evolving political events and analyzing them from a birds eye view, not to mention taken with a grain of salt. In his column, Higgins attempts to slow down and take a more familiar and less serious approach to discussing politics and World events. Though sometimes it does not always work out that way.

Recent articles have centered on the issue of gun control and include:

Georgia Gov. to sign new gun rights expansion today

Illinois legislators square off on gun rights

The Handgun Trigger Safety Act: Gun control through technology

Bloomberg’s ‘Every Town for Gun Safety’: Saving you from you

Please join us today, Wednesday, April 23rd at 3:30 PM PST / 6:30PM EST for an hour of insight on trends and events across America.

Please plan to listen live and call into the program with your comments, ideas and questions. The guest call in line is (646) 668-8537 (corrected)

Listen by clicking here (6:30 pm Eastern start time) This will open a second voice only window. Return to this window to watch the chat, participate via chat and see any photos, graphs, or other information there may be to share with you.

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