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College: An educational opportunity or liberal group think indoctrination?

Written By | Feb 14, 2018

Prager Force video screenshot

WASHINGTON, February 14, 2018.  Jay Stephens narrates the following video in which she discusses her liberal arts education.  She points out that there was little education for the lifetime of debt that she now has.


As a fellow conservative on a college campus, Stephens’ insightful words resonate. She outlines the group think and extreme political correctness culture on college campuses today.

Jay Stephens makes me ask, what am I doing with my life?

Is college debt worth it?

One question all college students should ask is:

In ten years, will my college debt be worth the cost?  Am I just throwing away my money because college is the so-called right thing to do?

Day in and day out I spend my days listening to professors who do not actually want to teach me what I need to succeed.  There is no effort to empower me with tools to help me in the real world. The main goal is for me to think exactly like them.

Just the other day, my teacher scoffed at the notion that not all people hate President Trump. She referred to the President as “evil.”  She made it seem as if liking him and his ideas are a sin beyond all reproach.

Although this seems like a twisted version to many of what goes on on college campuses, it leaves me thinking, is this education or is it actually brainwash.

There is certainly no doubt that there are benefits to college, whether it be helping towards future ambitions and jobs to teaching young people to function outside the family home.

Unfortunately, this idea of college has gone far astray.

College: More group think and bed heavens

Nowadays colleges are  “bed havens” for group think, and God forbid if you have a different idea then them, you are essentially mocked and shunned.  And you are paying for the opportunity.

So what is college?  Is it where only liberal group-think prevails? Where if you don’t fall in line behind the PC banner, you are shammed? The answer to this question, in short, is no. We can somewhat get a grasp of what college is and ought to be.

Mission statements of colleges regularly say that the campus is open to all thoughts, a promoter of free speech and ideas.

If in reality, this was the truth, a college would truly be a magical phenomenon, especially in these very hyper-partisan times.

Unfortunately, we must escape fantasy and come back to reality. Because the reality is that college is no place for free thought or expression, especially for conservatives.

Where and when did colleges go so wrong?

The answer to this crucial question lies no further than at the feet of so-called open-minded liberals. Liberals have long promoted the idea of free speech and freedom of thought, we were told. Well, they certainly do promote free speech and ideas. As long as those ideas and speech are part of their echo chamber propaganda.

When we see teachers calling for the arrest of student recording their actions.  Or a video of an educator who tells students that Marines are the lowest of the low.

Or the adult teacher in the room stands up and spews vitriol and hate at the President, we realize they live in a bubble.

And anyone that does not agree with them, freaks them out.  But listen to the thoughts of the students and the silence of the professor.

These are today’s liberal educators

Liberals who are the party of Antifa and #BlackLivesMatter. They no longer disguise themselves as promoters of free speech and free ideas, instead, they admit to desiring a socialist political leadership.  Such as this liberal who stepped onto a conservative cable news shows to declare that North Korea is a wonderful, communist utopia where the people are treated well.

They pretend to be anti-fascists and anti-white supremacy. Clearly noble ideas. Yet they label anything they disagree with as fascist or racist in order to silence the speaker. In an age of hate lying between party lines, it is crucial that we promote free speech for all, whether it be liberal or conservative.

The exclusionary methods of today’s liberal fascists, shutting down conservative speakers and destroying public and private property, are destructive.  They do not belong on the college campus where we are to learn life skills.  Not hate.

Colleges need to step back in time and re-embrace the idea that from different ideas becomes one path on which to move forward.  Not one left, or right, path.  But a path paved with the stones of many ideas.

Their demands to silence those they disagree with only increases divides. whereas speaking and open ideas being shared verbally promotes dialogue amongst peers, which is crucial now more than ever.



Moshe Maryles

Moshe Maryles currently attends Baruch college where he is a Political Science major and a history minor. Maryles currently interns for Congressman Dan Donovan (11th Congressional district of New York) in his Staten Island office.