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CNN’s Brian Stelter raises the real red flags of gun control

Written By | Aug 27, 2019
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 WASHINGTON: This month’s shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio have spurred politicians to demand (for perhaps the thousandth time) strict new gun control measures. Using shootings as a club to beat “sense” into gun control opponents hasn’t worked well in the past, so politicians have changed tactics. They’re pushing so-called “red flag” laws. Red flag laws, they think, will work where other gun control measures won’t because no one wants lunatics to have a guns.

So, who decides who is sane enough to have a gun?

Mental health professionals? Perhaps psychiatrists who believe that the desire to own a gun is a sign of a deranged mind? Are there only some categories in the DSM that should proscribe gun ownership, or should all of them? The DSM-5 pays more careful attention to the gender and cultural factors that might affect a mental health diagnosis. Will, say, being male help raise the red flag?

The DSM is criticized even within the mental health field as politicized”, less a bible than a dictionary.  And a dictionary that bows to the politics of the day. Consider, for instance, the political-medical notion that a ten-year-old boy who wants to be a girl should be treated as perfectly sane, sensible and normal and be granted his wish as soon as any lunatic parent who dares oppose it can be tossed out of the way. Now we propose that these guardians of human sanity become the guardians of the Second Amendment. They will decide who has the right to keep and bear arms.

Diagnosis from a distance is dubious medical practice, but that is especially the case with psychiatry.

Section 7 in the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Principles of Medical Ethics says that it is unethical for psychiatrists to give professional opinions about public figures whom they have not formally evaluated. It’s called the “Goldwater Rule”. It was created after psychiatrists injected themselves into the 1964 presidential campaign on behalf of Lyndon Johnson and against Barry Goldwater.

Enter the nattering, knee-biting cable TV personalities.

These bottom feeders of the intellectual class thrive on pretentious knowledge of any topic, and if not personally distinguished enough themselves to share their wisdom, they will climb the mountaintop to seek the most progressive (only liberals and progressives are on the top) psychiatric minds. (Psychiatrist on CNN: Trump May Be Responsible for Millions of More Deaths Than Hitler, Stalin, Mao | Breitbart)

Although Brian Stelter surely is a prestigious and learned man with his B.A. and 33 years of life, he would make sure the public understood the measure of psychiatrists as judges of the second listed Right contained in The Bill of Rights.

He would bring in one of the leading lights of Psychiatry: Dr. Allen Frances, the Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Duke University.

Dr. Frances illuminated the fact for the audience that Donald Trump will end up killing more people than Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong combined.


The numbers are a guesstimate, but a conservative number whom these three psychopaths killed (murdered) is somewhere above 70 million.

Now Frances is not just some YouTube psychologist or locked up drunken has-been. He is the head of a department of psychiatry at a leading private university medical school.

He is, as it is said of many fields of endeavor, “the best of the best.” Well, this “best of the best” is either a raving lunatic or a political hack shilling for CNN and the 33-year-old-too-young-and-experienced-to-be-president Brian Stelter.

As an aside, Stelter said he could not hear Frances’s comments, due to technical difficulties (for a minute and a half?).

A guess might be that Stelter had his fingers stuck in his ears, but probably he just had his finger stuck somewhere else. After all, it is a mainstream media outlet.

Warm CNN and MSNBC newsrooms comfort fallen spies in from the cold

However, Allen Frances is a “professional.” A psychiatrist who will determine who is red-flagged for government interference. Who will determine if any citizen can be denied their Constitutionally protected rights, if Frances, a frantic madman, says decides you can’t have one.

However, who will red flag bozos like Frances?

Perhaps another professional? Perhaps the professional taxpayer. The taxpayer who owns a gun, and owns the right to carry it. The same taxpayer who is sick of the garbage heap that is Washington. And the “non” professional news media like Brian Stelter and his so-called Reliable Sources.









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Paul H. Yarbrough

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