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CNN settles “fake news” lawsuit with Covington’s Nick Sandmann

Written By | Jan 7, 2020
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Covington Catholic High School student wears MAGA hat at Lincoln Memorial. ABC News screen capture.

WASHINGTON: In March 2019, Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann filed a $275 million defamation lawsuit against CNN. This was followed by the August of 2019 $250 million defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post. (Judge reopens Covington Catholic High student’s defamation suit against Washington Post) They were only the beginning for Sandmann’s attorney, L. Lin Wood.

Protecting their own, In July 2019, a Kentucky federal judge, William O. Bertlesman, dismissed the $250 million defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post saying:

“The Court accepts Sandmann’s statement that, when he was standing motionless in the confrontation with Phillips, his intent was to calm the situation and not to impede or block anyone. However, Phillips did not see it that way. He concluded that he was being ‘blocked’ and not allowed to ‘retreat.’ He passed these conclusions on to The Post. They may have been erroneous, but as discussed above, they are opinion protected by the First Amendment. And The Post is not liable for publishing these opinions.”

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Liberal Media Targeting Trump Supporters

Sandmann’s suit charged CNN with targeting Sandmann in their reporting that Sandmann confronted activist Nathan Phillips. Phillips, who falsely claims he served in Vietnam (Stolen valor: Native American activist Nathan Phillips lied that he was a ‘Vietnam vet’ in Facebook video), was in fact the aggressor.

The suit also alleges that CNN has a well-known bias agenda against President Trump. That CNN has “a history of impugning individuals perceived to be supporters of the president.”

This is significant because Sandmann lawyers are alleging that CNN targeted Sandmann simply because he was “wearing a souvenir Make America Great Again cap.”

For seven days in January, says the lawsuit, CNN “brought down the full force of its corporate power, influence, and wealth on Nicholas by falsely attacking, vilifying, and bullying him despite the fact that he was a minor child.”

Sandmann’s lawyers call CNN’s coverage “agenda-driven fiction”. That they “created an extremely dangerous situation by knowingly triggering the outrage of its audience and unleashing that outrage” on Sandmann and his classmates with “patently false accusations.”

Media Calling for Violence Against a Child

CNN political analyst Bakari Sellers was also named for “openly” calling for “physical violence on Twitter.”

Late-night talk show host Bill Maher also threatening the child.

The video truth behind the confrontation between Phillips and Sandmann

The lawsuit also claimed that CNN falsely accused Sandmann and his classmates of surrounding Native American activist Nathan Phillips, thus creating “a really dangerous situation.”

CNN alleging that Phillips did “fear for his safety and the safety of those with him” as the teenagers “harassed and taunted” him.

However, CNN and others relied on partial and edited videos to present the fallacy that Sandmann had, in some way, threatened Phillips.

Full-length videos of the scene prove that none of this was true. That it was the Black Hebrew Israelites who “bullied, attacked, and confronted” the students and others, including Native Americans at the pro-life march.

The Black Hebrew Israelites have recently been in the news for the deadly December attack on a kosher market in Jersey City (Black Hebrew Israelites: What We Know About the Fringe Group)

The videos also show that it was Phillips who forced his way into the student group, targeting Sandmann. That neither Sandmann nor the other students in any way threatened, harassed or blocked Phillips.

That it was Phillips who was the aggressor.

Suing Fake News for more than $800 million

Sandmann’s combined lawsuits against CNN, the Washington Post, and NBC Universal were for a combined amount of $800 million. Sandmann also filed suits against MSNBC and NBC.  However, trial dates are not set for Sandmann’s suits against NBC, MSNBC, Universal or the Washington Post.  With CNN settling, it may be that the others will follow suit.

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Sandmann’s attorney, Lin Wood, says they also plan to sue Gannett, owners of The Enquirer within the next 60 days.

Sandmann’s attorneys talked about the “emotional distress, damage to reputation and distress to his family” that Nick has and will continue to suffer. Attorneys say the money they’re seeking is not to compensate Nick. Instead, it is to “deter the defendants” from doing the same thing in the future.

CNN has never “issued a formal retraction, correction or an apology” for its false coverage, however, they are writing a check for an undisclosed amount of money to Nick Sandmann and his lawyer, Lin Wood. We can only assume the other’s in Lin Wood’s crosshairs will follow.

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