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Clueless Democrats continue the fight for power over America

Written By | Sep 12, 2019
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WASHINGTON: Clueless Democrats came back from the 2019 August recess not with new ideas culled from Town Halls and Farmer’s Market, as is intended.  Instead, many, not all, came back looking to fundamentally change America.  Unfortunately for America, the desire for change starts with impeaching Donald Trump and ends with a socialist government that will have the government deciding your life.

Looking at the Democrat agenda, it is all about regaining power and moving America toward a socialist government as a first step to creating a global economy run by George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. (Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border world)

Impeaching the President is about getting previously denied Grand Jury material

Jerry Nadler (D-New York’s 10th congressional district) did not come back from the August recess with a list of issues his constituents want him to address. Instead, he is pushing for an “aggressive investigation” into whether President Trump has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” that meet the level of impeachment.  However, the outcome of the investigations will never be the impeachment of the president.  A Republican Senate is not going to impeach a sitting Republican President.

So why does he bother?  (REVEALED: Not One Single Person Showed Up to Latest Democrat ‘Impeach Trump’ Event)

Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi, and Clueless Democrats are wasting time and money on impeachment for one reason and one reason only.

To get their hands on the closed-door testimony given before the Grand Jury in the Mueller Investigation.  That there are secrets they are not allowed privy to is just too much for any one of them to handle.

The resolution on whether to recommend the filing of articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump did pass as did a new set of procedures and rules for future impeachment investigation hearings. The resolution passed along party lines, 24-17.

  • The chairman to designate full committee or subcommittee hearings as part of the impeachment probe.
  • Staff to question witnesses for an additional hour, equally divided between the majority and minority.
  • The president’s counsel to respond to information and testimony presented in committee in writing and give the chairman authority to invite the president’s counsel to review and respond in writing to executive session materials.

And what Nadler was previously denied:

  • Secret grand jury material to be reviewed in a closed executive session.

Impeachment hearings are not about alleged crimes Democrats, and Nadler, keep demanding the President committed. It is about the fact that Democrats spent some $40 million dollars in an effort to destroy citizen, candidate, and finally President Trump.

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And the Democrats failed coup against an elected President.  (Obama Clinton Coup Attempt: Decimating the “peaceful transition of power”)

Nadler says:

“President Trump went to great lengths to obstruct Special Counsel [Robert] Mueller’s investigation, including the President’s attempts to remove the Special Counsel and encourage witnesses to lie and to destroy or conceal evidence,” Nadler said in a statement accompanying the release. “Anyone else who did this would face federal criminal prosecution.”

The only problem with Nadler’s temper tantrum is that there is no evidence – none, nadda, doesn’t exist – that the President did make an attempt to remove the special counsel or that he encouraged witnesses to lie, destroy or conceal evidence.  The reality is that the doddering Democrat party is seeking to punish the wrong person for those crimes.  That would be Hillary Clinton (A liberal oxymoron: Hillary Clinton defines “indictment”)

Nonetheless, the resolution passed the House along party lines, 24-17. But it is all abstract- distract because the Republican-controlled Senate is never going to indict the President.

What Nadler is doing is the business of Democrats still hurting from their 2016 loss. Not the business that American taxpayers are paying him to do, the people’s business.  And what the people want is a strong economy, jobs, and a strong military.

All things President Trump and the Republican Senate have delivered.

Conclusion: Impeachment hearings are Democrat Abstract-Distract tactics not a quest for the truth.  If in the process they can find something to twitter over, they will. 

Ignoring the will of the people for the will of the party

So what should Nadler be working on?

New York City Taxes

Things like skyrocketing state taxes that are behind the flight of residents seeking relief.  Charles Payne, Fox News market analyst, showcases that the cost to park your car in NYC if you can get through the traffic and bad streets, can add thousands of dollars to your cost of living.

Not to mention that everything in New York costs more.  Food, transportation, insurance, and taxes.

Brick Underground reports:

The biggest hurdle to owning a car in New York City versus other areas is the prohibitively high cost of parking. If you’re looking to buy an apartment that comes with its own spot, in Manhattan, you can expect that to add anywhere from $60,000 to $150,000 to the final price tag (maybe more), as we’ve written previously. Renting a spot in most buildings with garages can run anywhere between $100 and $1,000 depending on the neighborhood, and if you opt for a private garage, NYC Parking authority reports that the average cost of monthly parking in the city clocks in at around $430.

Mr. Payne making the point that at one time, when he opened his business Wall Street Strategies, having a location on Wall Street was important.  But not anymore. Today his business could be as successful in any location, thanks to the ability to gather information and track trends not over a three-martini lunch, but via the World Wide Web.

So why live where it can easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year more?

Chart courtesy of Best Places:

The Socialist Clueless Democrats Agenda
Medicare for All

One big issue for Socialist Democrats is universal healthcare coverage through a single-payer Medicare for All plan. This sounds like a lofty and good goal, right?  Unfortunately no.  First and foremost, there are the many pitfalls in having the government decide whether Grandmother needs a new hip.  Or you need a new heart transplant.

And for “all” means you and I and illegal immigrants.

In order to get the 28 million or so uninsured Americans and illegal aliens onto auto-enrollment means harmonizing the income eligibility standards for Medicaid and the insurance exchanges. This and allowing government agencies, hospitals, insurers and other organizations to enroll people in health insurance automatically when they show up for care or other benefits like food stamps.

You can bet your bottom bippy that signing these folks up for insurance will mean signing them up to vote – as Democrats – as well. 
Conclusion: The Democrat’s quest for single-payer Medicare for All plans is about registering people – American and illegal aliens – to vote.  Giving them the opportunity to harvest new voters to vote Democrat.

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