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Clintons sex problem: The Epstein, Buck, Weinstein NXIVM sex scandals

Written By | Jul 15, 2019
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NEW YORK, NY: Convicted pedophile, Democrat fundraiser, and Clinton donor. Also, the once again indicted sex trafficking offender.  Jeffrey Epstein sits two cells over from El Chapo at the Federal Detention facility in Manhattan. Epstein’s relationships with Bill Clinton and their 27 flights together on the “Lolita Express” leaves the former President exposed to all kinds of innuendo and potential criminal indictment. It is another Clinton Sex Scandal.

Epstein’s Lolita Express frequent flyer Bill Clinton: Indicted before Hillary?

And the connections between Democrats and sex trafficking is starting to unfurrow.

A plethora of Democrat donor sex scandals

More importantly, Epstein is just one of a string of high profile Democrat party donors and fundraisers to be convicted or charged with sex trafficking or sexual assault offenses. From Keith Raniere to Clare Bronfman to Ed Buck to Harvey Weinstein, Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party have consistently benefitted from the proceeds of sex traffickers, rapists, and literal killers. (Clare Bronfman Pleads Guilty in Nxivm ‘Sex Cult’ Case, Leaving Leader (Ranierre) to Stand Trial Alone)

Raniere and Bronfman have both been convicted in the NXIVM sex slave cult conspiracy.

Both were huge contributors to Hillary Clinton and numerous other Democrats, including Kirstin Gillibrand. Raniere admitted bundling tens of thousands of dollars in illegal contributions for the Clinton campaign. (NXIVM sex cult’s alleged illegal political contributions reportedly went to Hillary Clinton)

No one has yet been held accountable for that.

Clinton buddies: Ed Buck and Harvey Weinstein

Democrat and Hillary fundraiser Ed Buck allegedly has a penchant for shooting up homeless black men with meth in his West Hollywood apartment. So he could have sex with them. (‘Serial predator’: L.A. writer has been sounding alarm on Ed Buck for over a year)

Two of them died in the last two years.  (Second Black Man Found Dead In Ed Buck’s Home Died From Meth Overdose) It is important to note that the deaths were deemed “accidental” however a lawsuit has been filed in the earlier death. (Dem donor Ed Buck is accused of ‘human trafficking and revenge p**n’)  Recently, the mother of Gemmel Moore, who died in Buck’s apartment in July of 2017, has amended her civil complaint against Buck to include a sex trafficking charge.

Ed Buck is another prolific fundraiser for the Democrat party.

Who also has a close association with Hillary Clinton.  And Jerry Brown.  From CBS-Los Angeles Case Against Ed Buck Sent To DA’s Office)

The news of the case transfer comes six months after 55-year-old Timothy Dean was found dead early Jan. 7 at Buck’s apartment in the 1200 block of Laurel Avenue. It was the second death from an accidental methamphetamine overdose at the same apartment in less than 18 months and prompted renewed calls for a criminal prosecution of Buck.

No charges were filed at the time, but the district attorney’s office is continuing to work the case.

Harvey Weinstein was a brilliant filmmaker, a huge Democrat party fundraiser. And a close friend of the Clintons. He is also being charged as being a serial rapist. Weinstein pleaded not guilty in June 2018 to five counts of rape in the first and third degrees.

Also among the charges are sexual assault in the first degree in a case involving two accusers. The charges stem from an incident in 2004 in which Lucia Evans said Weinstein forced her to perform oral sex.

Another unnamed woman accused Weinstein of rape in 2013. Weinstein recently replaced his legal defense team moving the start of his trial to September 9, 2019.  The New York Times reporting on Thursday that Weinstein is settling some civil actions (Harvey Weinstein Is Said to Reach $44 Million Deal to Settle Lawsuits)

Sex, lies, and videotape

A curious person might ask what is in the artisan water of the Democrat elite? How is it that Bill and Hillary Clinton have so many close supporters who are now criminally facing sex trafficking, even possibly murder, charges? The fact of the number of associations alone makes it suspicious.

That Epstein, Buck,  Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman and Weinstein were such prominent fundraisers makes it scandalous.

Kaepernick, Nike, Democrats: Spitting on America and the 4th of July

Bill Clinton’s well documented behavioral lack of boundaries is an inescapable fact. As are his numerous trips on Epstein’s famed Lolita Express.  Including up to five trips without his Secret Service detail. (Bill Clinton ditched Secret Service on multiple ‘Lolita Express’ flights: Report – The Washington Times)

If there are videotapes of the activities of Epstein’s numerous VIP guests at his different homes, then Bill Clinton and some of Epstein’s many Democrat friends may have something to worry about.

The Clinton’s Epstein, Bronfman, Weinstein problem

It is laughable to see the Clintons try to distance themselves from Weinstein, Bronfman, and Epstein. One minute Jeffrey Epstein is giving the Clinton Initiative $4 million dollars and the next day Bill Clinton can barely remember spending time with him.

One minute Harvey Weinstein is schmoozing Hillary Clinton at her “victory” party, and the next he’s facing Hollywood and Washington’s little open secret. Allegedly, Harvey Weinstein is a serial abuser of women over which has power. He preyed on young actresses and models the way Jeffrey Epstein preyed on little 14-year-old girls.

No wonder Bill Clinton was such a good friend of both Weinstein and Buck.

The three have so much in common. One minute Ed Buck is raising tens of thousands of dollars for Hillary Clinton. The next there is a dead guy on a dirty mattress on his living room floor.

Democrat homeless disaster killing San Francisco, Los Angeles, & Seattle (Shocking Videos)

When it happened the first time the Clinton’s went running in the other direction. When it happened a second time, several months ago, the whole liberal community feigned outrage. There were demonstrations.

Jeffrey Epstein had 21 different phone numbers for Bill Clinton.

Court documents show that:

“Epstein’s personal phone directory from his computer contains e-mail addresses for Clinton along with 21 phone numbers for him, including those for his assistant (Doug Band), his schedulers, and what appear to be Clinton’s personal numbers. This information certainly leads one to believe that Clinton might well be a source of relevant information and efforts to obtain discovery from him were reasonably calculated to lead to admissible evidence.”

When asked in court deposition if he knew Bill Clinton, Epstein pleaded the 5th to avoid self-incrimination. Bill Clinton may be pleading the 5th himself before this is all over.

NXIVM: Enslaving women while raising money for Hillary

NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman, heir to the Seagrams fortune, were extremely close to the Clintons and Senator Gillibrand.

Bronfman funded NXIVM with millions in order to enslave women. (Nxivm’s Keith Raniere Convicted in Trial Exposing Sex Cult’s Inner Workings).

Clinton, Democrat, Sex, Buck, Epstein, Weinstein

Keith Raniere, 58, co-founded Nxivm in the 1990s as a self-help organization based near Albany. A prosecutor told jurors that he was “a crime boss with no limits and no checks on his power.” CreditKeith Raniere Conversations, via YouTube

He also was a Clintonite,  raising untold numbers of dollars for Hillary and the Democrats. Including illegally bundling campaign contributions.

FISA Court exposes Obama’s abuse of NSA to spy on Americans

According to the New York Post:

“Bronfman funneled thousands of dollars into Clinton’s campaign coffers — far in excess of legal limits to contributions — to “curry favor” with the powerhouse political family, according to Mark Vicente, a documentary filmmaker and former member of the Nxivm group that is accused of keeping women as sex slaves.

“Clare Bronfman approached other people and said she would like to make a campaign contribution but she couldn’t make it above a certain amount,” Vicente testified in Brooklyn federal court Monday.

“I wrote a check. She paid me back.”

Kirstin Gillibrand and NXIVM: closer than you might think

Congressional Photo

Big League Politics reports that Democrat NY Senator and Presidential Candidate Kirstin Gillibrand contacts with the NXIVM cult are even stronger. (BOOM: Keith Raniere Found Guilty on All Charges Including Sex Trafficking From Mexico)

Her Stepfather, lobbyist Doug Rutnik, was an employee of NXIVM, acting as a gateway to Democrat politicians. Her current stepmother, Gwenn Belcourt Rutnik, was an active member of the cult. Furthermore, she considers NXIVM president Nancy Salzman as her guru.

“The very first time I ever met Gillibrand she was at an event for Hillary Clinton in the Hall of Springs in the State Park.

Bill and Hillary Clinton and the aphrodisiac of power 

This was in 2006. I was at a table with a Russian friend and Mike Rohan and his wife. I was on the Democratic committee at the time and was given two comp tickets. Gillibrand came up to me introduced herself and said she was running against John Sweeney. This was before all the stories of his drunken behavior came out. He was still congressman kickass at that time.

I promised my support and wished her well.

I then commented to Mike that with her baby voice and demeanor that she was a lightweight. Boy was I wrong. But the kicker was when the mixing was over and Clinton went to speak. Gillibrand sat with one of the front tables. Yeah, the three front VIP tables were all brought by NXIVM and she was sitting with Nancy Salzman. You can quote me on that,” said witness John Tighe. (COURT DOCS CONFIRM: Kirsten Gillibrand’s Father Worked For The NXIVM Sex Cult)

No hiding from the truth

The point is that Gillibrand and the Clintons have been benefitting greatly from the financial coffers of a series of accused and convicted sex traffickers. Yet they act like they have been blindsided by the whole affair. Bill Clinton knew exactly what Jeffrey Epstein was about. Assuming that is why he was on the plane in the first place.

Epstein’s Lolita Express frequent flyer Bill Clinton: Indicted before Hillary?

Hillary Clinton and Kirstin Gillibrand knew full well that NXIVM wasn’t a self-help group to boost women’s self-esteem. Bronfman knew what she was buying with her money. Access and silence. Hillary Clinton had to know, or have heard about, Ed Bucks rather widely acknowledged proclivities.

She held her nose and took the money. Every time.

The Clintons adored Harvey Weinstein and he adored them back. New York Democrat leaders from Chuck Schumer to Elliot Spitzer to Kirstin Gillibrand were only too happy to take money from Jeffrey Epstein, and Harvey Weinstein and Clare Bronfman. Over and over again.

A reckoning is at hand, and consequences are coming

Now its time to pay the piper. The Epstein affair promises to ensnare a good many important political and business figures around the world if prosecutors are serious about following where the case leads them.

The Clintons have adroitly tried to distance themselves from the whole lot. Without, of course, returning any of the money. Ask the Haitians about getting your money back from the Clintons.

But the hypocrisy of moralistic outrage at anything regarding President Trumpdrowns in the obvious criminality behind a plethora of leading Democrat donors and fundraisers. Sex trafficking, rape, sex slaves. Murder by meth injection. You wouldn’t think it could get much messier than this.

Bill Clinton and the rest of the passengers on the Lolita Express better hope it doesn’t.


Rick Johnson