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Clinton and Patterson’s novel The President is Missing points to a cynical agenda

Written By | Jun 12, 2018
Clinton and Patterson, The Presidents Missing

WASHINGTON: Former President Bill Clinton has co-authored The President is Missing with that book producing machine known as James Patterson. I found this interesting because I had not read anywhere that Clinton was working on such until a few weeks ago. However, after some research, I did discover how the idea allegedly came into existence.

The New York Times reports

“The project came about late last year when Robert B. Barnett, a lawyer at Williams & Connolly who represents both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Patterson, had the idea of pairing them up on a novel, according to someone familiar with the project who did not want to speak publicly because the publishers were holding back details about the publication. Mr. Barnett, who also represents the Obamas, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Laura Bush and other politicians, first approached Mr. Clinton to see if he was interested in collaborating on a novel with Mr. Patterson.”

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky  20th Anniversary

I believe this book was done fast — and purely — for the purpose of giving the former President something to discuss other than Monica Lewinsky.

It has not worked.

Note the time frame: “Late last year” is when the idea came up. “Late last year”, October 2017, is when the world, for sexual predators, became very dangerous as accusations became public against famed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Overnight, many celebrities were taken to task for their years of inappropriate behavior. The timing of all this could not be worse for Bill Clinton, as Weinstein’s issues came to light just months before the 20th anniversary of his infamous relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

That incident was one of exploitation by a powerful male against a young and impressionable female. The “Clinton–Lewinsky scandal” was an American political sex scandal that involved a 49-year-old President and 22-year-old White House intern. He was literally old enough to be her father.

Clinton revisionist history: Hillary’s a bitch, Bill’s a predator

So in October, every powerful person that had been involved in inappropriate behavior was now on placed on notice by women who have had enough with sexual exploitation. I believe, right after the story broke on Weinstein and accusations against other powerful males grew, the Bill Clinton and his team decided to write a book. I’m surprised it became public that this only came to pass late last year.

I thought Clinton and his team would claim that this was a long-term project. I believe it was designed all along to be a distraction from the #metoo debate and little else. Getting James Patterson as the “co-author” (I think, ghostwriter is probably closer) was smart.

Patterson now averages more than two books a month, so getting The President is Missing together quickly was no problem. I believe this book was done fast, and purely, for the purpose of giving the former President something to discuss other than Monica Lewinsky. He (Clinton) will continue to make a fortune with The President is Missing, even as his sexual scandal haunts him.

And he will be crying all the way to the bank.

Only The President is Missing the point

Every interview I have seen with Clinton and Patterson has gone to the #metoo issue. One of the interviews that gained global notice was with Craig Melvin of NBC. In it, Clinton admitted he never apologized to Lewinsky directly, but she was part of a generic statement he made to “everyone.” He was asked about the many who have said that he should have resigned over the incident (something Al Franken did in the Senate), and he argued he should not have.

Patterson tried to help Clinton by discussing the bad behavior of other Presidents, such as John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. That argument made matters worse, leaving the former President looking like a child caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar, but trying to explain away his behavior by pointing at others.

He also moaned about being $16 million dollars in debt — legal expenses he acquired for lying under oath (fact checkers have found his debt statement “mostly false”).

The President’s Missing: Patterson & Clinton discover #MeToo means #HimToo

Clinton sounded like a victim when the actual victims were Monica Lewinsky, Clinton’s family, and the American people. This is chump change compared to what he has made from his presidency, being the highest earning former President, his wife and him made over $153 million in speeches alone between 2001 and 2015. They have made tens of millions more in book deals. He will continue to make a fortune with his new book with Patterson, even as his sexual scandal haunts him. He will be crying all the way to the bank.

Clinton sounded like a victim when the actual victims were Monica Lewinsky, Clinton’s family, and the American people.

I think Clinton believed he was clever by trying to hide behind a book. It was certainly better than turning down interviews about calls from US Senators that he should had resigned after the scandal with a young intern. Instead, his book tour has forced him to do interviews and none of these journalists are staying away from Lewinsky.

Oddly, it does not appear that others see the obvious timing in the release of the book, the time frame of the book’s creation, and the #metoo scandal that follows Clinton.

Of course, I am only speculating. However, this appears to be the cynical agenda behind vintage Clinton behavior.


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