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Clinton Crony Lanny Davis should be Disbarred

Written By | Aug 28, 2018
Lanny Davis, Michael Cohen, Hillary Clinton, L.J. Keith

MSNBC Screen Shot of Lanny Davis

WASHINGTON, DC: Lanny Davis, notable Clinton crony, and Michael Cohen’s unfortunate lawyer, has done his client and the law an enormous injustice by getting Michael Cohen to plead guilty to crimes which do not exist, and he should be disbarred.

Cohen has pleaded guilty to two “Campaign finance” felonies in the payment of hush money to Stormy Daniels and the unfortunate Karen McDougal. But the transactions are not only perfectly legal and commonplace but could never be successfully prosecuted as felonies.

Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal: They cashed their checks

The initial events occurred over 10 years ago, years before Trump even thought of running for President. The payments made were mutually agreed on. The ladies in question cashed the checks. I repeat, they cashed their checks. These were non-disclosure agreements (and a contributors writing contract).

They have both violated their nondisclosure agreements and should return the money. But they won’t. They are too busy playing a vicious game of disinformation. They have become pawns in a deadly conspiracy of political insurrection and legal deceit.

John Brennan: Conspiracy, Sedition, and the coming Grand Jury

Lanny Davis betrayed his clients interests

Davis has betrayed the interests of his client and sided with the Prosecutors.  In so doing he has undermined his client, violated his ethics, and sullied the legal profession.

By promulgating a theory of campaign finance law as applying to private, legal, normal consensual transactions by a private party he has perverted the concept of justice, creating felonies where they do not exist.

By doing so in order to get at President Trump, which is the obvious target of these East German Stassi style legal gymnastics of the Southern District of New York, he has subverted the interests of his clients and the legal profession to the political passions of a partisan Spanish Inquisition.

The SDNY and the Mueller “Inquisition”

The SDNY had Cohen indicted on a number of bank fraud allegations, relating to his taxi medallion business. This was despite the fact that all the loans in question were fully repaid, and there were no losses by any party.

This was after a no-knock raid on Cohen, at a time when he was widely acknowledged to be one of the Presidents personal lawyers, an unprecedented attack on the executive and attorney-client privilege. The raid, and entire circumstances around it, were consciously unfair on the face of it.

Cohen, facing these charges, was looking at  30 years or more in prison. Prosecutors needed him to implicate Trump. They ran with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. A slender thread of a 10-year-old sexual dalliance was now the integral fabric of the Mueller “Russian Collusion” inquisition.

Red Wave: The coming Republican – GOP Midterm Election Victory

The Payments: A legal, commonplace, private transaction

They are trying to bring down the President over an ancient affair he may have had with a woman for several months, 10 years ago. And a one night stand with a less than savory porn star.

They have tried to make a felony of the private legal transaction between two parties. They needed someone, anyone,  to plead guilty to these bogus charges in order to give them any substance.

Lanny Davis should have known better. He should have known that these charges were unsustainable in court. He knew they were loading up the larder to get the President.

“Anonymous source” Lanny Davis

He played along in spades. Not only convincing his client to plead guilty to crimes that do not exist. But then Davis spent the next week widely stoking the concept that Cohen was implicating the President in criminal behavior.

Davis was the principal source in a series of stories on CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Post that Cohen had witnessed Trump agreeing to the infamous Trump Tower meeting. That Cohen had been present on two occasions where Trump approved of and was aware of the intent of the Don Jr. meeting. All the stories used an anonymous source. We now know that Lanny Davis, a lawyer who should know better, is that source.

This story, a bombshell contradicting all the other witnesses and participants, caught on like wildfire. There was wall to wall TV coverage and millions of digital impressions made. For days the media was certain they had their smoking gun and Trump was going down.

Democrats, the McCarthyite Media, and the Ghost of Baghdad Bob

Lies, CNN, Lanny Davis, and more lies

Then Lanny “Mr. Media” Davis went on CNN and repeated the same charges. Now we all know the Clinton/deep state lying machine likes to cross-pollinate.

First, they leak a story from confidential sources, then rinse and repeat on television. So Lanny Davis, after getting his client to plead to crimes that don’t exist, goes on CNN and implicates the President, openly, and repeatedly.

Michael Cohen is going to spill his guts. The special prosecutor is going to be so happy. Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting and approved. Michael Cohen is ready to say this and more. It’s all true.

Except it was all a lie

Except that it wasn’t. Except that it was all a lie. A purposeful disinformation campaign, just like the Russian dossier, and the FISA warrants, and the Mueller inquisition.

And Lanny knew it at the time. And let it settle in. Let it percolate. Run through the media cycle for thirty days.  For a month. Let it be repeated millions of times in news stories and in reprints in every form of electronic media around the world.

But it was all a lie. And then Lanny started backtracking. Oops!! Maybe I was a little hasty. And he doesn’t know anything. Maybe I misunderstood. Michael Cohen knows nothing about what I just said 5 days ago he knew everything about.

Former President Obama’s silent Coup d’Etat conspiracy unraveling

The cat is out of the bag: Lanny fesses up

Then The Washington Post and the New York Post retracted their stories and outed Lanny as the anonymous source for the story. The cat was out of the bag. Lanny fessed up that he was the anonymous source of a complete and total fabrication.

Lanny is on an apology tour as we speak, but the damage is done. To him, to Michael Cohen, to the Mueller investigation, and to the credibility of the media, again.

CNN has yet to retract its story and said Davis had no comment, even though he appeared on Anderson Cooper, on CNN, to wormingly slither through a repugnant and self-serving retraction of these overt and intentional lies.

Michael Cohen: unfortunate, unlikable, victim of the inquisition.

Michael Cohen, meanwhile, stands voluntarily convicted of campaign finance felonies that do not exist. He took the plea to these specific counts because prosecutors were going to send him to prison for 40 years on the other counts if he didn’t.

For loans he repaid in full. Some bank fraud.

Now that he has pled guilty, it allows Lanny Davis to say all the other parties to the transactions must be guilty too. And then lie publicly and repeatedly for weeks in print stories and on TV about explosive charges he knew were a lie when he said them.

Such irresponsibility is unacceptable. From a legal perspective, Davis is Cohen’s lawyer, not Mueller’s. He has openly sacrificed his client’s interests. Doing so before publicly destroying his own credibility.

NYT and WaPo: The real purveyors of “Fake News”

Lanny Davis should be Disbarred

He should be disbarred from the practice of law like Bill Clinton was. But of course, he won’t be. Just another fake news disinformation campaign. Another example of collaborative lies between the Democratic establishment and CNN.

Just another example of the lengths the deep state and Clinton machine will go to try to destroy this President. Lanny Davis is a disgrace, to his profession, to the media, and to his client.

Michael Cohen is the pawn of forces he can no longer control. He may not be the most likable person, but he deserved better. From his lawyer at least.

All a part of the greater deep state conspiracy to destroy Trump

It is all another sad episode in the ongoing struggle to uncover the year’s long conspiracy between Brennan, Comey, Obama, Strzok, Ohr, Simpson, Fusion GPS, the Clinton Campaign and Robert Mueller’s unconstitutional inquisition to destroy Donald Trump.

But the people see through it all.  Clinton crony Lanny Davis has confessed his lies and deceptions, but CNN has yet to retract the story.

Apparently, they are allergic to the truth. They have been for a long time. But like Lanny Davis’ confession, a reckoning is coming. The people sense the truth of what is actually happening.

They won’t be fooled by the likes of Clinton stooge and Mueller tool Lanny Davis, or discredited partisan propaganda mouthpieces like CNN.




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